英文自我评价范文 篇1

  To participate in real estate sales have been two years of working time, during this time through their own temper, with the help of the leadership, I have become a qualified sales staff, to complete the sales task of the real estate sales industry More profound understanding, and is still in continuous efforts to make their ability to scale new heights.

  As a member of the real estate sales department, I feel deeply shoulder heavy responsibility. As the enterprise's facade, business window, his words and deeds also represent a corporate image. So more to improve their own quality, high standards of their own requirements. On the basis of high-quality but also to strengthen their professional knowledge and professional skills. In addition, but also a broad understanding of the real estate market dynamics, walk in the forefront of the market.

  The ups and downs of the real estate market turmoil, the company in and joint venture company, to complete the sales work. During this time, I actively cooperate with the company's employees, sales for the purpose of the company under the guidance of the leadership to complete the development of operating prices, before the Spring Festival planning to complete the advertising campaign for the month of sales climax to lay The foundation. And finally the month to complete the contract amount million good results and ended. After the baptism of this enterprise, comrades have gained a lot of expertise, so that all aspects of their all improved.

  In the future I should seriously sum up, timely reflection, and more to others to learn, so that their continuous progress, increasingly perfect. So that they become an elite in the field of sales, and the company common development and create a better future!

英文自我评价范文 篇2

  Cheerful, modest and stable dynamic, others warm and sincere. Have strong organizational skills, practical ability, team spirit and communication skills up and down. It has a high technical level and site management experience. It can be hard to adapt to a variety of environments and integrated into one.


英文自我评价范文 篇3

  Since June 26, 20xx to join cosmetics has been four months and sixteen days, during this period, every day seems to me to progress and test, every day can be fruitful, including ideas , Including technology, including doing things, including life. Joined is the first position I have just entered the community, is also the beginning of my work arena, in this stage I have a clear understanding of their above and their short, clear understanding of their future development goals and Direction, which are promoted with the manager and teaching are inseparable relationship, in the first thank the manager for my help and guidance.

  I think my internship during the growth has the following aspects:

  First, in thinking, the first out of the student-style thinking, and gradually formed to adapt to production and management of the strict pragmatic accurate and flexible mode of thinking, all from the reality, refuse to careless and perfunctory, problems immediately resolved, Not dragging its feet, pushing three resistance four. Second, we must develop good habits of hard-working, in production, the technical staff should always stick to their jobs above, even if it is overtime, stay up late have to stand post, due diligence, establish a completely independent positive sense of work, Difficult, self-discipline, wide to treat people, their bitter to eat more, do something, so that they get better exercise and faster development.

  Second, in terms of technology, since entering the , has experienced a variety of product development and production, these research and development process is gradually in the bit by bit the success of exploration, including day cream, night cream, eye cream, emollient Milk, shampoo, talcum powder, mascara, liquid foundation, face color, nail polish, etc. These research and development process also witnessed the company's growing and increasingly rich products, when a product is successful, the hearts of joy , Before the experience of bitter contemplation and the troubles brought about by the brains also will disappear. Of course, each product for me is a gestation process, each behind a product has a very long story, including the choice of raw materials and ordering, evolution and improvement of thinking, technology maturity and improvement of the project The summary and record, and many other processes, these processes are usually associated with the accumulation of knowledge, recall every success and failure, are their own little progress.

  Third, in terms of personal service, into the is my first step into the community, with the help of managers and colleagues, I gradually adapt to the company's environment and the work of the content to learn some of the advantages and improvements Their own shortcomings, and get along with people and cooperation have made no small achievement, of course, there are lessons of failure. Today's society is the coexistence of competition and cooperation in the community, enterprises need to be competitive, employees need to cooperate, these two aspects are complementary. I will work in the future will pay more attention to this point, to achieve the most perfect cooperation between colleagues and the state.

  In short, into the I do not regret the choice, but also I am proud of the choice, during the internship, I experienced a failure also tasted success, made mistakes have been praised, this is the growth to go through every step. I am honored to join the company, but also very honored to grow with the company. I will summarize my shortcomings, to play my director, to continue to maximize the development of the company to do my best.

