dear sir/madam:·


  first salute you sincere thanks, thank you for taking the time to consult the of my application letter!

  i am aptech a student, now already graduated from junior year. major direction, and ismitted to be development engineer.

  originally enrolled in zhengzhou yellow river at university of science and technology department of this law. for see problem of university students employment, and college education of the many ills. the first junior year give up college diploma, focus on software development field study. in september in began in aptech study, a software engineer. in the study of those days, let me understand what kind of talents is the enterprise needs. therefore i will more previous unmatched learning. a double efforts, they finally in his junior year with honours successfully obtain a software engineer certificate.

  the only regret is that i have no college education. but if make choice of words, i think i was right. the 21st century is the century of technology should be, is no longer in the era of winning. the 21st century the most important is a talent, but what is talent?

  im sorry i took the liberty of give you write a cover letter. wish eagerly to have an opportunity to interview. i wish you smooth work!

  blindly explain your own work ability how strong, perhaps others won get accurate understanding, even thought it was you exaggerate their own in order to successfully are hired, however, plus such examples, will let your ability become image specific, more instructions force!



  applicant: xxx