英文自我评价 篇1

  To participate in real estate sales have been two years of working time, during this time through their own temper, with the help of the leadership, I have become a qualified sales staff, to complete the sales task of the real estate sales industry More profound understanding, and is still in continuous efforts to make their ability to scale new heights.

  As a member of the real estate sales department, I feel deeply shoulder heavy responsibility. As the enterprise's facade, business window, his words and deeds also represent a corporate image. So more to improve their own quality, high standards of their own requirements. On the basis of high-quality but also to strengthen their professional knowledge and professional skills. In addition, but also a broad understanding of the real estate market dynamics, walk in the forefront of the market.

  The ups and downs of the real estate market turmoil, the company in and joint venture company, to complete the sales work. During this time, I actively cooperate with the company's employees, sales for the purpose of the company under the guidance of the leadership to complete the development of operating prices, before the Spring Festival planning to complete the advertising campaign for the month of sales climax to lay The foundation. And finally the month to complete the contract amount million good results and ended. After the baptism of this enterprise, comrades have gained a lot of expertise, so that all aspects of their all improved.

  In the future I should seriously sum up, timely reflection, and more to others to learn, so that their continuous progress, increasingly perfect. So that they become an elite in the field of sales, and the company common development and create a better future!

英文自我评价 篇2

  Good command of computer skills:familiar with different versions of Windows OS and Office application software,obtained some experience and understanding about other widely-used software like Photoshop and Dreamwaver。


  Completed all the courses in the specialized field,obtaining good command of theoretic knowledge and experimental skill;Very adaptable and good at learning ;I won the national first-class scholarship。


  Easygoing and congenial,with a strong sense of responsibility and good team-spirit。


  Fluent in oral English,with fairly good of reading and writing ability;Speaking authentic Mandarin-Chinese。


  Ability to work independent1y,mature and resourcefu1.


英文自我评价 篇3

  Cheerful, modest and stable dynamic, others warm and sincere. Have strong organizational skills, practical ability, team spirit and communication skills up and down. It has a high technical level and site management experience. It can be hard to adapt to a variety of environments and integrated into one.


英文自我评价 篇4

  Since June 26, 20xx to join cosmetics has been four months and sixteen days, during this period, every day seems to me to progress and test, every day can be fruitful, including ideas , Including technology, including doing things, including life. Joined is the first position I have just entered the community, is also the beginning of my work arena, in this stage I have a clear understanding of their above and their short, clear understanding of their future development goals and Direction, which are promoted with the manager and teaching are inseparable relationship, in the first thank the manager for my help and guidance.

  I think my internship during the growth has the following aspects:

  First, in thinking, the first out of the student-style thinking, and gradually formed to adapt to production and management of the strict pragmatic accurate and flexible mode of thinking, all from the reality, refuse to careless and perfunctory, problems immediately resolved, Not dragging its feet, pushing three resistance four. Second, we must develop good habits of hard-working, in production, the technical staff should always stick to their jobs above, even if it is overtime, stay up late have to stand post, due diligence, establish a completely independent positive sense of work, Difficult, self-discipline, wide to treat people, their bitter to eat more, do something, so that they get better exercise and faster development.

  Second, in terms of technology, since entering the , has experienced a variety of product development and production, these research and development process is gradually in the bit by bit the success of exploration, including day cream, night cream, eye cream, emollient Milk, shampoo, talcum powder, mascara, liquid foundation, face color, nail polish, etc. These research and development process also witnessed the company's growing and increasingly rich products, when a product is successful, the hearts of joy , Before the experience of bitter contemplation and the troubles brought about by the brains also will disappear. Of course, each product for me is a gestation process, each behind a product has a very long story, including the choice of raw materials and ordering, evolution and improvement of thinking, technology maturity and improvement of the project The summary and record, and many other processes, these processes are usually associated with the accumulation of knowledge, recall every success and failure, are their own little progress.

  Third, in terms of personal service, into the is my first step into the community, with the help of managers and colleagues, I gradually adapt to the company's environment and the work of the content to learn some of the advantages and improvements Their own shortcomings, and get along with people and cooperation have made no small achievement, of course, there are lessons of failure. Today's society is the coexistence of competition and cooperation in the community, enterprises need to be competitive, employees need to cooperate, these two aspects are complementary. I will work in the future will pay more attention to this point, to achieve the most perfect cooperation between colleagues and the state.

