英语毕业留言范文 篇1

  1、Knowledge you have me on the way,the palace of youth you my pleasure together,on the basketball court sweating,you and I together dribs and drabs constitute a wonderful memories,soon graduated,goodbye,my friend,goodbye my classmates,I wish you a future life more brilliant,often contact!

  2、You are happy,I am happy,for you give,all is worth.The same feeling,the high degree of tacit understanding,in every corner of campus,we are the brightest combination.May your dreams soar.

  3、Picture frames with years,song after another memory with the drip,shining message moist and bright eyes,one blessing throughout the future road,is willing to friends around the graduation as a new start,leave the love to the depths of the heart.

  4、At the end of the song,there are no tears,only hope that one day,when we come back to the campus,we will kiss the familiar grass and trees.

  5、On the playground,you leave a solid footprint; In the office,you leave a gentle shadow.All this,our teacher will not forget,your Alma mater will not forget.Whether it is the smiles of the flowers of applause,or the tears of tears that come from the failure of a difficult defeat,they all record the footprints of your growth,which will remain forever in our memory.

  6、Don't forget your path,the sown with sweat the glorious road,the dramatic way,the rough times tried hard road,the soaked with tears full of painful way...

  7、Long life,looking back on the vicissitudes.

  8、After graduation,please spread your wings and pursue your ideal.After graduation,please play the happy double oar,to meet the good hope.Graduation,with blessing,with strong,brave forward! May everything go well with you,and courage!

  9、Graduation season,want to separation,I wish to accompany you,although life road is long,wishing you a future,I hope you like the eagle,fly freely in the sky,I hope you,like a horse in the wilderness toward the front,I wish you a happy forever.

  10、When we meet in strange times,we break up in the familiar.Tomorrow,we are going to look for our new place in the map of life,and let us greet each other with our sparkling stars.

  11、The one who laughs with me,I may forget him; I will never forget those who have wept with me.As a friend in need,you are forever engraved in my memory.

  12、To know you is my joy,to leave you is my pain.On this parting day,I am supported by the hope of reunion.

  13、Looking back three years like water,more than a thousand pages have been so hurried over,more than a thousand days and nights,so passed by.Your tender hands,innocent eyes,bright smile,petite figure,though this is a flow of scenery,but it would have carved in the teacher heart the softest corner,it's really hard to hard to forget.

  14、We say goodbye in a hurry,go to our own distance,no language,no tears,only eternal thoughts and blessings,in each other's hearts a deep resonance.

  15、Or you listen to me.Or I'll listen to you.This is the only principle between two people.

  16、Simple life is what I need,happy life is happy,happy happiness = average light.

  17、My friend,I'm standing outside your door,jumping up and down,scratching my head.I know it is my heart is anxious I am not good,but I really can't hold back,just send you this message: are you finished? It's my turn to go to the bathroom!

  18、Too imperfect I can't afford your perfect love.

  19、You are in the south,I am in the north,we are in the world.The sea life bright moon,do not shine bright and deep friendship: leisurely see nanshan,cut continuously the longing that has long been yearning.Friends,when can we meet again? Have fun,my friend.

  20、Whose fingers have slipped through the millennia; Who asks in the back and forth can forget; I waited for you to exhaust all my sorrow; And in your eyes there is a desolation that I do not understand.

  21、I have wept together,and I have cried; Have laughed together,played; Have sung together,skipped; I've had a quarrel,too.But we never forget the deep affection between us.Dear friends,may all of you have a wonderful tomorrow.

  22、June's sunshine is particularly bright and June's campus is full of sadness.How many days and nights of company,but eventually will end.Graduation is about parting,friendship will not go away.May we keep in touch,our friendship forever!

  23、Hot June,hot and spicy,hot and spicy.June graduation from the situation,the June season is the most unforgettable.Schoolmate thing to run a future,looking back to see the tears flow.Friends will keep their words,and the Ming dynasty will celebrate the victory.

  24、The past is like the colorful clouds in the sky,painted with beautiful pictures,but eventually blown away by the wandering wind.June graduation season,let me use invariable heart to carve our memory,if one day you would like to remember.

  25、From all over the world,to the north and south.No matter where we go,no matter where we are,let us continue to fill in the of our life,give up the excellent answer to our cause,and add luster to the flag of our Alma mater.

  26、To be modest in the arena is to declare your defeat.When you need to volunteer,you have to be kind.Life needs its own master,please cherish the words "I".

  27、The past of the same window life,is a string of sugar gourd,that charming sweet and sour,will never finish.

  28、Three years in the same window,a piece of sunshine; How many pages of friendship have been written in a thousand days? May the days that have passed away be turned into fond memories.Stay in your heart.

