Individual adaptability, although not much work experience, but easygoing, very easy to adapt to the environment, know how to get along with others. Positive habit of looking at things from the bright side. Technical experience is not rich, but good at learning.

  I have a strong ability to work independently and a good team spirit; accumulated in previous work a certain amount of work experience and skills, you can do the challenges under different circumstances, with good computer skills, broad interests, hobbies, the sports activities.

  I also actively participate in various social activities during college, to seize every opportunity to exercise their own. For three years, I deeply feel that the best students to work to benefit me in the competition; challenge to the practical difficulties, let me grow up in frustration. I come from the countryside, grandparents taught me hard work, responsibility, kindness, integrity; my college trained me pragmatic, pioneering style. I love your organization engaged in the cause, eagerly look forward to in your leadership, building blocks for this glorious cause, and continuous learning in practice, progress!

  I have broad interests, strong sense of responsibility, hard working.Dedication and willingness to start from the grassroots. Learning ability, good communication, companies are willing to contribute their efforts.

  Course Description: mainly related to two categories: one is including drawing, graphic design, set design, personas designed course; the other is the c language, c ++, java, operating system, and so the computer courses, in addition to there ps, ae, flash, 3dmax learning software.


  I graduated from art and design professionals, has high artistic quality, design usually focus on the accumulation of theoretical knowledge and apply theory to work. Understand contemporary design trends, design and attention to detail, attention to user experience, to have a keen interest in color matching, master a variety of design-related software applications. Good team player with communication and adaptable. Is sincere, proactive work, serious, practical, able to endure hardship, with a strong practical ability.

  Art and design background, professional training experience, familiar with the design workflow

  Familiar with design software, you can hand drawings

  Societies have leadership ability, strong communication and collaboration

  Master design software Photoshop, Illustrator, Coreldraw, Flash

  Learn computer language Html, Css, Javascript

  CET (530)

  Proficiency in MS OFFICE: Word, PPT, Excel


  Since entering the company, colleagues at work to help each other, to take care of me and I am work started quickly. With the help of leaders and departments of colleagues, the successful completion of the task work. Our development speed is very fast, from the project, research and development, production and working methodically one go to complete development projects. I know I have many shortcomings, there are many need to improve next year, I will try to do a good job, active learning to improve their design standards and better services company.

  During operation in also summarizes some of the harvest: in a new job, there is a new challenge, a new experience, at work let me know the difference before different way of thinking, design, interactive, and more perfect I ui design understanding. Experience from the demand, project, design, development, production and operation mode under this set of processes. Harvesting of the leadership and colleagues of care and help, let me well into the family.

  The user needs to operate, habits have not done an effective depth research. Product knowledge is not deep enough: the performance of the pros and cons of product groups, product environment, the product. Operation of the product is no good combination use of the environment, users expect the company to analyze the state of the visual area can increase the intensity of this one, visual and hardware products are competitive, today's referendum interactive era, the average of the manufacturing process technology, the cheapest way to enhance the competitiveness of products is visually enhanced.

  Wishing to participate in some of the industry's top designers and lectures; thinking more of collision and discussions in order to produce the perfect product. Company designers will give us the opportunity to provide more professional training on. The company can offer some products after the People First product combines Internet trends, such as smart dressed, smart home products in this area, the demand is greater than the life of industrial demand, many Internet companies and manufacturing companies, to enter the market of intelligent life.We should follow the market trend, the use of our company's strengths to create more market competitiveness.