英文自我评价范文 篇4


  photoshop/illustrator/dream weaver等图形设计软件。擅长广告、平面设计。有一定的管理策划能力。


  I myself like art this profession, since high school I've been specializing in graphic design, unique design ideas, although I have not graduated, but I have mastered

  photoshop / illustrator / dream weaver and other graphic design software. Specializes in advertising, graphic design. There are certain management planning ability.

  I love creative, advertising work and achieved some success in practice.My four years of professional learning for me in this industry has laid a solid foundation, I am confident that your company's qualified creative work.

英文自我评价范文 篇5

  Able to work efficiently, rigorous work, self-responsibility; having a sense of responsibility and commitment; good at learning has a strong ability to adapt to new technologies have great enthusiasm, willing to accept new challenges with a team spirit and collective sense of honor; do there are some innovative things.


英文自我评价范文 篇6

  Since the work, in the company under the leadership of the careful guidance, through their own continuous efforts, whether ideological, learning or work, have made considerable development and huge gains.

  Strong sense of responsibility, strong ability of adaptability, attentive attitude, with more than * years of financial management experience and * years of accounting firm management experience, good coordination and communication skills, good at communication, with a certain leadershipAbility, in character, honesty and trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness, humility, optimism; in the business, with overall business processing and good professional judgment ability, good at financial analysis, proficient in financial tax system, can complete the financial work independently.Familiar with the use of national tax, land tax, finance, banking, industry and commerce, statistical statements and anti-counterfeit tax control software, skilled use of computers to solve financial problems.

  I think it is a responsible, positive, hard-working people, because like English, so engaged in the work, hoping to use their own learning to work to improve their own at the same time, bring benefits to the company! And in the work summary is good at finding their own shortcomings and efforts to correct.

  Three years of business sales to teach me the basic concept of communication with others, smiling others, in good faith to be. In order to have a better practice platform, I will continue to exercise to improve themselves and I hope to use my beautiful youth, to ignite the surrounding every guest for our cause dedication, progress, a better tomorrow.

英文自我评价范文 篇7

  Good command of computer skills:familiar with different versions of Windows OS and Office application software,obtained some experience and understanding about other widely-used software like Photoshop and Dreamwaver。


  Completed all the courses in the specialized field,obtaining good command of theoretic knowledge and experimental skill;Very adaptable and good at learning ;I won the national first-class scholarship。


  Easygoing and congenial,with a strong sense of responsibility and good team-spirit。


  Fluent in oral English,with fairly good of reading and writing ability;Speaking authentic Mandarin-Chinese。


  Ability to work independent1y,mature and resourcefu1.


英文自我评价范文 篇8

  本人热爱生活,性格开朗活泼,乐观向上,乐于助人,乐于进取,积极勤奋,有团队精神,拥有充实的专业知识,也有独立的思维能力,工作态度认真,乐于与人交往,对艺术有着浓厚的兴趣,从小热爱绘画,热爱设计,在校期间曾参加过班级和校园的绘画展览,手绘能力强,熟练cad, 3d max,


  I love life, cheerful and lively, optimistic, helpful and willing to be proactive and hardworking, team player, with substantial expertise, but also independent thinking ability, work attitude, happy with people of art has a strong interest, childhood love of painting, love the design, during the school had participated in the exhibition of paintings campus classes and strong drawing skill, skilled cad, 3d max,

  photoshop, coreldraw and other design software have some relevant work experience, many large-scale painting interior renderings, my blog has its own design 3d renderings. hopes to become a major part of business, be sure to do their future ability to your business a force.

英文自我评价范文 篇9

  自入学以来,一直遵守学校的各项规章制度,具有良好的思想道德品质,各方面表现优秀。有强烈的集体荣誉感和工作责任心,坚持实事求事的原则。 本人思想端正,能吃苦耐劳,有崇高的理想和伟大的目标,注重个人道德修养,养成良好的生活作风,乐于助人,关心国家大事。

  Since admission, we have complied with the rules and regulations of the school, have good moral quality, excellent performance in all aspects.We have a strong collective sense of honor and sense of responsibility, adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts. I correct thinking, hard working, have lofty ideals and great goals, the importance of personal moral cultivation, develop good lifestyle, helpful, concerned about national affairs.