  29、In the shadow of the willow,don't be disconsolate - the same window several years of young lovers,looking at the journey of thousands of thoughts,may the friendship become the strength of endeavor!

  30、Today,we are close classmates; Tomorrow,we will be competitors.May friendship grow deeper in competition.

  31、Labor,creation,progress -- there is no rest,love,love,beauty -- nothing.

  32、Four years in the same window,in the same room,mutual help,special gift of bacon famous words:...

  33、Life has opened up to us,friend,let us boldly go forward,to enjoy the boundless and boundless and boundless deep.

  34、The strong in life is always a hard worker.

  35、In the past few years,you have sowed the seeds of friendship to my heart.I will silently take it away,carefully watered,cultivated,let it come to the day of flowers.

  36、The eternal memory of eternal friendship.

  37、The boat set sail in the harbor of youth,we break up temporarily,full of ideals and pursue.When is the reunion? The harvest time!

  38、The gathering is not the beginning,the scattering is not the end,and the countless beautiful moments of the same window,will be engraved in my memory forever...

  39、Chu tianli qingqiu,water with thousands of miles; Four years in the same window,hard to find.

  40、May you make a drop of bright water and project it into the vast ocean.To make a beautiful flower,a garden full of flowers; Make a twinkle of fiber and embroider the red flag; Be a small screw,stick to your post all your life...

  41、Don't throw away that old passion,you still have to keep it!

  42、The sea of life has paved the golden path,and the waves are rolling in the welcome bouquet.Be brave,my friend! In front of the sea snails that have been blown; Rosy clouds are flying the red flags.

  43、Four years of life,it's obviously hard to say a word in a graduation message,but people will still be looking for someone to write with the graduation book.Anyway,the preface quoted li bai's verse in the preface: "on the back of the sky,laughing out of the door,my generation is not a person." It's ridiculous to think about it.Remember my message was: "beauty,there is a price to pay." This is a line from Tess of the d 'urbervilles.I haven't seen the film,but this sentence to give me a deep impression,so hand do leave a message,which means to have all the good things or do you want to achieve an ideal state,is a price to pay.There is no such thing as white or unearned.

  44、Over the years,the beautiful message book has been put on the shelf,basically no longer to flip.Because time has passed so many things have settled,there is no need to stir.However,most of the comments in the impression expressed more or less ideal feelings,or expressed a kind of deep nostalgia.

  45、See now of college students graduated from the message,write more funny,some of the same place,also have different feelings,after all The Times are different,remain in people heart mark is not the same:

  46、What is Alma mater? That's the place you call it eight times a day and don't allow it.-- indeed,who would dare say that my Alma mater is not good?

  47、The university is like the bus at the school gate,take the bus,go back,that is to start another semester; When I got on the bus,I didn't go back.I graduated.A little shenyang.

  48、I went to college with a sack of money and changed a sack of books.After graduation,I used these books to change money,but I couldn't afford a sack.-- there was no pressure for employment.I feel sorry for the college students now.

  49、Sleeping with a college acceptance letter,I woke up to find that the letter had turned into a diploma,proving that I had slept here.we couldn't sleep.But is it useful to read now? The achievement is only enter the university entrance brick,the society USES ability.

  50、Take four years to change the memory of the heart forever.- the same way.

英语毕业留言范文 篇2

  1、Quarrel,bicker,be happy,be angry,you will always be my best friend.

  2、Every day before graduation,the mood is different than the past more sensitive,fragile I engraved the diary in the heart,but found the time deeply cut the heart mark,played down the past.

  3、June's sunshine is particularly bright and June's campus is full of sadness.How many days and nights of company,but eventually will end.Graduation is about parting,friendship will not go away.May we keep in touch,our friendship forever!

  4、My world is so quiet that I can hear my heart beating.The blood of the atrium slowly flows back into the ventricles,and so on.Clever people,like to guess the heart,may guess the heart of others,but also lost their own.Silly people,like to give heart,may be cheated,but may not be able to get others.You thought I was invulnerable.I thought you were safe.

  5、Softly,we are gone,just as we come gently.Wave your hand to the green campus.We leave a bright smile here,we walk from this to the innocent friendship.Best wishes for the future!

  6、Three years,in the journey of life is only a short paragraph,but with you at the table three,but life unforgettable.You are a pearl in my memory,a star on the sky of the heart.

  7、Hot June,hot and spicy,hot and spicy.June graduation from the situation,the June season is the most unforgettable.Schoolmate thing to run a future,looking back to see the tears flow.Friends will keep their words,and the Ming dynasty will celebrate the victory.

  8、These days,the smile is like the pomegranate,the sorrow is earnest and thorough,the tears are the stars of the sky,many,also very easy to fall.

