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  In general, these four years, I seriously study, take the initiative to participate in school activities, and in the activities learned a lot of experience and methods of communication with people. Exercise their ability in all aspects, there are many gains. Specifically:

  At the time of admission, I felt that basic subjects such as mathematical analysis and university physics were obscure.Fortunately, has been met very good teacher, so in the teacher's leadership to learn these subjects with no confidence, and formed a certain habit of thinking. In the sophomore year to touch the more interesting practice subjects, such as physics experiments, metalworking, etc., I have benefited from, hands-on ability has been improved. Because they are learning software engineering, in the sophomore junior concentrated professional courses, in addition to learning theoretical knowledge, but also focus on the practical ability of the training.

  I have never had a stay before I went to college and I experienced a variety of accommodation. Bedroom students get along very harmonious. At the same time also actively participate in community and school, college activities, such as Qiushui book club and volleyball body cup and software college sports festival, etc., to get to know some like-minded friends. I joined the college student union in my freshman year and became a junior officer in the Liaison Department.After a year of tempering, get everyone's trust and become vice president of the Software College Student Union. And the ministers and brothers and students of the Department of cadres with a lot of activities organized to experience the ups and downs of students work.

  In the junior summer vacation to the Ali software internship, is a very memorable and meaningful experience, is really out of contact with the community the first step in the community. Ali software in the harvest a lot of things not learned in school, such as the actual experience of the project and so on. More importantly, to understand the principles of social interaction. Alibaba is a vibrant business, in this internship in the IT industry felt the infinite possibilities, but also recognize their own knowledge is only the tip of the iceberg, the need for continuous improvement, so I chose to continue learning.

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  Through four years of college life, I grew up a lot. At the time of my graduation, I made a summary of my four years of harvest and experience, and as a guide for my future action.

  Ideology, I pursue progress, ideological consciousness has been greatly improved. I love the motherland, love the people, and resolutely support the leadership of the Communist Party and the socialist system. I think the value of a person by his social contribution to others to measure, I joined the Chinese Communist Party is also the reason to strive to achieve self-worth. I have conscientiously studied the various theories of the Party and have endeavored to put them into practice and have a clearer understanding of the Party.

  Learning, I think the primary task of college students or learn cultural knowledge, so I learn in the sense, not to relax. I think a good learning method is very helpful to learn knowledge, so after each exam, I will summarize the learning experience. A hard work a harvest, often see their gratifying achievements, I will sigh as long as you have the determination, nothing is impossible. For students of our computer-related majors, the knowledge of light optics is not enough. I use the spare time often read computer class books, and participated in a number of computer-level qualification examination, and achieved good results. I think that learning is the student's occupation, the occupation also need to have wisdom, perseverance and perseverance. In today 's fast - growing information age, we only learn new knowledge, not only learning is important, a person can not be ignored. Four years of college life gave me a lot of opportunities to challenge themselves, such as the Department of the student council, the yard organization of the speech contest, arts and cultural festival of the show, English speech contest. In the process of participating in these activities, I made some very good friends, learned the way of doing things, exercise their ability. These experiences make me understand some things if you try

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