Hello. This is China Academy of Art English Broadcasting Station. My name is LvAnqi. I’m the hostess today. It’s a pleasure to spend the lovely time with you.. The theme today is American TV serials. I’m a big fan of it. Hope you love it, too.

The first TV serial I want to recommend to you is Super Natural. It’s the most popular supernatural TV serial in America. If you are a fan of American TV serials, you must have .heard of it. If you’re not, .Super Natural may make you one.

As what it is called, Super Natural is a story about haunting. Not haunting beasts of course, but the ghosts and all kind of freaks like demons, even angels. The main characters are the Winchesters, Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester. Dean is the elder brother, Sam is the younger one. The story begins with the missing of their father, John. Dean haunted with his father after Sam chose to give up the family business and went to college. To find their father, Dean asked Sam for help. At that time, Sam had a girlfriend and they had lived together already. Sam agreed to help Dean unwillingly because he hated the haunting life. On the way to find their dad, Sam and Dean solved a great deal of weird cases. But when Sam came back to his old apartment, he found his girlfriend dead—the same way his as his mother. To find the killer, Sam devoted himself to the old business together with Dean, following the leads their father left..

At the end of the first season, Sam and Dean found their father. However, he was possessed by the yellow-eye demon—the demon that killed their mother and Sam’s girlfriend. John asked Sam to kill him, but the demon escaped before Sam fired. John was angry and desperate about his sons letting that demon run away. Therefore, argument aroused. In the meantime, a car drove directly towards them. What happened? Let us move to the second season.

After the car accident, they were sent to the hospital. However, Dean was hurt too much that his soul left his body and the death tried to take him away. To save his son, John make a deal with a demon which cost his own life and the gun named Colt – the only thing can kill demons. Dean was back, but John was gone. The brothers were drowned into the sorrow. To ease the pain, they went on haunting. In the mean time, they found Sam had the ability to drive the demon out of the human. Nonetheless, Sam paid for it. Whenever he used his ability, his nose bleed and he would be hungry for the demon’s blood, The climax in this season is also at the end, Sam was brought to a town that gathered a group of people like him—had some special gift. They were asked to fight and only one would survive. It was all the yellow—eye demon’ s plot. He told Sam that all people there were fed with demon’s blood when they were babies, and all those moms were killed in the same way. He told Sam that he had a preference for him and would like him to win the game—tobe the leader of all demons, that is , the king of hell. During the fight, only Sam and a man named Jack survived. Sam had put Jack on the ground. On that point, Dean showed up. Sam was too excited to notice that Jack was crawling up and stabbing him in his back. Dean broke down, he held Sam’s body and cried out loud. Of course the story won’t end up like this. “Main character will never die” is the golden rule in all TV serials, In the next season, Dean made a deal with a demon, exchange his life for his brother’s. Dean had only 2 years to live. The main string in this season is to find a way saving Dean. Hard as they tried, the brothers failed. Demon came back and took Dean away. Sam had to carry on and kept haunting all alone.

In season 4, Dean was back, being saved by an angel called Castiel. Dean had been through a lot in the hell so he changed a lot. Again, tow brothers got involved in a troublesome event—the apocalypse. Despite all the efforts, Lucifer, the king of hell revived. It turned out that Dean and Sam were meant to be the vessel of the archangel, Michael and Lucifer. There was supposed to be a fight which would ruin most of the world. In that way, the balance between the kindness and evil would recover. Nevertheless, the brothers refused to accept the fate like this. They fought against demons as well as angels. To end this mess, Sam and Dean made a plan. Sam let Lucifer possessed on him intentionally, and at the very moment, Sam’s will conquered Lucifer’s, jumping into the crack of the hell along with Michael. There is no doubt that the story goes on. Sam and Dean net many other monsters like Eva, Liviatans, evil angels, the girl from Oze… I’m deeply impressed by screenwriter’s imagination. Oh, besides the fascinating plot, the actors are also one of the reasons the make the serial popular. Jensen Ackley and Jared Padaleki are hundreds of girls’ dream lover. I cling to the belief that you’ll enjoy watching 2 cute guys haunting.