  9、June graduation season,take a group photo to remember,is who has tears lianyuan.We do not want to be weak willow wind,we are eager for the golden iron horse,cross gallop,own lofty aspirations in my chest.I wish my dear fellow window,the handsome wave,the glorious!

  10、A noble ideal is the beacon of life.With ambition,life has a direction.With it,the heart feels full.Take a firm step and move towards your goal.

  11、I am not always reluctant to leave you,but always want to see your smile,listen to your laughter.

  12、"Graduation is a,but is not even,let us abandon respectively uneasy,embrace the new choice,I wish you a happy graduation,a beautiful future,at the same time you have a bright in the past,and we a lifetime friend!

  13、School to graduate,learning can not graduate,so want to live and learn,youth can graduate,dreams can not graduate,so want to be brave,time can graduate,the classmates friendship can not graduate,so want to often contact.

  14、Zero,only with real Numbers makes sense; Thought,only with action can shine.

  15、The trees in the campus are lush,and the classroom is full of clear sunlight.Familiar with the place,familiar with the people,the heart is inevitably disappointed.However,believe that youth is not old,you will meet again in the bright future.

  16、Season's graduation season,bless you.The job search is smooth and the job is not worried.Your people will help you and your relationships.Find the right place,and why should you jump ship? The heart refines the body,the persistence is the first.Wish you an easy graduation,happy career!

  17、The mountain sea can block each other,but can not block my missing,distance can pull you me,but pull not open the sincere friendship,time can forget the past,but never forget forever friend.

  18、May the sun always accompany you to the end of the sea; Flowers and grass will spread your bright future.

  19、Spread the wings of soaring,pursue the ideal; A happy pair of OARS,to meet the hope.With ideal,lift up hope,with strong,brave to go to the road to success! What you want!

  20、With childishness,with surprise,with confusion,with ideal,with confidence...Together we meet the best youth of life.

  21、The past is like the colorful clouds in the sky,painted with beautiful pictures,but eventually blown away by the wandering wind.June graduation season,let me use invariable heart to carve our memory,if one day you would like to remember.

  22、Tomorrow,it is a beautiful,brilliant and charming word.May your tomorrow be infinitely beautiful and beautiful.

  23、This summer,there will be how many people will not give up,how many people will cry,the familiar faces,no words to look back on the summer solstice,the separation of the season,the desire for the summer solstice.

  24、We cling to our shoulders,clasp our hands,have a common ideal,and send a common voice.Whatever is gained or lost,everything will remain in the deepest memory of my memory.

  25、I deeply understand how much time has been spent and how many difficulties have been overcome before you have achieved the results.Please believe that in your pursuit of hard work and hard work,I will always stand with a smile on your side.

  26、The passage of time proves that we are growing day by day.In growing up,we became good friends.When the world is changing,I believe that we will return to the starting point of our encounter.There is a world in a flower,when the flake is woven into a deep friendship,the poetry of the next year.

  27、Climb,life is a climb! May you carry the heavy burden of your destiny,trek,and climb the highest mountain of moral knowledge.

  28、To the sky,spread your wings; To the sea,raise your happy OARS; Toward the ideal,toward the hope,with the passion,with strong,brave forward! I wish all the best for you after graduation.

  29、Old friend waved a hand and say goodbye to the past,waved,tears stream down,ever-flowing waved,blessing and time passes in the heart,waves,wish happiness around you,wish you a bright future and happy life.

  30、Step out of the school gate and start a new life journey.May you light up the lamp of life and illuminate the journey to success.Wish you success in your career! Life is wonderful! Life is easy!

  31、The words in the bed whisper,the class to post the little notes,the window secretly to see her,together to watch the meteor wish,read the classic fairy tale together,the day in tears and laughter flowers.The beautiful banquet also have to separate,cherish the memory in the heart,the graduation is in,wish us tomorrow beautiful picture.

  32、We gather together,with infinite joy and laughter; Gently we want to separate,the friendship suppresses each other; We will never get together again after graduation,let my blessings follow you all the way.

  33、Think about life.If you want to be with smart people,you have to be smart.If you want to be with good people,you have to be good.Be good at discovering other people's strengths,and turn them into your strengths,and you will become smart.Be good at seizing the opportunity of life and turning it into your own opportunity,you will become an excellent person.Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own success.Learn the best and be the best you can be.It is the way to success that makes you who you are.

  34、I am very glad to hear that you have been admitted to tsinghua university with excellent results.I hope you will cherish the achievements you have achieved and strive for further academic achievements.

  35、Looking at the empty dormitory and cabinet,I always feel what I left behind,I left my thoughts for you.