英文自我评价范文 篇10

  The new year began, we proudly look forward to the future, it is necessary to work over the past year to do a review, summarize the lessons of the past, in order to stay in the new year has improved.From entering the company since, with the help of leaders and colleagues in the department, I successfully completed the task of work. During work colleagues to help each other, to take care of me and I am work started quickly. Our development speed is very fast, from the project, research and development, production and working methodically one go to complete development projects. I know I have many shortcomings, there are many need to improve next year, I will try to do a good job, active learning to improve their design standards and better services company. During operation in also summarizes some of the benefits:

  1, the harvest of the leadership and colleagues of care and help, let me well into the family. 2, in a new job, there is a new challenge, a new experience, at work let me know the difference before different way of thinking, design, interactive, and more perfect understanding of my UI design.

  3, experience from requirements, project, design, development, production and operation mode under this set of processes. To be enterprising: 1, product knowledge is not deep enough: the performance in the product groups, product environment, product advantages and disadvantages 2, the user needs to operate, habits have not done an effective depth research. 3, the product does not operate well in conjunction with the environment, users expect the company to analyze the state of the visual area can increase the intensity of this one, visual and hardware products are competitive, today's referendum interactive era, the manufacturing process the average, the cheapest way to enhance the competitiveness of products is visually enhanced. We hope that the company will give designers provide more training opportunities in a professional. Some of the industry's top designers to participate in lectures; thinking more of collision and discussions in order to produce the perfect product.Can scientific working time arrangements.

  The company can offer some products after the People First product combines Internet trends, the level of R & D can improve the lives of ordinary products. Such as smart dressed, smart home products in this area, the demand is greater than the life of industrial demand, many Internet companies and manufacturing companies, to enter the market of intelligent life. We should follow the market trend, the use of our company's strengths to create more market competitiveness. After work I want to keep a good attitude, fearing neither hardship nor tired, hard working, pay a little complaining, do their own work. In previous work which there are insufficient for correcting the shortcomings of the past, lessons learn from the best, analyze the causes of failure and lack of work which, before the war to prepare for next year's work! Efforts to improve the design level, professional knowledge and expression ability to provide sound design, to create common mechanism involved in the discussion, and strive to achieve complete each program, things look good, more exchanges.

英文自我评价范文 篇11

  The new year, we earnestly implement the specific requirements of five lines, combined with the actual center, specifically to carry out the following work "lean production management, 5s on-site management activities, safe and clean production, conduct activities, team management activities" to strengthen the training of team members,increase awareness. Take the lead in learning and the acquisition of knowledge about the team culture. Through study and training, so that the team clearly carried the team culture function, clear the Significance team culture, defined by guiding the team culture, incentives and constraints effect, to enhance the team staff cohesion and solidarity, so that the enthusiasm of the masses of workers and creativity to give maximize, to promote the integration and implementation team and business goals. Team overhaul I use spare time to organize team conducted a study, and were asked to learn after the great debate, and write on the "lean production management" understanding, from staff to discuss the results point of view, in terms of "lean production management "understanding, or from their own ideology, they have been greatly improved, especially to make them feel tract, lean production, the primary consciousness, with the consciousness of innovation and improvement to be able to drive their lean production find ways to improve the course of the activity, and thus to achieve the target improvement.

  Measures to develop the system, team building summary, on the basis of investigation and study on the proposed team building ideas, and then to corporate team building team from the Safety Culture Construction to the corporate team-building, we focus on "excellence, the pursuit of excellence" spirit, proposed a "study hard, beyond the self," the learning concept, "concerned about security, love life", "life first, safe for the day," the security concept, "excellence, Yong-class struggle" the quality of ideas, a clear "zero accidents, dangerous and unpredictable full participation "of the security principle, to further enhance the quality of the workforce, standardize basic management team, corporate culture so firmly founded on team culture.

  In the future we want to pay close attention to team work in conjunction, find support team building. Summary of the work team building team-building activities must be attached to the cultural daily work. We first find the right way, from four aspects, the ideological and cultural team building and spiritual civilization, maintain employee education campaign and the ideological and political work, theoretical study and work combine to continuously enrich and deepen; the construction of safety culture and safety evaluation of the implementation of the combination, the establishment of large security mechanisms; continuously improve the theoretical knowledge of the workers and professional and technical level; Lean production system cultural construction with the company for a combination of the control standards, find deficiencies and improve my team membersexecution, team building norms.