  In short, into the I do not regret the choice, but also I am proud of the choice, during the internship, I experienced a failure also tasted success, made mistakes have been praised, this is the growth to go through every step. I am honored to join the company, but also very honored to grow with the company. I will summarize my shortcomings, to play my director, to continue to maximize the development of the company to do my best.

英文自我评价 篇5

  本人热爱生活,性格开朗活泼,乐观向上,乐于助人,乐于进取,积极勤奋,有团队精神,拥有充实的专业知识,也有独立的思维能力,工作态度认真,乐于与人交往,对艺术有着浓厚的兴趣,从小热爱绘画,热爱设计,在校期间曾参加过班级和校园的绘画展览,手绘能力强,熟练cad, 3d max,


  I love life, cheerful and lively, optimistic, helpful and willing to be proactive and hardworking, team player, with substantial expertise, but also independent thinking ability, work attitude, happy with people of art has a strong interest, childhood love of painting, love the design, during the school had participated in the exhibition of paintings campus classes and strong drawing skill, skilled cad, 3d max,

  photoshop, coreldraw and other design software have some relevant work experience, many large-scale painting interior renderings, my blog has its own design 3d renderings. hopes to become a major part of business, be sure to do their future ability to your business a force.

英文自我评价 篇6

  Able to work efficiently, rigorous work, self-responsibility; having a sense of responsibility and commitment; good at learning has a strong ability to adapt to new technologies have great enthusiasm, willing to accept new challenges with a team spirit and collective sense of honor; do there are some innovative things.


英文自我评价 篇7

  自入学以来,一直遵守学校的各项规章制度,具有良好的思想道德品质,各方面表现优秀。有强烈的集体荣誉感和工作责任心,坚持实事求事的原则。 本人思想端正,能吃苦耐劳,有崇高的理想和伟大的目标,注重个人道德修养,养成良好的生活作风,乐于助人,关心国家大事。

  Since admission, we have complied with the rules and regulations of the school, have good moral quality, excellent performance in all aspects.We have a strong collective sense of honor and sense of responsibility, adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts. I correct thinking, hard working, have lofty ideals and great goals, the importance of personal moral cultivation, develop good lifestyle, helpful, concerned about national affairs.

英文自我评价 篇8

  Since the work, in the company under the leadership of the careful guidance, through their own continuous efforts, whether ideological, learning or work, have made considerable development and huge gains.

  Strong sense of responsibility, strong ability of adaptability, attentive attitude, with more than * years of financial management experience and * years of accounting firm management experience, good coordination and communication skills, good at communication, with a certain leadershipAbility, in character, honesty and trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness, humility, optimism; in the business, with overall business processing and good professional judgment ability, good at financial analysis, proficient in financial tax system, can complete the financial work independently.Familiar with the use of national tax, land tax, finance, banking, industry and commerce, statistical statements and anti-counterfeit tax control software, skilled use of computers to solve financial problems.

  I think it is a responsible, positive, hard-working people, because like English, so engaged in the work, hoping to use their own learning to work to improve their own at the same time, bring benefits to the company! And in the work summary is good at finding their own shortcomings and efforts to correct.

  Three years of business sales to teach me the basic concept of communication with others, smiling others, in good faith to be. In order to have a better practice platform, I will continue to exercise to improve themselves and I hope to use my beautiful youth, to ignite the surrounding every guest for our cause dedication, progress, a better tomorrow.

英文自我评价 篇9


  photoshop/illustrator/dream weaver等图形设计软件。擅长广告、平面设计。有一定的管理策划能力。


  I myself like art this profession, since high school I've been specializing in graphic design, unique design ideas, although I have not graduated, but I have mastered

  photoshop / illustrator / dream weaver and other graphic design software. Specializes in advertising, graphic design. There are certain management planning ability.

  I love creative, advertising work and achieved some success in practice.My four years of professional learning for me in this industry has laid a solid foundation, I am confident that your company's qualified creative work.

英文自我评价 篇10

  I called , units have been working for three months, in the past three months of work, there are successful, there is failure, there is joy, but also distress in the leadership and care and guidance, colleagues The full support and help, my ability to work has been greatly improved, now 3 months to do a self-assessment.

