班级英文自我评价 篇1

  A semester, I carefully prepare lessons, classes, lectures, observation and evaluation, timely correcting homework, commenting on the job, good job after school, broad range of all kinds of knowledge, formed a relatively complete knowledge structure, the stringent requirements of students, respect for students, promote teaching democracy, so that students learning anything, so as to continuously improve their teaching level and political consciousness, and the successful completion of education and teaching tasks. What is my job to identify themselves: First, to improve the quality of teaching, the key is Shanghao lesson. To Shanghao lesson, I did the following work: pre-class preparation. Prepare lessons: serious study materials for teaching the basic idea, basic concept, every word, every word clear, understand the structure of materials, important and difficult to master knowledge and logic, and can use it freely, to know what should be added information on how to teach; understand the quality of students' prior knowledge and skills, and their interests, needs, methods, habits, learning new knowledge which might be difficult to take appropriate preventive measures; consider teaching, has been how to solve teach students to master the teaching materials, including teaching how to organize, how to organize the activities of each lesson.

  The situation in the classroom. Organize the classroom teaching, attention to all students, pay attention to feedback, mobilize students conscious attention, it remained relatively stable, at the same time, to stimulate students' emotions, so that they have a pleasant state of mind, to create a good classroom atmosphere, classroom language clear and concise to overcome the previous repeated problems, ask questions in class for all students, pay attention to trigger students' interest in learning mathematics classroom practice with speaking, a good layout homework, job concise, to reduce the burden on students.

  Second, we must improve the quality of teaching, but also to do after school work. Pupils love animals, fun, lack of self-control, often in the study could not finish the job, and some students copying work. In response to this problem, grasp the students' ideological education, and to carry out this work to the study guide for students to go, but also good for students counseling and help to work, especially in the underachiever transformation of backward students strive to be friendly and from the beginning, for example, shook his hand, touch his head, or help organize clothes. Praise from the start, all of them eager to get others to understand and respect, so that when poor students and talk about his situation, the idea represents a profound understanding and respect, as well as prior to criticize the students, to talk about his lack of work .

  Then actively participate in lectures, observation and evaluation, with an open mind to peer learning teaching method, absorbing, improve the teaching level.

  Finally, develop a variety of interests, to the library to read, continuously widening knowledge for teaching content to inject fresh blood.

  In this ever-changing society, the parties face more demanding the quality of teachers, teaching in the future work, I will be more strict with themselves, work hard, promote the advantages and disadvantages of corrections, forge ahead for a better future contributions own strength.

班级英文自我评价 篇2

  Classmate cautious man truthfulness, kindness and harmony, helpful, strong collective sense of honor; requirements actively thinking progress, take the initiative to the party submitted an application to join the party, and adhere to the ideological report; good learning attitude and aggressive, year after year results progress; Sports sports great expertise, in the last two athletic meets 100m, 200m, 4 * 100m projects are highlighted, has been rated as "advanced individual sports"; when any committee propaganda propaganda, painting and slowly developed into Long, won the "propaganda advanced individual"; his personal ability to significantly strengthen independent life. The student is "Zhenjiang City art collective," the major contributor, is a qualified graduates.

  Students usually treat people with the group and friendly, united students, interpersonal; the Health, Labor and enthusiastic, able to endure hardship, not afraid of tired, had been "active labor molecule"; learning attitude, always forward; there is little expertise in terms of publicity, Peugeot write Marketer, handsome pen words, as "propaganda advanced individual"; when any wind shift supervisors, the ability to be suffering from something very good exercise. The student is "in Zhenjiang City advanced collective" an important contributor, is a qualified graduates.

  Students sincere and earnest man, exercise self-discipline, respect teachers, unite students, full of politeness; learning attitude, always forward, he won the "Learning Progress Award"; enthusiastic class events, take part in group activities, class cadres have been involved in the campaign; personal independent self-care, self-reliance and improve obviously been suffering from exercise; hand pen writing write more beautiful, significant progress. The student is "in Zhenjiang City advanced collective" an important contributor, is a qualified graduates.

班级英文自我评价 篇3

  The students motivated and have high standards set strict demands on themselves. Studious, outstanding performance began, among the best academic performance in class. Not only professional knowledge has been covered, but also be able to explore their own learning, and adhere to independent thinking, learning problems can publish their own relatively unique insight. Dear teachers, united students, harmonious relationship with the students. Actively participate in class activities organized by a certain degree of organizational skills and ability, he is an outstanding students.

  Thought enthusiastically claim progress, take the initiative to the party submitted to join the party application, and adhere to the ideological report; character cheerful, warm-hearted, good with people, individual conservation is good, full of politeness; learning hard work, forge ahead, in recent years progress, the results in the upper reaches level; the logo more solid professional knowledge, take the computer to suffer at the national level certificates; enthusiastic public, concerned about the collective, rich sense of justice, when he winds shift supervisors, the ability to be suffering from something good exercise and improve; loving publicity, drawing, singing, and focus on the development of expertise, in terms of literature and his teammates had won the third prize of the New Year Festival, it has been rated as "advanced personal entertainment." The student is "Zhenjiang City art collective," the main contributor is qualified graduates.

