Teacher you are a mountain, tall and straight; Teacher you are pine, green dripping; Teacher is eagle, take me off; Teacher is an umbrella, shelter us from the wind and rain.


  Your white hair is my rebel portrayal; you no longer young face, is my growth baptism.


  Send you a handful of cool autumn dew to nourish your life, wish you well-being; send you a bunch of flowers to embellish your beauty, wish you happiness.


  You are a magical beach, and let me pick up the beautiful shells in the world.


  Teacher, your name is engraved on our hearts. This is really forever.


  I hope all the teachers will smile from their hearts today, for all the world! As long as the teacher is happy, we will be happy!


  On the podium, beside the desk, it is cold and hot, and spring, summer, autumn and winter. Hard, my teacher.


  Teacher, you inspired me to really appreciate the benefits of nature, since then I have read every green leaf, every cloud, every wave.


  Teacher, if you are the beautiful sun in the sky, we are the lovely grass in the ground, and you give us new life.


  You teach your students in accordance with your aptitude. We congratulate you on your success with excellent results.



  Teacher, although parting for a long time, and your image seems to be a brilliant bright spot, has been flashing in my heart.


  Every corner of the heart, every inch of your soul, is full of respect for you.


  Thank you for illuminating the journey of my life with your own light.


  Your kind eyes, such as clouds, float in the clear sky of my heart. Your gentle teaching is like a murmur of spring flowing into the riverbed of my life.


  Thousands of words of gratitude to you can not be expressed, to your blessings will not change for a million years, teacher, I wish you all the best!


  Teacher, open the window quickly. Look at the spring scenery. All the plum and peach trees are saluting you.


  Only when you teach us along the way can we not lose our way, and only when we have your attention on the way can we be more confident and brave. Thank you, teacher.


  The teacher is like an ideal ship, carrying us in the sea of knowledge.


  Teacher, the sparkling light of our wisdom is always sparkling with your own sparks.


  I will leave you soon, my favorite teacher, and I will miss you as much as the grass, no matter how far away from you, there will be no end.



  You have given me the true meaning of life like gold. After years of grinding, it has become clearer and longer.


  My dear teacher, though I can't go to see you, I feel a little warm when I think of you.


  My dear teacher, your wise thoughts illuminate my way forward, your attentive teaching warms my growing heart, you give me strength, ideal.


  Teacher, you take heart for us, send you blessing, wish you happy!


  You are a candle, burning yourself to illuminate others.


  Beloved teacher, plain white snow, is your symbol; dedicate to the holy halo woven for you, wishing you a happy year and a happy year!


  When your green hair becomes white, your peach and plum are full. Dear teacher, I have been working hard for you.


  Hello, teacher, a rain dew, moistened our hearts; you like a candle, illuminated our way forward.


  Without your generous dedication, I will gain today. Thank you very much, dear teacher.


  Your child's little progress can not be separated from your education, your child's care, patience, I do not know how to appreciate.