  1, and strive to learn and continuously improve their operational capacity in the work, serious study of business knowledge, continue to accumulate experience, and actively participate in learning and training, and constantly enrich themselves; 2, compliance 3 months, their work is not afraid of hardships 3, unity of colleagues and work together. Colleagues harmonious, unity and fraternity, mutual help and mutual respect; 4, due to their lack of work experience, the work of the staff of the work, In the work of the lack of practical experience in handling customer complaints, service work done not meticulous, this is my future direction.

  2, I have been working in the company since the help of my colleagues in the care, through personal efforts and work-related experience in the accumulation of knowledge continues to expand, the ability to work has made great progress.

  3, review the past 3 months, I seriously study the business training, and actively participate in job training. Wholeheartedly, courtesy, warm service, patience to answer questions for our customers to provide quality services and continuous practice to improve their own quality and Business level, grow into a qualified salesperson.

  In the future work and life, I believe that through my efforts in the future work, I will grow into a good staff, strive to become the object of learning for units to contribute.

  I am a very straightforward person, whether it is doing things or a man, so what I say is true, there is no exaggeration. I have strong professional ability, professional knowledge is very solid, annual access to Dalian Medical University, advanced credit advanced individual title, and internships in the top three hospitals a year during the internship was the teacher's praise.Have a strong English ability, can carry out the general oral communication.Has a strong organizational capacity, many times during the school organized the collective class activities, have been students of praise.

英文自我评价 篇11

  More than five years of domestic and international communications industry marketing experience, a profound understanding of domestic and international telecommunications market. The courage to challenge themselves, able to withstand the pressure to work better at teamwork. In the competitive intelligence, market analysis, marketing management has a wealth of experience.

  Familiar with the administrative affairs, familiar with the relevant functional departments of government processes; have a strong work enthusiasm, hard-working, with absolutely good professional conduct, confidence and confidence in their own career, not afraid of work pressure and challenge.In the course of many years of his career to do things uphold the practical style of seeking truth from facts, work efficiency and speed, doing things to the interests of the company, do not care about personal gains and losses, willing to make suggestions for the company's development, make every effort to do the best job On the administrative cost control, vehicle management, fire safety management, equipment maintenance, have a wealth of experience.

英文自我评价 篇12

  First of all, I was a farmer's child, grew up in rural areas, the village gave me nurtured into a strong self-reliance, although she is not the city's wonderful, but better able to experience the true story of that struggle, I always think in the countryside Growing up is one of the best life experiences, and later, I carry the others and their own expectations straight up the pole on the university.

  The University is a place where I can really grow up. "The university not only taught me the real skills, but more importantly, taught me how to learn and how to look at things in the world in the right and unique way I think this is a better foundation for the creation of the world.

  I really do what you like and is a good thing in the study, in addition to poor English, the other is very good, sophomore two semesters I am also familiar with the operation of office software. There autocad is also very familiar with (took a high card) .In addition to these "business", the amateur I still continue to enrich and improve themselves. A college radio station to do a director and then do vice minister of photography to do radio station deputy stationmaster, along the way I am in my ability to continue to climb in this process also learned a lot of knowledge, such as interpersonal, organizational management - - more importantly, I know what is the responsibility! I am very interested in literature and art, leisure time often as entertainment to study, so writing, sketches, photography, also have a certain ability to control.

  I can not get a good car behind closed doors reason I know - the university I can seize all the opportunities to go out to social work.University summer school I organized a "three rural" reservoir safety research activities, experience in the heat Summer job I have seized the opportunity to do two "summer internship" - one for the Fan Yu a drafting company designed to do a month; Second, the Provincial Water Conservancy Research Institute to do Model construction. These work experience makes me more mature, ready to enter the community. Also, I personally although the body is smaller, but the physical condition is good. For the good and easy. I often give myself to wear such a top Hat: "pragmatic idealist"! Because to achieve the ideal must be pragmatic.

  Although my student life is about to end, but my learning career is like the responsibility of the construction project is a life-long system.

英文自我评价 篇13

  I am able to deal with the whole accounting work independently. I have 3 years experience in foreign investment, English reconciliation and English accounting treatment. I am well aware of the logical thinking ability of the US accounting system and Chinese accounting standards. , Sensitive to the data cheerful, team-work ability, good communication skills.

