个人情况及英文自我评价 篇1

  Two years, oneself always keep promising mental state, obey leadership, pay

  attention to the interests, who, pragmatic and hard work. As the deputy leader, the assigned by the general manager work, never bargain, accomplishing; To one's weight active treatment, and strive to complete, do neither offside, and to reach the designated position, more not dereliction of duty; In the same group several other comrades work coordination, do it with sincerity, teach and learn. In honesty and self-discipline, can according to ranking and the party committee about the leading cadre the provisions of honesty and self-discipline, high standard, strict requirement, carefully regulate behavior in politics, and consciously accept supervision, always do self-respect, from cheng ZiJing, self-excitation.

  Through more than two years of work discipline, in the work they can do clear thinking, highlight, clear responsibility, administrative resumption ability on a new level: one is to cultivate their overcoming difficulties, overcome difficulties spirit. In a positive state of mind to respond and handle in the work the difficulties and

  problems emerging in the, overcome the previous work in fear of impatience and mood. The second is to improve the responsibility of courage and ability. In the work to do justice, fair, when anything crops up to be responsible to responsible for, not pursuing work don't expect, don't shuffle don't pass the buck. Three is to further improve the overall situation, their overall global, pay attention to the interests of the ability to further realize the importance of unity and cooperation. Unity setting hearts meet force, unity out energy, unite a result, in the work cherish the chance work, conscientiously strengthen unity and cooperation. Four is to improve their internal and external relations coordination and deal with major question ability. According to the superior arrangement, and puts forward the train of thought, the implementation of the project, and pay attention to solve problems, to carry out the implementation.

  1, vigorously promotes the campus environment greening health "window" construction, carefully clean campus every inch of the land, scientific maintenance every tree flowers and trees, and strive for teachers and students to create an elegant, clean and beautiful life learning environment, for the school won the "national model green unit" and liaocheng successfully created the "national health city" has made a positive contribution.

  2, to the patriotic health responsibility to the division and adjustment, and in every college health responsibility area setting the health division of mobilize all the teachers and students to participate in the campus management and the construction of campus's enthusiasm.

  3, to achieve the school put forward by greening greening construction to beautify the leap, implement the way increase green and flowers and plants to adorn engineering, enrich the school greening plant variety and level, improve the campus beautification level, make the landscape layout, beautification effect is more outstanding, has received the very good environment effect and social repercussions.

  4, conscientiously carry out teaching building, laboratory building management and clean, good service for the teaching affairs. And the academic administration actively contact, close cooperation, successfully held the first and the second classroom building management appraisal recognition work, powerful promotes the floor tube work to go into another new step.

个人情况及英文自我评价 篇2

  Through two years of administrative work, training a comprehensive and strong ability to work, good character and good shape, honest and pragmatic man, a serious and responsible work, a team spirit with strong organizational, communication, production collaboration, ; Adhere to the principle of strict work style, a high sense of responsibility.

  Personality straightforward, optimistic, self-confidence I, Tanzanian people, work seriously, accept and understand, love to sing, listen to music, climbing, reading, writing diaries. For their own things to do will be dedicated to their due diligence to do its best, no matter in any environment can use the shortest time to adapt.

  Good communication, good communication skills, have done real estate in Shanghai, had a good performance, independence and strong, love the sales industry optimistic, generous and cheerful, warm and pragmatic; sincere; serious and responsible work, with hard work, hard work The spirit of struggle; adaptable, have good organizational coordination ability; good at continuous learning and summary, absorption ability; thinking, quick thinking, not rigidly, there is a strong sense of innovation; in earnest life, The principle of work to live; have a positive attitude towards life and a wide range of interests and hobbies; a certain degree of artistic cells and creativity, focus on teamwork and collective ideas.

个人情况及英文自我评价 篇3

  Four years of college life is coming to an end, looking back in the past, feeling a lot. There is laughter there is sadness, there are failures.Everything is a valuable asset. As a student, and strive to learn at the same time, always to improve their overall quality as the goal, to self-all-round development as the direction of efforts to establish a correct outlook on life, values and world view, accumulation of knowledge and skills. As a worker, fade students of Sentimental, assume the responsibility of a post, not the slightest careless, dedicated is a worker should have the attitude. In this transition from student to worker, I had four years of preparation for thinking, studying, working and living.

  In the ideological and moral, freshman began to actively join the party, to move closer to the party, a candidate for party members; love the motherland, love the people, watching the central news station, always pay attention to national and world news, when to see food safety issues I feel very small, but only continuous efforts to learn and enhance self-ability in order to achieve self-worth, change everything, to help more people in need. "The Chinese people, the world's largest gold medal, He also participated in the opening ceremony of the Asian Paralympic Games in Guangzhou to show the Chinese style to the world and the Asian people. He was very proud and pride. He was also an unforgettable experience. He laughed too hard, but worth it.