  36、Schoolmates,accompanied by three years long,the day all the graduates,remember the classroom with listening,don't forget the dormitory and canteen,young love fragrance,iron and strong friendship,wish to royal graduation,wanli inati on heroism.

  37、Gather together to become the same window,join hands and walk through the time of youth,the tears of parting are filled with eyes,lifting the bags full of good memories,and continue on the road of struggle.My friend,I graduated.I hope you can make your dream come true.

  38、Four years in college is my best time; Four years in the same window is my luckiest blessing.Thank you for accompanying me through the autumn and winter,laughing and scolding.May you have a smooth and prosperous career after graduation.

  39、Once lively dormitory,it is now cold and clear.The same window that used to help each other has been scattered all over the world.Time can dilute the memory of each other,but it can not obscure the profound friendship.Distance can block each other's connection,but can not cut off the endless care.

  40、Hope is a tough crutch,patience is a travel bag,take them,you can go on the eternal journey,all over the world.

  41、Not yet,you have disappeared into the horizon.I stood,as quiet as a small tree.Second,my heart goes with you.Do you know?

  42、I cherish every acquaintance in life,every warmth between heaven and earth,the tacit understanding between friends; It is separation,and it is seen as a double joy for the reunion.

  43、I am determined to pursue,these are all beautiful notes.Combine them harmoniously and write a song of youth.

  44、Sincere heart,will not be separated by graduation; True love will not fade away because of graduation.Four years of college,we advance together,we laugh together,we will always be classmates,always be friends!

  45、You are happy,I am happy,for you give,all is worth.The same feeling,the high degree of tacit understanding,in every corner of campus,we are the brightest combination.May your dreams soar.

  46、Friends will never leave,never to get together again; The autumn wind blows the wilderness,only for a moment.I will cherish your friendship and look forward to the meeting.

  47、You are the bud of the flower season,you are the eagle of the wings,tomorrow is your world,all because of you.

  48、Think is the golden key,it opens the door of wisdom; Hope is a field,the success of the field is in sight.At this moment of graduation,the journey of life is about to begin,and we must have the perseverance to treat every difficulty in society.

  49、Self-love makes you dignified; Self-esteem,makes you elegant; Independence makes you free.Strengthen yourself and make you work hard.Confidence makes you firm...All this will lead you to a great lead on the road to success.

  50、Tomorrow morning do not,I hope that the cloud will accompany you to the end of the sea; Flowers and grass will spread your bright future.

英语毕业留言范文 篇3

  1,we have six spring and autumn together.Every game,every discussion and every quarrel will become a precious page in my memory.

  2,I wish you the greatest happiness and joy today.May you have every opportunity and luck for tomorrow.

  3,six years of schoolmates,you spread the seeds of friendship in my heart.I will silently take it away,carefully irrigate,cultivate,let it open fragrant flowers in the future.

  4,heartily congratulate you,with wisdom,talent,courage and perseverance,open up a piece of land belonging to your own.

  5,friends,let me gently say hello,although life is bound to be scattered,but you are my heart,the most cherished and most memorable friend.

  6,your figure is the sail,my eyes are the river,how many times want to retain you,finally can not.I know that friendship is the only thing in the world,but what is more precious is freedom.

  7,I miss those days when I laugh and cry together.We will all be better,firmly believe.

  8,the white clouds on the blue sky are my sad thoughts,but my heart is as clear as the clear sky,because I think of a reunion soon.

  9,graduation,how much I want to keep those warm days,but I am eager to rush into the flood of life at an early date.The past schoolmate life is a string of sweet sugar gourd,the charming sweet and sour will never end.

  10,the wind is transparent,the rain is ticking,the clouds are flowing,the song is free,love is heart,love is crazy,the sky is eternal,and you are unforgettable.

  11,I hope our friendship will be like rain falling in the sea,never dry,and do not sweep across the sea like wind.

  12,quarrelling,bickering,happy or angry,you will always be the best in my heart.

  13,may you be like a seed,bravely breaking through the sand and spreading the green buds out of the ground to the sky.

  14,the ideal piano must pull the strings of struggle before it can play the beautiful and beautiful movement of life.

  15,the most precious thing in the world is today,the most easily lost is today; I hope you will cherish this every day in the coming year.

  16,every day a little progress,one day will achieve leaps and even flight.The eagle can fight the sky,and the tiger will shake the valley.

  17,gathering is not the beginning,nor is it the end.The countless beautiful moments that the students hold together will be engraved on my memory forever.

  18,you are not as handsome as you think you are,but that mouth can make people around you laugh.And those eyes that seem omnipotent make people feel kind.May you carry out humor in middle school life.