英文自我评价 篇14

  I took part in many academic competitions this semester and got excellent results. At the same time, as a senior high school student to visit the delegation, I am honored to represent the national high school students to visit Japan, personal experience of the Japanese society and the Japanese people. I have also exchanged Chinese culture and art with the Japanese people. I have the honor to participate in the Fengtai District amateur party school, learned a lot about the party's knowledge, so I joined the trapped Communist Party even more desire. I am all-round development, publicity personality, outstanding performance.

  I am very interested in art, from primary school began to study art. Until now, I insist on drawing a sketch every week. From primary school to now, I have received a number of artistic awards, and actively participate in school art activities, and I have been in the class propaganda group work, responsible for the newspaper design, production. Now I serve as a propaganda member, which also helps me interest in the development of art. In addition, I am very interested in sports activities, I have studied table tennis, table tennis is another great hobby. I insist on taking time outdoors every week, such as playing badminton, basketball, skating, rope skipping, etc., to continue to develop my hobbies and expertise.

英文自我评价 篇15

  Now recalling internship, the past also vividly, there are sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, and from the hearts of only the best taste of their own. But it is undeniable that these experiences will be rare in my life which accumulated wealth and experience. Graduation practice is every student must have a period of experience, it allows us to understand the society in practice, so that we learned a lot in the classroom did not learn the knowledge, but also opened the horizon, an increase of knowledge for our future further Society to lay a solid foundation, so this practice experience quite deep.

  Into the company internship has been more than three months time, in this short period of time, there have been joy, excitement, have been distressed, there have been melancholy, bitter and sweet and sour have experienced and experienced, so I From a fledgling student, gradually into the community, familiar with the company's organizational structure, scope of business, personnel relations, corporate culture. In different positions on the exercise, with different master learning, not only opened up my eyes, but also accumulated a lot of business knowledge and improve the ability to work.

  Daily work includes: the production of the contract, the production of instructions issued, the production of shipping advice, the production of bills of lading and invoices, check the documents, documents sent, the recovery of money; contact with customers in a timely manner, Mail, telephone or fax to provide customers with effective information (shipping advice, cargo transport conditions, etc.), according to the timely manner of trade reminder; timely communication with the sales manager, updated daily work sequence forms and spreadsheets, to sales The manager provides effective information (production schedule, customer picking up and payment, customer requirements), according to the idea of the sales manager to produce contracts and instructions; and documents confirm the certificate, and shipping confirm the shipment date, and freight forwarding to confirm the bill of lading. When the company took an order, the accounting need to review the single and the management of a single, in the next single, I have to check the various problems, such as the number of colors, etc., if each order is a different pattern, not the same fabric , Not the same process, we must take the customer's requirements in the production of a single write clearly. In the entire production process, if the accident can not meet customer needs, timely and leadership to reflect and find a suitable solution. The first step is to take orders with the single, the guests will be required to do a single system of products to us, and my job is based on rough information provided by customers through their own order to extract, to make a standardized format, which One step is critical, because the various departments of the job and no ready-made products can be used for reference, so many of the work can only rely on this system to complete.To do a better job with a single, I first start from the following aspects:

  (A) familiar with the customer. Familiar with the customer's goods to the situation and its laws, such as a customer like to what kind of goods, what the specifications, what are the special requirements, etc., which are I do with the single must be familiar with and understand.

  (B) a deep understanding of product knowledge. Only our better understanding of my products in order to more effectively work to reduce the number of low-level errors, such as how much the amount of leather loaded what specifications in a container can be installed in the number of boxes, as well as how to protect the container products, which Is that we must understand the basic common sense.

  (3) contracts and directives. When I do the contract must be more communication with the sales manager, such as the customer to the goods of the specifications, weight, amount and timetable. To ensure correct and then sent to the customer in the past.

  (4) in the confirmation of documents. I must understand the importance of documents to customers, a humble error to the customer there will be a very troublesome, or even directly affect the customer's normal delivery, it must also be accurate.

  (E) in making a single, invoice. Get a certificate of origin when I can do single invoice, do a good job after the first put away, to the customer before the check every day to send documents several times, so that can be very effective rate of error reduction.

英文自我评价 篇16

  Two years of college life on campus is a turning point in my life. Two years of campus life and social practice of life so I continue to challenge themselves and enrich themselves, to achieve the value of life and lay a solid foundation.