英文自我评价范文 篇12

  Has a strong user research, market analysis, the Chinese users of social form, way of life has a wealth of understanding and unique views on the color, material feel delicate and sensitive, with color, material, surface treatment research and trend analysis Ability to understand the color of contemporary China has a deep understanding and their own point of view; to accurately grasp the social culture, fashion trends, the Chinese modern society and traditional cultural backgrounds have a careful study and profound understanding of the design work is full of enthusiasm, Strong design capability, design a wide range of products.

  Familiar with the basic knowledge of clothing production, understand the theory of human structure, the clothing fabric, accessories have sufficient understanding of the nature, proficient in garment production process and technology, cost structure. Familiar with the clothing business orders orders single process, production scheduling process, the production process, inspection procedures standards.Hands-deep skills, work enthusiasm, passionate, helpful, strong communication skills, with innovative thinking, a team spirit and can withstand greater work pressure.

英文自我评价范文 篇13

  Since participating in the work unit, as duties during the leadership has been unanimously approved and praised. I firmly adhere to the Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the 'Three Represents' and the party and the principles and policies, with the lofty ideal of communism and socialism with Chinese characteristics, firm confidence in the ideological, organizational , The action has always been consistent with the Party Central Committee.

  Learning, I can do since the increase in pressure, serious study, diligent thinking, pragmatic. Adhere to the theory with practice, and actively participate in party branch organization of learning and various training activities, and constantly improve their own literacy.

  Work, I am serious and responsible, pragmatic work hard, pragmatic, and strengthen the sense of purpose of serving the people, correct work attitude, do their work, make full use of their knowledge and broaden their business knowledge and play to their strengths. And strive to learn knowledge, keep up with the pace of progress of the times, learning with the combination, can work effectively solve problems for the masses, and continuously enhance the ability to serve the people, to better serve the people.

  Style, I can consciously abide by the party discipline and integrity and integrity of the provisions of the guidelines, in the work life, self-discipline, act in an open and aboveboard, life Qingqingbaibai, life Tanzania swing, do the self-respect, self-reflection.

  I know their own shortcomings and the direction of the effort, is now engaged in the flow of the industry, but also with the steel, iron, drawings, to Jinzhou Port, I know their own shortcomings and the direction of the effort,Mechanical management. Now I really like my job, but I know that their experience and experience are inadequate, practice is also very flawed, but do not know I asked, and more access to information, colleagues in the office and leadership of the Help, feel that they learn a lot these days, every day is full. Now the work of these days to do a self-assessment.

  First, the attitude in the professional, everyone has a motivated heart, I not only work for the company, I work for themselves, I believe I can do a good job, there is a very hot heart, a pair of very hard-working hands. On the one hand I should not rigidly adhere to some things, to be good at breakthroughs, creative ideas, but also to the overall situation, the team as the most important, can not be too personal. And then later in the process of doing things to pay attention to the method, so as to make work more efficient, reduce unnecessary overtime, things will do better.

  2. In the professional field, I have been working in Jinzhou since the beginning of my career. With the help of my colleagues, I have gained more and more knowledge through professional efforts and work experience.

  3, review these days, I seriously study the port machinery expertise, and actively participate in job training, and wholeheartedly, courteous, warm, patiently answer the problems in the work, and in practice continue to improve their quality and professional standards, And strive to grow into a qualified staff. These days, let me on their own jobs and the company's advantages of resources, have a more profound understanding and understanding, which can be more quickly adapt to their jobs, give full play to their initiative.

  In the future work and life, I believe that through their own efforts, in the future work, I will grow into a professional and responsible staff, and strive to become the object of learning others, to contribute to the Jinzhou Port. With the increase in their working days, but also want to work as a formal staff in the work here, to achieve their goals, reflect their value in life, and the company grow together. I will use the humble attitude and full of enthusiasm to do my job, create value for the company, with the company to look forward to a better future!

英文自我评价范文 篇14

  The ups and downs of the real estate market turmoil, the company in and joint venture company, to complete the sales work. During this time, I actively cooperate with the company's employees, sales for the purpose of the company under the guidance of the leadership to complete the development of operating prices, before the Spring Festival planned to complete the advertising campaign for the sales climax The foundation.And finally the month to complete the contract amount million good results and ended. After the baptism of this enterprise, comrades from a lot of expertise, so that all aspects of their own all improved.