  19,with memory,with fantasy,toward life,to all directions of the motherland.

  20,we are both students in a class.Our friendship is also a two cell in our heart.It will never be separated.

  21,knowledge is the wings of ascension,the antidote to fear,and human autonomy lies in knowledge.Lets fight against the clock and learn to work hard to make ourselves a knowledgeable and forward-looking person.

  22,happy childhood is our exciting life in our alma mater.I will always remember it because you are like my own sister.

  23,"a lot of money,no reading." Accumulate,accumulate and accumulate,and snow mountain will eventually grow into a vast river.

  24,the quiet sky,each star has its own track,let us find the best position in our life,the world in mind may become harmonious and peaceful.

  25,I have three wishes: one wishes friendship to warm our hearts,two wishes for joy to be in your heart forever,and three! May we often meet each other!

  26.Do you remember the photo of the day? My instant consciousness is shining with the flash: your shadow is left on the negatives and deeply branded in my mind.

  27.At the moment of the ships berth,we met.In this happy and meaningful six years,we all have a good friendship life.

  28,pick a bunch of dreams,the school play,recall is so colorful,and the pursuit of growth has jumped.The noise and hubbub of the world seem to be silent,so that I can pick up the fallen memory again.

  29,I deeply understand how much time it has taken and how many difficulties have overcome.Please believe that,in your pursuit,struggle and hard work,I will always stand by your side with a smile on your face.

  30,precious summer time,not only for learning,learning is at school,and should be used to study,practice,big holiday time,practice is more worth your investment.

  31,we are about to usher in a "leave" word! There are too many reluctant to give up in the heart,too many too many parting.But our friendship will last for a long time.

  32,today,we are close classmates; tomorrow,we will be rivals for competition.May friendship be more profound in competition.

  33,do not forget to take time in your busy life to relax yourself and keep a young and happy heart forever.

  34,the friendship between you and me will never be lost,and it will last forever.Until forever.

  35,the boat set sail at the port of youth,and we parted for the time being,full of ideals and pursuits.When is the reunion? Its time for the harvest!

  36,go forward,we must not tie the rope of fate to the illusion of youth.

  37,green leaf bud said: growth! Grow! White flowers say: open! To open up! The red fruit said,"glory!" Brilliant!

  38,life is gained from the flow of streams; youth flashes in the pouring currents; the value of existence is presented in the torrent of the river.

  39,with childish,with astonishment,with confusion,with ideals,with self-confidence......Together we welcome the best youth of our lives.

  40,may you be the wind and the white sail.May you be the boat and cut the blue waves.Life is smiling ahead of you,walking bravely and embracing the colorful life.

  41,time flies,and in the twinkling of an eye,six years of schoolmate career has become a thing of the past.But in the classroom,we still reverberate the sound of our long reading; on the playground,we still have our vigorous figure.The lawn,creek and bamboo pavilion are our eternal love parks.

  42,you will experience the first turning point in your life - graduation from primary school.It has become the most memorable period of childhood memories.

  43,the one who moves the six string piano,the uncaring to raise the black hair,you will be like a dove fly away,and how many years later,can you remember the days that you used to read with my deskmate?

  44,although there are always a lot of sediment coming up,the surging rivers are always rushing to the established direction.

  45,in the face of the banquet of the years,we smiled and courteously urged each other,as if all the love and discontent that they did not say were collected behind the statement.Because we all know that there is no more wine that is more beautiful than this one.

  46,in our days together,there is the most cherished friendship.In our youth,we have the most sincere acquaintance,which is worth our treasuring.

  47,wish your life more and more perfect and better and better.We also wish our friendship for a long time.

  48,how many memories do we have in the maple forest with red leaves flying? The dancing maple leaves brought us into a wonderful state.

  49,remember every student! Because they will always be your good partners; remember every teacher.Because they will always be your friends.

  50,wish you are a tree: spring,spit a light fragrance,summer,sprinkle a shade like a spring; autumn,a tree sweet green fruit; winter,to make a good dream!

英语毕业留言范文 篇4

  1, and finally graduated. I thought in the left when I should be how sad and excited, but did not, junior high school life, even if no matter how happening things, people's feelings are unpredictable. Junior high school where we experienced ups and downs, happy, painful, and even desperate ... ... all of us spent together.

  2, also clearly remember the exception to Yunfeng mountain picnic time, we all the way to find the footprints of the spring. How dare to forget the wide group leader with my pressure cooker into the world, the dragon chef that big table dishes, the pot was robbed by us without salt soup, there will be bent on the wind to walk the small physique child.

  3, remember before graduation, the street said: the light yellow halo beautiful, not alone walking, at least I accompanied. But I do not know because young ignorance into the everlasting, or regardless of black and blue bent insisted on breaking into the everlasting.

