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  ◆ Achievements

  Our company development and production of hook-tail box, on the heart plate, support blocks and other new railway products, transferred from June

  QC department after the initiative to help guide the leadership of new product debugging and production, will know and in the work should focus on the issues and front-line employees one by one detailed, auxiliary production work smoothly. In the independent sent to the machine shop, the timely and timely follow up the progress of each new product processing and the establishment of accounting, so that each new product from the machine into the workshop to start the process, each step real-time monitoring. Timely detection and feedback of new products in the process of the existing problems and to assist the technology sector to improve the processing technology. And ensure the successful completion of mechanical processing of sample samples for crcc certification of "Forged steel upper plate for railway wagons", "13b forged coupler end frame" and "17 forged hooktail frame".

  ◆ personal strengths and weaknesses

  I learned mechanical manufacturing, and previously engaged in Haier is mainly automated robotic aspects of testing, came after the company has only been working in the machine shop, the knowledge of the relatively lack of forging. When I first came to the QC department of the forging workshop, I almost did not know the company's forging products. After consulting with my colleagues, I quickly learned about the performance and key points of each product. . I am from the machine plus apprentices began to come step by step, mechanical processing, programming knowledge more solid. In the machine after the workshop, not only to ensure that machine products and timely detection, and can be found in the process of the hidden dangers, to avoid the occurrence of quality accidents, auxiliary site production.

  ◆ personal development goals in the company

  Quality inspection work is not a simple size detection. At present our departments involved: forging detection, machining finished product testing, tensile, impact test, metallographic test, hardness, magnetic detection, ultrasonic testing. Debugging products related to bridge bearings, construction machinery, coal mining machinery, truck parts, etc., processes heating, forging, roll forging, heat treatment, machining, etc., these things are the wealth of the hands of the company in the detection sector is not To so many things. In future work, I will, as always, people: people with good, the work: to perfect, the quality: strict hold. And constantly strive to learn and expand their knowledge, assiduously enhance their business level to look forward to the development of the company to do their part.

  ◆ recommendations for the company

  Attention to detail, emotional trivia in life to increase points, in principle, equality and discrimination on the issue of everyone, improve employee sense of belonging and well-being, to retain talent to create a win-win situation. I listed below a few examples of Qingdao Haier Mold Co., Ltd.: employee birthday, wedding anniversary, the birthday of the children and other commemorative date, timely delivery of small gifts or leave, pull the distance between the company and employees to improve the staff members of the family Satisfaction and Support.

  Old workers are generally a living textbook of the industry, retain veterans to retain wealth. Haier in the work of the old staff will be awarded over a decade gold medal or silver horse, issued over twenty years of work Kinmen and Matsu.

  Each pay to the form of e-mail to employees of personal wage details sent to the mailbox, and require confidentiality. Not only to avoid the wage detail unified postings brought about by the asymmetry between employees, infighting and other situations, improve employee well-being, help the team cohesion of the upgrade. But also allow each employee has a clear understanding of their own accounts, be aware of, personal experience to pay to reward power.

  But on the issue of principle pay attention to equality, equality for all, "Haier high-voltage line" of good faith as an example. To get off work (instead of) playing time card, without a license to take the bus (Haier employees can travel in the bus and bus subsidies between the two elections) and other acts, regardless of the level of job once found unconditional termination of labor contracts, exception.

工程突出表现及英文自我评价 篇2

  Since 20xx came to the sea company, joined the Department of Quality Assurance, as a quality inspector, I know the importance of this post, so I do a solid job in their own work, in strict accordance with company standards test products, good quality, will Unqualified product control in the workshop, although the work will encounter many setbacks but I believe I can overcome and seek new ways to solve. From three aspects of my work to be summed up:

  First, the duties:

  1. Responsible for the production workshop of the product sampling, so that the quality of products in line with the corresponding standards;

  2. Obey the distribution, obey the command, and strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations and the relevant provisions;

  3. Responsible for the company's products to keep the kind of test, constant temperature test, record the results of experimental products, timely reporting.

  4. Daily check transcripts and work records, monthly summary of work and make a work analysis, and into the improvement measures. 5. In the work which must be impartial law enforcement, non-discriminatory to the law has been, lead by example.

  Second, the work attitude:

  1. love their jobs, work conscientiously, there are not afraid of tired of the spirit of fear, there is willing to be an unsung heroism. To act fair, loyal to their duties and work hard to master the skills. Be serious and responsible to the work, good at communication, coordination, failing to actively seek solutions;

  2. To have a strong organizational skills and team spirit;

  3. Lively and cheerful, optimistic motivated, caring and good at teaching and learning in parallel;

  4. To be motivated, diligent in learning to continuously improve their own ability and overall quality. With plenty of energy, assiduously study the spirit to work hard and steadily improve their ability to work with the simultaneous development of enterprises.

  Third, the performance:

  1. In the workshop production process, the product label color part of the wrong version, timely listing, and notify the manager to view, will be unqualified products under control, reduce company losses. Therefore, strict control of product quality, increase sampling ratio, reduce defective produce. Is my job as a quality inspector.

  2. The company held a speech contest, I am active use of spare time to collect materials, continue to read the content, learning speech skills, won the honor for the department.

  2. The product to keep the kind of test, constant temperature test, check every day, the quality problems arise, to timely report to the manager and corrective measures, shall not conceal the facts and intentionally not reported.

  3. To complete their own work, learning test knowledge, applied to the work, to help others solve what they can.

  4. Strict implementation of the relevant provisions of the qualified system, on time to complete the quality inspection and check work, timely completion of the original report of the sorting, archiving.

  Looking back at the past, although there are some gratifying achievements, but also found that there are many problems in their own work, sometimes pioneering and innovative awareness is not enough, but they are always seeking stability and fear, in some issues handled look after. I will seriously sum up experience, carry forward the results, overcome the shortcomings, to further strengthen the theoretical study and work practice, and constantly improve their ability to work. Society in progress, the company in development, I will continue to learn through the improvement of their own, for the company to develop their own modest.

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