  First, learning:

  I try to earnestly learn every homework, mastered the basic legal principles.Step by step to the continuous efforts of the long life of the learning career has just begun, the old saying that good, delegate to the fish as delegate to fishing, I came here to learn the purpose of "fishing", with the progress of learning, Is to learn the basic knowledge of the public and a lot of professional knowledge, my mind has also been a qualitative leap, to a more rapid grasp of a new technical knowledge.

  Second, the work:

  Sophomore This semester, I through the layers of selection ultimately through the screening into the internship phase of # # # # Student Union, and in December 20xx was officially #### student union hire, hire for one year, and awarded the letter of appointment. During this period, I have organized various activities in and out of the hospital, and actively serve other people, never tired. In the school # # # # # # contest, outstanding performance, the school committee was awarded the "advanced workers" honor certificate. In the class, I have served as a post, in this semester, the school was awarded the 54 outstanding commendation "outstanding Communist Youth League cadres" title.

  Third, the ideological aspects:

  This semester I am honored to enter the party school, the party also have a more profound understanding, after a year party school, has become a party activists, and successfully closed. Although I graduated, but my theory of thinking and practice is still a big difference between how to correctly use the Marxist-Leninist world outlook and outlook on life to guide the real life will be my future direction.

  Future plans: to come to the university to learn, if you do not learn the real knowledge, not only sorry to myself, I am sorry at home, hard parents. In the days of college has passed by more than half, and the rest of the day must be careful planning, study hard! What is the requirements of their own:

  First, the study as the main task of junior life, as other things secondary, or even give up.

  Second, efforts to improve their academic performance, to move closer to the party.

  Third, efforts to learn English, for the junior over English four!

  Fourth, to develop good study and work habits, to overcome the previous bad habits.

  Fifth, strengthen the study of professional knowledge.

  "Good birds choose wood and habitat, the people for the horses and capacity", everyone on their own future will have a better vision! Positive and optimistic, I will uphold a belief in their own, do their part of a effort to a higher pursuit of better development to request and exercise their own!And believe in yourself: the heart must be able to win wonderful. I understand my own shortcomings and advantages, I have a young and knowledge. Young may mean lack of experience, but young also means enthusiasm and vitality, I believe that in my future efforts, I will continue to enrich themselves with knowledge, and constantly realize the value of life and the pursuit of self-goal. For tomorrow, I am like a child to receive communion, magnified courage, but hold your breath!

  Sophomore semester self-identification II:

  Into the University has more than two years, and memories of those scattered in the bits and pieces everywhere, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, carrying my youth, my growth.

  Into the sophomore year, the proportion of professional courses gradually increased, so I have a better understanding of their choice. From these courses of study, I realized that modern society needs is not only a technical talent, but also need to have professionalism of the compound talents.

  In my sophomore year, leaving a rich and colorful natural and ultimately, I insist on another - my favorite community (Real Estate Research Association). Freshman, enrolled in a variety of organizations and activities, after entering the sophomore selected their favorite societies, as the president of the association to stay and a group of students with the same hobbies, it will develop a better. Facing the newborn is not the problem of the Department, I have had pain, but still adhere to the teeth down, and everyone successfully completed the recruit new work. Also held an innovative " University Dream Home Design Competition", won the school, foreign media praise, access to "community show on the characteristics of activities." A year's experience of the president makes me more convinced that the excellence of an association does not depend on how strong the president of the association is, but rather how many of the people behind the president are willing to pay for the association. Here, I harvest not only "excellent society", "excellent president" of the title, more like a bunch of like-minded friends, as well as in the team work experience and experience. I believe that these for me into the community after the life is of great benefit.

  Youth only once, I try to make their lives seem fullness meaningful. The sophomore year of the successful election campaign for the class organization members, and the relationship between the students and a higher level. In the party at the end of a freshman learning to become "outstanding students" I, in the ideological did not dare to relax the requirements of their own, into the candidate party candidate stage, looking forward to become an official party member.

  We are all growing up in the passage of time. 20-year-old Tao Li Nianhua, walking in the junior's journey to the starting point, I just want to forget the beginning of the heart to a drop of water calm, the face of placid life.