  4, colorful junior high school life is over, look back, everything is like yesterday. Three years of junior high school life, endless ups and downs, in this upcoming farewell day, together in my heart.

  5, with your acquaintance, I feel very lucky, but with you know each other, I feel the fullness of life, before laughing with the days I will be hidden, after the unpredictable days, would you take care. , In this graduation occasion, I face the students graduation album, heart very excited. Three years, we remember the teacher's kindness, but also forget the friendship of students. After much deliberation, I Xiao Ming's graduation album wrote: do not "fight" strangers.

  6, people have joys and sorrows, do not know what this is said to be good, we say this, the end of junior high school career, and now a little reluctant to leave the era of junior high school, but the fact that after all, is not possible Come back, that time is not waiting for people, so dare to face it. Prepare yourself for your future life.

  7, if had to separate, but also to say "goodbye", but also in my heart there is a grateful, thank you for giving me that a lifetime of sweet memories.

  8, just do not know why, we stand on the stage from the school, all of a sudden went to the photo according to the steps of class. Rush to stand up, silly smile, Kacha soon after, and swarm to spread.

  9, graduated, like a big question mark, since then, we bid farewell to a young and frivolous years, an era full of fantasy ... ... graduation written before the time, time flies like a quicksand, looks long, but all the time gone ; Want to retain, a hand, the limited time is quietly slipped away, graduation reply, San Tang feast, do not say goodbye, and go their separate ways ... ...

  10, three years in the life of the journey is just a short period of time, however, and your three tables at the same table, but I can never forget. You are my memory of a pearl, my heart on a star on the sky. , Three years, whenever I have doubts in the study, the life of setbacks, always your voice sounded in the ears, the puzzles solved, setbacks into motivation, prompting me to move forward. Please accept my respect. Three years, I can not forget the three years of bit by bit, forget the feelings between the students, but also forget my alma mater to my cultivation, is that year, I fell over, the success of the past, Cried, laughed. Three years I have tasted the ups and downs of life.

  11, when I easily answer the papers finished, for their own junior high school life draw a full stop when the twilight then look back, the original everything is so memorable. My dear junior high school life, goodbye!

  12, graduation, such as a glass, I was calmly walked one after another, always thought that the biting fragments will not cut themselves, but looked back, not only a place of the liquid, there are crying in the past.

  13, I am grateful to accompany me through junior high school career students, a sense of them to accompany me to my junior high school life to draw a satisfactory conclusion.

  14, every gathering of the day, there are sun and blowing chaos of dust to testify. The teachers have been in our class on the blackboard to write a box of chalk, we are in many sunny days, the common run, work hard.

  15, we are about to enter a new life, in front of the road is still very long, let us cherish today have more youth and friendship, friendship with the truth to wate bud.

英语毕业留言范文 篇5

  1) In prosperity, our friends know us; in adversity, we know our friends.


  2) A friend is a gift, whose worth cannot be measured except by heart.


  3) A faithful friend is beyond price, and there is no weighing of his goodness.


  4) The most cherished thing in life is friendship. The most precious thing between us is understanding.


  5) The language of friendship is not words but meanings.


  6) Friendship brings beauty to our days joys to our world.


  7) Cease to struggle and you cease to live.


  8) Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance


  9) Congratulations on your graduation! Whishing you a future filled with success and joy of seeing your dreams come true.


  10) Congratulate you on your graduation and may all your hopes and plans turn to fulfillment and success.


  11) Heres to the happy graduate for the job youve already done. And heres to a happy future thats a most successful one. Congratulations!

  12) May you have health, happiness and outstanding success in all your ventures.


  13) May an old friend express his pride in you accomplishment and extend to you a wish for your continued success and happiness.


  15) May your graduation day be the commencement of a continued series of upward steps to success.


  16) My friend, I would press you all to my heart.


  17) Man can survive, only when he has the substance, man can live only when he has ideal.


  18) Goals determine what you are going to be.


  19) Great hope makes great men.


  20) An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding. Pursue your object, be it what it will, steadily and indefatigably.

  21) Man who has a settled purpose will surely succeed.


  22) Follow your own course, and let people talk.


  23) Life is a flame, not an existence. Life is an energy, not a substance.


  24) Its joy to know you, wishing the nicest things always for you, not only today, but all the year through because you are really a joy to know.


  25) A friend is a loving companion at all times.


  26) Think of me sometimes while Alps and ocean divide us, but they ever will, unless you wish it. (Byro

  长相思,天涯海角;情不断,山水难隔。 ——拜伦

  27) Youre wonderful friend, and I treasure you more with every year.