  In the future I should seriously sum up, timely reflection, and more to others to learn, so that their continuous progress, increasingly perfect. So that they become an elite in the field of sales, and the company common development and create a better future!

英文自我评价范文 篇15

  Proficient in modern enterprise personnel management and has a profound theory of personnel administration

  7 years of experience in the personnel administration manager, good long to the concept of corporate management staff cohesion, creativity, self-discipline ability to tap and develop. )

  Familiar with the development and management of modern enterprise human resources, to develop a good policy to adapt to the unit to attract talented people to join, to plan a good training mechanism for enterprises continue to nurture talent, objective and reasonable incentives can be developed for enterprises to retain Outstanding talents. (Convinced that the competition is the talent market competition)

  Is learning. Hard-working staff. Be hardworking and responsible, be good at innovation, dare to meet challenges, dare to take responsibility, and have strong energy to work. Full of passion for work. Emphasize teamwork.

  Member of International Association for Project Management (IPMA), Member of the American Management Association (AMA) and Member of the China Project Management Research Institute, and obtained the qualification of Business Administration and Human Resource Management from the Ministry of Personnel.

  I am cheerful, optimistic, warm and easy-going; with entrepreneurial spirit and team spirit, good coordination and communication skills and strong practical ability; adaptable, positive; have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility so that I can face all the difficulties And challenges; and constantly improve their work to adapt to the needs of the work. Proficiency in computer office software.

  I have a strong interest in English, law secretarial, administrative clerks, administrative assistants, etc., but also willing to challenge other work of nature

  2. Have a good ability to adapt to the environment, adaptability and teamwork; work rigorous and patient, with good professional conduct, obey the instructions and arrangements

  3. Attach importance to the strength of teamwork, take the initiative to communicate with partners, in continuous learning and practical exercises to improve their professional quality, self-realization

  4. Good at handling, find problems, clear objectives, more efficient

英文自我评价范文 篇16

  I have a solid accounting expertise, can independently complete the company's daily accounting treatment, carry forward the profit and loss, accounting costs, tax payment, afterwards, reimbursement, etc., the professional courses have achieved excellent results, and two consecutiveFamiliar with the gold disc, UF, office, VFP, network design and other software operations; foreign language level is better, with a certain degree of English dialogue, reading, reading, reading, reading, reading, writing, Ability, to obtain CET-4; I social skills, good interpersonal skills, adaptability, learning ability, a serious and responsible work, honest and trustworthy, warm and generous, with good moral character; years of service cadres so I have Strong ability to work, organize, manage and communicate. I am willing to do their best for the company's development and work hard!

英文自我评价范文 篇17

  Time rush, I feel between 20xx has quietly waved to us. Looking back a year of work and life, sentiment. Usually busy, there is not much time and opportunity to sit down and sum up their work done, all year round, Jing Xiaxin to sum up the work of one year gains and losses, find their own deficiencies, for the coming year to do the work arrangements and plans, is Very necessary. On this year's work I make a summary as follows:

  First, to strengthen learning, focus on practice

  In my daily work, I earnestly listen to the master's experience, make a record, and personally in the work practice, so that the continuous learning experience, pro-practice level of work has been improved. For example, in the process of repair gas cabinet inlet valve, although tired, but through hands-on, with the eyes, from the leadership that learning to single-action cylinder disassembly method and the cylinder, piston structure, mode of action. After the maintenance of the gas cabinet inlet valve I have a more single-acting actuator of a deeper understanding.

  Second, sum up experience and improve efficiency

  There are a lot of repetitive problems in the daily work, if we do the daily summary, solve the problem will be more with less. For example, after two years of experience we summarized the need to insulation area of the instrument area in winter the specific circumstances of a winter instrument this year, the staff for the need to heat insulation instruments to take measures to achieve good results, the instrument is running very normal. In 20xx I will continue to sum up experience, improve work efficiency, ensure smooth and successful completion of the work.

  Third, unity, good coordination In 20xx, the relationship between colleagues increasingly close, the class work together to complete the task, after get off work, a piece of entertainment, we feel that between the enhancement of the intersection and friendship. In 20xx I will be more efforts to do their own, let me and my colleagues further relations.