  In the professional learning, learning is the accounting, is the study of financial activities and cost information collection, classification, synthesis, analysis and interpretation based on the formation of decision-making information systems to effectively manage the economy of an applied discipline, But also an important management disciplines. China's senior financial officers are scarce and international financial personnel are also scarce. Therefore, it is my goal to study how to improve business management and decision-making through analysis of financial statements and business operations. In practice, verify the theoretical knowledge, experience profound truth. University through the National English forty-six examination, the National Computer Examination II, freshman sophomore took the scholarship, and worked hard. Now has been struggling to constantly improve themselves.

  In the internship work, serious and responsible, practical work hard, do not understand the local humbly to the competent colleagues to ask, good at thinking, good notes, daily study notes, writing weekly experience, insist on recording the work bit, sum up experience. The use of knowledge learned to the specific work, the quality and quantity to complete the task, careful patience is a qualified financial personnel with the quality, I will always insist, although usually Datailielie, but work together, facing the data can not be the slightest Sloppy, nor the slightest eagerness, the Chinese Tai Chi Road in the financial staff who can be the ultimate reflection. In the group to help each other, have a good team spirit and communication skills, and co-director of harmony.

  In your life, you can go shopping with friends in your spare time, take a break when you're alone, or go for a jog in the park, take a walk and relax, sometimes enjoy a book and a cup of tea. Or look at fashion magazines, science and technology news. Simple and not ordinary life.

  Cherish the past, to grasp now, with a spirit of positive and enterprising, in order to achieve their own ideals and make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of the future of the University of the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States,

个人情况及英文自我评价 篇4

  A blind man has lost one-third of his chances of success; a deaf person loses one-third of his chances; a mute will lose one-third of his chances of success. If, a blind and deaf and dumb people, he left many successful chances? The answer is cruel. But, it is such a set of deaf blind blind man in one, created this ordinary people think can not happen miracle. She is Helen Keller.

  "Helen Keller autobiography" describes in detail the Helen a step by step from the dark world to the bright difficult course, this is a course of what ah? Full of countless bitterness, difficulties and setbacks, but also how much courage and perseverance to face, how much patience to adhere to ah! And she did, and won the attention of the world. When the tragic fate of her staged, she was brutally pushed into the endless darkness. This, for any one person, can not be said to be a fatal blow. I am afraid that most people in this catastrophe, will choose to give up, give up hope of life, give up the dream, give up their own, blindly let their depression go on. And Helen, with their tenacious perseverance and tenacity of faith, and Sally text teacher's teaching and support, miraculously experienced many ordinary people can not imagine setbacks, ups and downs, always with optimism, strong attitude to face life, face On life, and ultimately achieved success. She, with their own practical actions to prove to the world: a miracle is there. Yes, the miracle is there! Sullivan teacher's arrival, so that Allen saw the hope and saw a miracle. Since then, Sally text teacher step by step guide her to the bright, to a miracle. It can be said that Sally text teacher selfless and broad love, the achievements of Helen, Helen created a miracle of life.

  Read "Helen Keller autobiography", I was deeply impressed by the spirit of Helen. She not only created a miracle of the blind, but also created the ordinary people can not and the miracle. She will be bright to each of the same unyielding to the fate of the cruel people, her success stories, making those living in the dark world of hope to see the light, but also inspired the "blessing in the blessings of the" Let us understand the meaning and value of life, so that we are more treat life, cherish life.Helen's influence on the world is extensive and far-reaching, as the famous American writer Mark Twain said that the 19th century out of two outstanding figures, one is Napoleon, one is Helen Keller!

个人情况及英文自我评价 篇5

  I called , units have been working for three months, in the past three months of work, there are successful, there are failures, there is joy, but also upset. In the leadership and care and guidance, with the support of colleagues with the help of my ability to work has been greatly improved, now three months of work to do a self-assessment.

  1, Efforts to learn, and constantly improve the operational capacity. In the work, conscientiously study the business knowledge, continue to accumulate experience, and actively participate in learning and training, and constantly enrich themselves;

  2, abide by the rules and regulations; 3 months, their work is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of tired, learning excellent staff approach, and earnestly completed the work of the job tasks;

  3, unity of colleagues, work together. Colleagues harmonious relationship, unity and fraternity, mutual help and mutual respect;

  4, due to their lack of work experience in the work of the lack of practical experience in handling user complaints, service work done not meticulous, this is my future direction.

  2, I have been working in the company since the help of my colleagues in the care, through personal efforts and work-related experience in the accumulation of knowledge continues to expand, the ability to work has made great progress.

  3, review the past 3 months, I seriously study the business training, and actively participate in job training. Wholeheartedly, courtesy, warm service, patience to answer questions for our customers to provide quality services and continuous practice to improve their own quality and Business level, grow into a qualified salesperson.