  Character quiet, warm-hearted, helpful, exercise self-discipline, personal conservation is good, full of polite, good relationships, has been named "living individuals"; labor of love, hard working, diligent work hard, had been "active labor molecule"; learning objectives of strong, high spontaneity, diligence, forge ahead, like a whole story, the whole story results in the upstream level, won the second grants and "good student"; professional knowledge, take the computer to suffer at the national level certificates; any members learning things heavy sense of responsibility, ambition, deep suffering teacher and the students agree; personal independent living also been suffering from a significant exercise and improve. The student is "Zhenjiang City art collective," the major contributor, is a qualified graduates.

班级英文自我评价 篇4

  My name is __, I have been working for __ for three months. I have succeeded, failed, joyful, and distressed in the past three months. Thanks to the support and guidance from my colleagues, , My ability to work has been greatly improved, now three months of work to do a self-assessment.

  1, Efforts to learn, and constantly improve the operational capacity. At work, conscientiously study business knowledge, continue to accumulate experience, and actively participate in learning and training, and constantly enrich themselves;

  2, abide by the rules and disciplines .3 months, their work is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, learning excellent staff approach, and earnestly completed the work of the job tasks;

  3, unity of colleagues, work together. Colleagues harmonious relationship, unity and fraternity, mutual help and mutual respect;

  4, due to their lack of work experience in the work of the lack of practical experience in handling user complaints, service work done not meticulous, this is my future direction.

  I have been working in the company since the help of my colleagues in the care, through personal efforts and work-related experience of the accumulation of knowledge continues to widen, the ability to work and work has made great progress.

  In the past 3 months, I have studied business training and actively participated in the job training. We are dedicated, courteous, enthusiastic, patiently answering questions, providing quality services to our customers, and constantly improving their quality and business level., Grow into a qualified salesperson.

  In the future work and life, I believe that through my efforts in the future work, I will grow into a good staff, strive to become the object of learning for __ units to contribute.

  I am a very straightforward person, whether it is doing things or a man, so what I say is true, there is no exaggeration. I have strong professional ability, professional knowledge is very solid, annual access to Dalian Medical University, advanced credit advanced individual title, and internships in the top three hospitals a year during the internship was the teacher's praise. Have a strong English ability, can carry out the general oral communication. Has a strong organizational capacity, many times during the school organized the collective class activities, have been students of praise.

班级英文自我评价 篇5

  Hello everybody, my name is Qi Huaiyuan, from the beautiful and vast fertile grasslands of Inner Mongolia, now studying at the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan).

  Childhood living atmosphere cultivate my stone-like character, simple but ordinary, my hobby dynamic and static. Sports like football, good run. Football run, I realized that in the face of failure, do not say-die; in the long run, I have come to understand not to lose faith, with perseverance, it will be with the outcome. Quiet when I like collecting stamps, Philatelic Association of Inner Mongolia was the youngest member, he is eligible to participate in the second autonomous exhibition Youth philately made me realize that the value of the collection lies in the fun and enjoy the beauty of the infinite: it can get rid of anguish of spirit, and feel the beauty of life; it can alleviate physical pain, it is healthy; it can make people feel relaxed and lively and full of fight. So, philately he gave me optimistic attitude towards life, a positive attitude is a great wealth of life, it is priceless.

  Love of learning in geography, participated in the National Geography Olympiad and won the second prize, went to participate in the self-enrollment dream long China University of Geosciences. Likes a sightseeing tour, prefer quiet secluded lakes and mountains, their favorite study of toponymy, has published a paper on the evolution of Inner Mongolia geographical names, nature gave me a big heart and good nature. Usually interested in computers, and, like the other boys, like to watch sports magazine, looked at 10 years of "Sports Weekly", ha ha, now continues.

  For the G20 volunteers, as a very ordinary college student, I quietly doing a volunteer, I was one of countless volunteers, we are using ordinary, small things in their own practice volunteers promise! do what we can, without remuneration, to help others, to serve the community! we are all silent devotees. In my life I have been acting as volunteer growth ladder. He came to the University or to engage in volunteer activities, volunteer associations in more volunteer experience to bring you the warmth and emotion. Attend school for the blind support education, the obligation to participate in selling newspapers, a key simple caring activities in my heart waves, help me grow, let me know Thanksgiving. In June 20xx very fortunate to participate in the Communist Youth League Hubei accompany blind to see the World Expo delegation visited the Expo together with blind children, together with them I realized that the people strong and unyielding, and come to understand their fate struggle, they gave me a lot of growing and moving, and I also appreciate the role of volunteers in our growing activities. This time, to Hangzhou G20 summit, I hope to bring more of our volunteer spirit, volunteers carry forward the spirit, so that "give roses, hand left lingering fragrance" filled in the hearts of more people


  从小生活的氛围培养出我石头般的性格, 朴实而又平凡,我的爱好动静结合。运动中喜欢足球,擅长长跑。在足球的奔跑中,我体会到在失败面前,不会言败;在长跑中,我体会到了不要失去信心,只要坚持不懈,就终会有成果的。安静的时候我喜欢集邮,当时是内蒙古集邮协会年龄最小的会员,参加自治区邮展获青少年组第二名,集邮让我体会到,收藏的价值就在于享受快乐,享受快乐妙处无穷:它可以驱除心灵上的痛苦,让人感到生活的美好;它可以减轻肉体痛苦,令人健康;它可以让人感到轻松活泼而焕发斗志。所以,集邮给了我乐观的生活态度,乐观的心态是人生的一大财富,它是无价的。