英语毕业留言范文 篇6


  Graduation photo shoot three seconds but fixed three years apart.


  The clouds parted, water ten years. Love laughter as the old, the temples have been spotted.


  My youth is the writing on the desk.


  Not the sad face, my boy; do not panic in the eyes, such as years of change.


  Looking at the classmate record you write to me, I am happy to shed tears.


  In fact, the teacher of the poor, after all, a person should be automatic speaking for 45 minutes.


  I finally completed nine years of compulsory education, but Im not happy.


  The school is not allowed to fall in love. The teachers are divorced! Were looking at side effects.


  No one to blame, no one to hate.


  After this summer, its probably only a dream to see you.


  Even if the teacher talks about a ball of wool, he can knit it into a sweater!


  Graduation, the youth press.


  Graduation, for some people, students also farewell.


  I live to the present age, can afford to put things, only chopsticks.


  Graduation, can not sing the end, but it is difficult to give up. Songs unfinished in this life.


  The happiest words in school are: "class teacher is absent today.".


  My dear friends, please dont be sad. After you leave, please treasure each other.


  June, please give all the test people full of positive energy.


  This summer, well leave here with tears.


  Hardship is the fountain of happiness, and leisure is the beginning of misery.


  In September 1st next year, sitting in this classroom is no longer us.


  The old right and wrong are understood at this time.


  If you weeped for the missing sunset, you would miss all the shining stars.


  After graduation, there are too many poor hearts!


  Meet also just by chance, meet, immediately will break up again.


  The bell rang more sweetly than the national anthem, and the bell rang.


  Today laugh and break up with you, I wish I laughed to meet you.


  Those who used to say never separated, already scattered in the end of the world.


  I was so ordinary, yet so lucky. Thank you very much indeed!


  When the world to seed weight, it will use a way.


  Let todays years remain in the bottom of my heart.


  For four years, never abandon, stand together through storm and stress for four years, thank you.


  I was admitted to a good school once.


  It is fate that brings us together. It is friendship that ties us together.


  This summer, we are scattered, each heading for their respective world.


  Just let me have one more look, just one glance. I dont want to lose this memory.


  The college entrance examination is over and the exam is over. We are the only poor children left.


  In those years, we separated, scattered everywhere.


  Take our old books and tear our tears away just for graduation!


  Its a fine day today, but there will be no classes tomorrow.


  Joking is ok. Dont cross the line. Two, dont hit the nail on the head.


  After graduation, still friends.


  I have been brave for too long, and decided to live for you alone.


  Confessions and farewell, one word. A shy, a grief.


  The youth in our discrete scrawl.


  Dear students, please do not sad, after parting to treasure each other.


  If I hadnt met, maybe I wouldnt be me now.


  Bloom the most gorgeous smile, to tomorrow more beautiful dream.


  The University climbed up from me, put on my pants and said to me, "stay young, you go.".


  No matter what kind of dog does I believe their future.

英语毕业留言范文 篇7

  1. Tense one day yesterday, or "excited" the day, and finally the end of a reply, the teachers of the guidance, encouragement, praise and all the sound of laughter, I walked down the podium for the graduate career painting a Satisfaction of their full stop.

  2. Society is a book, let us work hard to study it, to understand its deep meaning, to write its new chapter.

  3 always want to ask whether you are uninjured far away, always want to hear that the nimble footsteps are still. I hope you will always be happy!

  4. When you choose the highest peak, choose a good climb up the road, which requires a firm determination, indomitable courage. You will not be in the cliffs between the shaking his head sigh; you will not be blocked by thorny thorns to block the path; you will not hesitate, you will not hesitate to do so, you will not be in the middle of the bumpy road stumped; Unwavering to move forward, directly toward the glorious peak.

  To be ordinary, but not mediocre; to bold, but not careless; to dare to say, but not empty; to think more, but not Ran Si; to big, but not foolhardy; to humility, but not accommodating; Humbly, but not vanity; to be brave, but not cross-barbarian.

  6. If you face the surging waves, do not be afraid, not to admit that small. Once you have a broad mind, your life will be like a magnificent general of the sea.

  7. Let us work together to abandon the illusion of happiness, the hope pinned on the cause of the persistent pursuit!

  8. We meet in the strange, we broke up in the familiar. Tomorrow, we will go to the life of the star map to find their new location, let us use their own flashing stars to inquire each other, expression of meaning.

  Self-reliance, so that you are dignified; self-esteem, make you elegant; self-reliance, make you free; self-reliance, make you work; confidence, make you firm ... all this will make you ahead on the road to success.