  Fourth, to find the lack of excellence

  When I finished my work in 20xx, I saw my weaknesses. First: Some questions on the specious, understanding is not deep. For example, the Siemens locator and aw series of actuators are not familiar enough to find a good problem. Solution: After the summary of information, make a record of each step of the solution to the problem summed down, repeated view.

  Second: the software is not commonly used unfamiliar. Performance in the use of PACTware, accidental use completely forgotten steps, had to re-find the information. Solution: summary of information, often view, improve familiarity, so that the next time you need to work in handy!

  In short, a year to achieve certain results, but compared with their own requirements, there are still some gaps, I will work in the future continue to work to overcome and improve.

英文自我评价范文 篇18

  20xx draws to a close, look at their own work over the past year, summed up a year of gains and losses, have mixed feelings. Over the past year, I was interested in their own work, strict demands on themselves, put themselves in a position to work and keep "humble", "caution", "self-disciplined" attitude. In the care, cultivation and colleagues to help support the leadership, always study hard, work hard and improve themselves and always hard-working, serious tasks, fulfill their duties. As a security guard, but in my mind, Hublot is my home district, leadership is my parents, my colleagues are my brothers and sisters, cell thing is my own business, I want to carefully guard my home, so it is in a safe environment to thrive. I understand that as a family member, a security guard, "guard cell guard my house," the responsibility.

  Security is a special and hazardous work great, but I do not therefore fear, fear. Remember celebrity once said, "We are not working for the boss, but not simply to make money, I was working for their dreams for their great work in the future. We can only improve their performance in the middle." Therefore, we We must uphold the serious work attitude, do a good job every day seems plain, to get, to do the whole.Resolutely fulfill superiors to each of our mission, so that the leaders do not worry.

  Under the leadership of Li sector, this year we successfully completed tasks, get a live / tenant satisfaction, but also got approval from the leadership. Our work this year is more complicated year, there are live decoration construction / tenants, staff and out of many and complex, plus that due to the current financial crisis and a wave of increasingly exacerbated by the current form of serious law and order, which are on our increased work pressure, in this case we have strengthened supervision and registration for access to personnel, construction workers, strengthen patrol building efforts, the complete elimination of the accident in the bud, to ensure the safety of the community.

  In his spare time, in the department of deployment, we conducted physical training security guards, including the queue training, military boxing and so on. Completion is expected to adhere to the goal, the quality and quantity to complete the training program, I too complained and the players at the beginning, that this is nothing all day long training necessary, but in the end I know I will have an overall strong business skills and strong physical quality, no training hard critical moment how we can play "idea that day, military forces temporary" role? so we have been insisting.

  As a firefighter or security obligations, this year several training in fire safety and emergency response plan when the fire department organization, can seriously study records, master fire of knowledge, combined with the district's fire-fighting equipment, facilities, regularorganizers inspections and maintenance of equipment, to the "prevention first, combining anti-consumer" approach to ensure that live / tenant and security of life and property.

  Among my working life in the year are summarized as follows:

  1, and resolutely obey the leadership, seriously understand and implement the company's management policies and instructions, and to implement job practical work and always maintain the company's interests first.

  2, seriously and resolutely fulfill various tasks departments to actively assist the competent team to do their daily work, and for team building advice.

  3, not afraid of hardship involved in the work, heavy responsibilities, the initiative to find work, so that "eye wash, mouth wash, keen and, Tuiqin" actively adapt to the difficult environment, hone their will in heavy work, increase their abilities; and the courage to find and correct their own shortcomings in work, mistakes, and constantly adjust their way of thinking and working methods, proposed a phased and higher learning objectives, the constant pursuit of greater progress.

  4, to enhance learning and practice, continue to accumulate, the courage to open up. In the theoretical study at the same time pay attention to pay attention to learning, correct attitude towards learning, improve learning efficiency, and strive to develop their own solid theoretical foundation, the right ideas, pragmatic style of work, meticulous organizational skills, resourcefulness analytical skills, courageous their capabilities , a wide range of social skills; and studious, continually ask the competent authorities to learn, to learn their successful experience, continue to spur their own so they have to learn the direction and goals.

  5, adhere to the "prevention first, combining anti-consumer" approach fire, improve firefighting equipment inspection and maintenance measures, and to strengthen the training of the fire of knowledge, raise awareness of fire prevention, fire-fighting equipment to master the method of operation, to ensure safety.