英文自我评价 篇17

  I have good political and ideological qualities, be helpful, respect for the young, care for the collective, take the collective interest as the most important thing, have strong ability to work, lively personality, cheerful, honest and reliable, passionate in work, strong sense of responsibility Contact with the actual, skilled in a variety of clinical skills operation; to their own independent duty, the completion of the medical file writing. Health care and harmonious relations, cooperation, and "as the patient as their loved ones" for the purpose, good at communicating with patients, patient enthusiasm, patience, with the basic quality of clinical nurses, competent clinical medical care. I urge your organization to give me a performance opportunity, I will do my best to work, step by step, for your organization to develop their own strength, and serve the people wholeheartedly.

英文自我评价 篇18

  Time flies, came to work, has been more than a year. See our company this year, step by step through the footprints, to see this year's changes and development, really very happy.

  Self - evaluation of employees' salary increase self - evaluation

  As the work of the enterprise, this year, the company has all aspects of the work of a whole upgrade, the Ministry of Training work on the right track, the Department of the work of the Department of systematic, scientific, marketing performance increases, Production of the work of the continued standardization, are in the direction of the benign development, all this is a gratifying achievement.

  As an individual, since the incumbent company, feel the company's most sincere concern for the staff and training, by several leaders of the weight, care and help, are borne in mind, will be in the future work to make persistent efforts to forge ahead, Continue to develop their own, for enterprises to make greater contributions.

  At present, enterprises in a very rapid development stage, there are many areas need to be improved. The most important thing is thinking, consciousness, at this point on the various aspects of the objective requirements of enterprises and thinking, the staff should be positive, especially the progress of comrades, but also anytime, anywhere to colleagues to promote the implementation of various progress Thinking, expect them to the same progress, to plant as a home, a sense of ownership, for our business development potential. In fact, the most important thing is that everyone should abandon the idea that the concept of backwardness and methods of work to advanced, scientific and modern theory and methods to guide the work and use, so that enterprises can compete in the modern foothold and develop, and this Is the year I work for the important work.

  Department of affairs is one of my main work, is committed to the establishment and improvement of enterprises, has completed the system and system, the system is being established, and in future work need to continue to improve and improve. For the standardization of enterprises, procedures and scientific, these are long-term significance and value of the work. Operation of long-term leadership to help reflect the thinking of management, design the work form, follow up the implementation of the provisions, increase the intensity of implementation. To apply for production license requirements of the document to organize the preparation of complete, complete the entire file system. The staff in the writing a little experience, the drafting of the company to be produced a lot of work, but also designed more simple billboards, etc. alone, eliminating the company some of these problems. In the next stage, the enterprise management system to strengthen and strengthen the training, the Department of Operations is the focus of work, which is closely related to the development of enterprises. In this year, although not say that individuals in the work of enterprises to play a leading role, but the absolute initiative to make plans and dedication to the development of enterprises spared no effort. Very pleased in the operation of enterprises can play their role in the progress and development of enterprises to do their own power, which is also an important manifestation of my personal values.

  Pay is the best measure of the value of the work of the standard, our staff is also very understanding of the pursuit of profit maximization, the company will need to reduce the cost. However, the purpose of business itself in order to obtain business benefits, the purpose of wage and welfare is the development of human resources, and ultimately enhance the operating efficiency of enterprises. For enterprises outside, the pay situation affects the external competitiveness of enterprises (such as visibility, reputation, excellent employees, etc.), thus affecting the survival and development of enterprises; on the enterprise, the level of salary directly Determine the performance of staff work, good or bad mood. To some extent, good pay situation to the staff to bring a strong incentive to drive the work of enthusiasm; conversely increased sabotage mood, and ultimately affect the development potential of the enterprise. I believe that for a certain ability and execution of the staff, the boss is not stingy, so that it can lift the worries, peace of mind for business services.

  On the current market conditions and know the situation, friends, peers, according to the type of industry, jobs and job content, work experience, the general salary in ~. Because our business in all aspects of the current system is in the perfect stage, the objective that the pay and benefits system is lack of temporary no regular pay is understandable, so the special salary increase application, in order to get the leadership of my work performance recognition and encouragement , But also the motivation for future work motivation. If there is still work to be improved part of the staff, please respect the leadership of criticism, I must mind in mind, happy to amend progress. Hope to grant approval for a number of leaders!