  10. I would like to parting is an umbrella, you can cover the journey on the scorching sun and wind and rain.

  11. beautiful as the glow of the ideal, to call us. My classmates, break up soon, do not have to ask what day meet, we are a drop of water, all will be active in the motherland's sea!

  12. cordial greetings soon, not only on behalf of caring and miss, but also contains an infinite blessing. How many miss the smile, how many forget the past, but I always misses the silent blessing you.

  13. May your laughter be as crisp as the birds of May; May your emotions be as warm as the sun in May. Oh, my friend, May your heart, like the pomegranate flower of May, be a flame of burning. Sometimes I feel close to you. I can see you in my eyes. Sometimes I feel so far away. Do not hear what you said. Flowers of flowers, blessings of the sentence, away to distant friends.

  14. boasted that I am a very motivated person, especially for learning itself has an attitude - to relax the guilt, only to win the book mind is practical. During graduate school, contact learning to explore the knowledge of psychology, their own benefit. I do not regret this innocent, sleeveless time, it makes me better understand themselves, enrich themselves, but also for me to start a new journey, in a new field of sailing laid the foundation, created a platform.

  15. Phoenix flowers revealing red, blessing you my dream. When we fly to that vast, do not hesitate and do not stay.

  16. The memory of the train backwards, back to the middle of the door just when the curious and timid I sat alone in the seat, to look around, but not. Not easily between the rise, is met her warm smile, like a sunflower in full bloom, in the sun, exudes a brilliant light. In this way, I gain friendship.

  Perhaps you are reluctant, perhaps you are timid, but as long as you can cross out, a warm and vibrant life may be in front of you.

  18. from all corners of the country, to far apart. No matter where we go, no matter what position, let us continue to fill out the resume of life, to surrender the cause of the outstanding respondents, the flag for the alma mater Zenghui luster.

  19. Blessing is a true intention, not a thousand words, not million words, silently singing a song, I wish you peace, wishful. We would like to jointly open up a piece of the soil of friendship, so that the seeds of fantasy bear the fruits of reality.

  20. Let us use the common conviction of the ship, to the sea of life to plow out the white spray.

英语毕业留言范文 篇8

  1.I hope the life of the parting, miss, reunion is the first rhythm of the trilogy, do not miss one; I hope the world of good and unfortunate people, can calmly complete it.

  2. When you come, I look forward to the distance; you leave, you are my dream around the soul to pull expectations.

  3. You go, in that long time, my heart is like autumn trees, leaves helplessly drift a place, only the lonely hanging in the branches.

  4. Life of the boat in the port of youth set sail again, we will wave goodbye, the boat full of ideals and hopes.

  5. Arena on the modesty, no doubt equal to declare their own failure; the need to volunteer, we should do my part. Life needs to dominate, please cherish the capital "I".

  6. worry about others, music, music of others, your kindness, enthusiasm, selfless character, always etched in my heart.

  7. When you selflessly give everything out, the happiness of the aperture will come to your eyes, because the real happiness of this world, not to accept but to give.

  8. Zhaohui will not fall into the sleeping person's pupil. The pursuit of the United States, in order to get the United States! --- We would like to be a wooing suitor forever!

  9. If there are two paths in the woods: a fragrant grass, has not been trampled; a footprints, many people walk. Friend, which one will you choose? I am sure you will step on a new path.

  10. We are like two stars in the vast sky, each running along a different track. Although the track is different, the goal is the same.

  11. Let our lives smile! This sweet smile will prophesy our future is infinitely better!

  12. Bloom is not to fade, but to the results; the result is not for the end, but to rehabilitate.

  13. The most expensive dishes, leaving the salt will be light and tasteless. Life is the cause of salt, go all out dedicated to a better cause, life will radiate a brilliant glory!

  14. Life is frozen to death! You see: that thick ice below, not still calmly flowing the vitality of that vibrant life?

  15. A person, if not experienced the joys and sorrows of life, not suffered in life, tortured, it is impossible to truly understand the meaning of life.

  16. There is no illusion, no hope, as the birds are bound wings; but too much fantasy, too high expectations, often confused, like birds do not know where to fly.

  17. Childhood is a dream, juvenile is a painting, youth is a poem, the prime of life is a novel, middle-aged is a prose, the elderly is a philosophy. Oh, how colorful!

  18. Good things are always impermanent, including the success of the opportunities and fate of the favor. Our ordinary life, can be worth several times to miss?

  19. The storm disaster has brought us too much disappointment and depression, loss of loneliness, but after the storm, should we not have a blue sky and brilliant rainbow it?

  Peach attractive, with its exposed outside of Chromic; Plum arouses, with its condensed gradually fragrant. I hope your future is real.

英语毕业留言范文 篇9















英语毕业留言范文 篇10