1a crow and a foxѻͺ꣩

one day a crowѻ finds a piece of meat.she picks it up in her mouth and fliesɣ to a tall tree. she is just going to eat the meat when a fox sees her .the fox comes to the tree and stands under the tree. he looks at the meat and wants to eat it very much..he says to the crowѻ: how pretty you are! you are the prettiest() bird in the world. all th animals like you.

the crow ѻis very pleased by these words. then the fox speaks again : i can see your beautiful face,but i cant see your pretty teeth and tongue (ڲ).  can you show me your tongue (ڲ) or can you sing a song? . this makes the crow ѻvery happy, she opens her mouth and sings a song. when she opens her mouth ,she drops() the meat. the fox picks up the meat and goes away.

2easy time(ʱ)

part oneһ֣

a:  my friend fell from a window twenty stories20㣩up yesterday.

b:  was he badly hurt?

a:  not at all. he fell inside.

part two(ڶ)

in class ,the teacher showed pictures of variousָ birds. then he asked: what kind of bird do you like best,jack?

jack answered: fried chicken(ը). sir.