Life incessant chatter


  maybe it is intantional that god wants us meet some people mistakes before the one we love.

  it's usual that a happiness door will be opened while the other one be closed. we are always accustomed pace back and forth to the door which is closed , but ignore the other one.

  a best friend could sit beside you silently for a long time, without any words, but you still could feel it is a best chatting when you leave.

  it is absolutely ture that only when we lost can we understand what we once had, but same, before obtaining we will not realize our flaw.

  adores likes doesn't mean that you will obtain the similar repayment. do not anticipate the repayment from love, letting the feelings grows slowly in opposite party moral nature. if you cannot achieve this point,  just satisfies the feelings in own heart grows. be infatuated with a person only needs one minute, likes a person needs one hour, falls in love with a person needs one day, however, forgets that a person actually needs your all lifetime.

  don't be deeply in love in the semblance, because it will hoodwink your eyes; also do not be infatuated with the money, because it is easy come, easy go. seeking for a person who in your life can let you smile, because smiles can light the years darkness. finding that person can let your mind joyful. sometimes, you will miss a person so mush that you even want to pull he/she from yours dream, embrace tightly.

  dream a dream what you want to do;go to the place where you want to go. there is enough test to make ourself become stronger; there is enough bed feelings to make ourself become with better intention ; there is enough hopes to make ourself become happier!

  we have to have a think on other angle often, if you think the things let you sad, it might do the same to others.

  in the world the happiest person not necessarily has best all,  they only have a good use in life possessing well. happiness belongs to the people who has cried, deeked, hunted and tried. only then they understood how impotertant the humen they are in their life. likes begins with the smile,  grows in the kiss and ends up with the tears.  we can have a bright future unless forget that past sorrow, dropped yesterday's defeat pain, treasures today's happiness to be happy.

  you were the only preson cried when you borned while everbody else smiled,crossing the good own life diligently, only in that way will the other preson cried but you smiled while you leave this wrold...

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