  These are the aspects I did well in the year, throughout the year the work of objective self-analysis, she also has the following shortcomings, urge correction and criticism of the leadership, to stay in the future work to further strengthen and correct .

  1, the work which has lax.

  2, relevant work experience and knowledge management needs further study, accumulation.

  20xx about the past, we will be enthusiastically welcomed 20xx years, a new year means new opportunities and new challenges. "At present flowers wins the past, was expected tomorrow to spend more red," I firmly believe that under the leadership of the company's wise decision tomorrow will be better, as part of the company, in which I work next year will continue to serve for the company the growing their contribution to a modest force.

英文自我评价范文 篇19

  I am cheerful, warm and generous, with good oral expression, good communication with others, have a certain organization, management, work carefully, bold, able to positive thinking and innovation. I am in college, has served as the class secretary, the Department of Student Union Officer, after the work of active, as the College Student Work-study Assistant Minister, and founded the school marketing association concurrently president, for the future work planning, hope that they can step by step Footprints become the company's management talent.

  After graduation into enterprises and institutions engaged in management work, while increasing their own experience in enterprise management, which seriously work in the enterprise, through their own efforts and leadership to help guide, for the main department staff.

  Although I do not have any social experience, but I self-reliance, hard work, take seriously the study, to master the solid professional skills, strong adaptability and learning ability. In order to accumulate experience, work proactively, can communicate well with people, have a strong team spirit and spirit of service, I believe I can become the company's outstanding employees.

英文自我评价范文 篇20

  Professional skills, solid, subjects in the average score of 85 points or more.Self-learning ability; responsibility heavy, cheerful, open-minded, things are toughness; organization and team work ability, with a certain degree of innovation; work pragmatic serious and excellence.

  I can work hard, studious, have a stronger hands-on ability, adaptability, a strong team spirit ... learned a lot about the mechanical design knowledge, know some of the manufacturing process, hoping to work through strengthening and Enhance my manufacturing process knowledge structure.Hope that one day in the machinery industry to make a little contribution to the design of products in line with market requirements, hoping to start from the technicians, with an open mind to learn, and slowly accumulate experience for the future dream of the struggle. In the university three years of learning process, not only let me learn professional knowledge, more importantly, let me learn how to get along with people, how to convince people ... ... I believe your trust and my strength will bring us To the common success!

  I am enthusiastic and easygoing, live wave and cheerful, with enterprising spirit and team spirit, strong adaptability and good coordination and communication skills; flexible mind, strong psychological quality, the problem can be rational analysis of new things have a strong acceptance The ability to learn and work effectively during the school, the system master the mechanical design, rolling machinery theory, metal pressure processing, plastic deformation theory and other relevant theory, skilled office operations and computer maintenance, good at CAD drawings. In order to improve themselves, to adapt to the needs of the work. So I hope to find a job with their own knowledge structure, or non-direct marketing category of work, can prove themselves, while developing their own business to create value!

  I can work hard, studious, have a strong practical ability, adaptable, have a strong sense of initiative and sense of responsibility, can work under pressure, a strong team spirit ... learn a lot about machinery, mold designKnowledge, familiar with the manufacturing process, hoping to work to strengthen and improve my design ideas. Hope that one day in the design industry to make a little contribution to the design of products in line with market requirements. Humbly learning, and slowly accumulate experience for the future dream of the struggle. In the university as a learning member of the learning process, not only let me learn professional knowledge, more importantly, let me learn how to get along with people, how to convince people ... ... I believe your trust and my strength will be for us Bring common success!

  Mechanical engineering (such as transmission shaft, gear, bearing classification, pulley, with, transmission, materials, etc.), mechanical manufacturing (such as heat treatment, thermal processing (such as heat treatment), mechanical engineering , Mechanical processing, etc.) and other professional courses. In the university curriculum, mechanical design and mechanical manufacturing (thermal processing, heat treatment and machining) two courses of examination scores of 80 points or more. In addition, the systematically self-taught two classic American mechanical textbooks "Mechanical engineering design" and "Manufacturing process for engineering materials" (4th Edition) can also be more skilled operation of CAD, especially for foreign mechanical design and mechanical manufacturing Process quite research