I seek to make progress, love of learning, often appreciate excellent design work, continue to accept new design concept, to study various design styles; towards work in earnest, hard-working, conscientious, patient, and full of work and team spirit, willing and communicate, can quickly integrate into the team work; character straightforward, fun-loving, get along with her colleagues; willing to participate in a variety of team activities, like billiards, badminton, mountain climbing and other activities; meager job of holding the book, confident and sincere hearts the idea, I look forward to your company to become one!

  1, proficient in software: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Flash, Axure;

  2, skilled software: Coreldraw, Premiere, 3Dmax, After Effect, etc;

  3, proficient in html language, proficient in DIV + CSS layout, skilled use of html5 + css3 write wap site, have a certain understanding of Javascript and use;

  4, the user experience and interaction design have a certain understanding, familiar with the product design process, can quickly use Axure production prototype;

  5, 4 years of experience in web interface design, 2 years Android interface design, familiar web interface and android interface design standards;

  6, honed through years of work, skilled use of color on the interface design, design style to follow the mainstream, cultivating a good aesthetic ability and deep knowledge of art.


  I graduated from art and design professionals, has high artistic quality, design usually focus on the accumulation of theoretical knowledge and apply theory to work. Understand contemporary design trends, design and attention to detail, attention to user experience, to have a keen interest in color matching, master a variety of design-related software applications. Good team player with communication and adaptable. Is sincere, proactive work, serious, practical, able to endure hardship, with a strong practical ability.

  Art and design background, professional training experience, familiar with the design workflow

  Familiar with design software, you can hand drawings

  Societies have leadership ability, strong communication and collaboration

  Master design software Photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw, Flash

  Learn computer language Html, Css, Javascript

  CET (530)

  Proficiency in MS OFFICE: Word, PPT, Excel


  Individual adaptability, although not much work experience, but easygoing, very easy to adapt to the environment, know how to get along with others. Positive habit of looking at things from the bright side. Technical experience is not rich, but good at learning.

  I have a strong ability to work independently and a good team spirit; accumulated in previous work a certain amount of work experience and skills, you can do the challenges under different circumstances, with good computer skills, broad interests, hobbies, the sports activities.

  I also actively participate in various social activities during college, to seize every opportunity to exercise their own. For three years, I deeply feel that the best students to work to benefit me in the competition; challenge to the practical difficulties, let me grow up in frustration. I come from the countryside, grandparents taught me hard work, responsibility, kindness, integrity; my college trained me pragmatic, pioneering style. I love your organization engaged in the cause, eagerly look forward to in your leadership, building blocks for this glorious cause, and continuous learning in practice, progress!

  I have broad interests, strong sense of responsibility, hard working.Dedication and willingness to start from the grassroots. Learning ability, good communication, companies are willing to contribute their efforts.

  Course Description: mainly related to two categories: one is including drawing, graphic design, set design, personas designed course; the other is the c language, c ++, java, operating system, and so the computer courses, in addition to there ps, ae, flash, 3dmax learning software