Personal Information:

  Famlily Name: -- Name: --

  Date of Birth: July 12, 1971 Birth Place: Beijing

  Sex: Male Marital Status: Unmarried



  Work Experience:

  Nov. 1998- present CCIDE Inc, as a director of software development and web publishing .Organized and attended trade shows (Comdex 99) .

  Summer of 1997 BIT Companyas a technican ,designed various web sites . Designed and maintained the web site of our division independently from s electing suitable materials, content editing to designing web page by FrontPage, Photoshop and Java as well ;


  1991 - August 1996 Dept.of Automation,Tsinghua University, B.E.

  Achievements & Activities:

  President and Founder of the Costumer Committee

  Established the organization as a member of BIT

  President of Communications for the Marketing Association

  Representative in the Student Association

  Computer Abilities:

  Skilled in use of MS Frontpage, Win 95/NT, Sun, Javabeans, HTML, CGI, JavaScript, Perl, Visual Interdev, Distributed Objects, CORBA, C, C++, Project 98, Office 97, Rational RequisitePro, Process,Pascal, PL/I and SQL software

  English Skills :

  Have a good command of both spoken and written English .Past CET-6, TOEFL:623;GRE: 2213

  Others :

  Aggressive, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment . Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Studious na ture and dedication are my greatest strengths.


  Sep.xxxx—Jul.xxxx Computer Science Dept. of Computer College, Northeast Normal University. Courses taken include: data structure, principle of database, principle of compiling, principle of computers, operating systems, C , Java, computer architecture, computer networks,, photoshop

  Sep.xxxx—Jul.xxxx No.1 Middle School of Qingyuan City, Guangdong

  Computer Abilities

  A good understanding and working knowledge of computers.

  Have hands-on experience in PC operation.

  Database programming and (networking knowledge)or (knowledge of networks.)

  Good at computer operation of Windows. =? ("computer operation of windows"=? Guess: Good at computers operating with Windows.)

  Knowledge of php and asp programming.

  English Skills

  Have a good command on both spoken and written English; passed CET-4.

  Scholarship and rewards

  xxxx-6 won the third place in Jilin\'s in "challenge cup " competition of scientifical and technological works ( competition between universities/university students, or what?) ...e.g. Jilin\'s "Challenge cup" for science and technology competition among university students. (Not clear as to what the "works" are. What is the name of that competition in Chinese ?)

  xxxx-5 won the title of Excellent League Member in the university.

  xxxx-12 won the title of Excellent president in the dept.

  xxxx-9 won the first place in Jilin in college student in national of math model compentition (If this is a national competition, it cannot be a "Jilian prize") --> won first place in the National Math Model competition as the college student representative from Jilin.

  xxxx-12 won the title of Excellent Leader in dept.

  xxxx-1 Awarded the “an Excellent Learner” scholarship from the university


  xxxx-now Leader of a web studio in the university

  xxxx-now leader of a web studio in the dept.

  xxxx-xxxx class president

  xxxx Vice President of English club in the university

  xxxx president of a volunteer association in Computer Science dept.

  xxxx won the third place in web design contest from school

  Work Experiences

  xxxx-9—now work as a administratorin the Job Direction Center of University

  xxxx-2—xxxx-5 used Asp Access to design a web page for the Physics College of Physics

  xxxx-10—xxxx-12 used Php Mysql to design a web for The Student Office of the University

  xxxx-2—xxxx-5 used php Mysql to design a web for The Job Direction Center of the University

  References will be supplied upon request.


  I have the honor to present a brief introduction of myself to you in compliance with the requirements of your graduate admission

  I was born in November 7th, 1966, at the town of Changing, Beijing. My parents are doing business and farming. I have one elder sister, one younger sister, and two younger brothers. The family is in a well-to-do country with harmonized atmosphere.

  After my elementary and junior high school education at my hometown, I went on my senior high school education at a public vocational technical high school at the neighboring county Fangshan. Courses I have taken there include: mechanical structure, applied mechanical dynamics, material strength, heat treatment analysis, and electrical engineering. I also had practice courses on lathe work, bench work, casting, engineering drawing, and electronic television repair skill. After graduation from this technical school, I found a job at the Evergreen Traffic Corp. When I had worked one year in mechanical design and heat treatment analysis, I was admitted to the Computer Science Department of Beijing Institute of Technologies.

  Computer science education was an extension of my pursuit in electronic knowledge, it had led me into the world of applied electronics. Courses I had taken are: Calculus, Computer Programming (FORTRAN, COBOL, ASSEMBLY, and BASIC), Computer architecture, algorithm, maintenance, system analysis, and some related courses in Accounting, Statistics, Operating research, Digital value analysis.

  Beginning at the second year of college, I participated in a work study program and was assigned to the computer center of Far East Textile Corp. as night-shift computer operator, The computers I dealt with were CDC 3300 MSOS and IBM 370-115 DOS/VS system. The major work I had done was the system transference of CDC 3300: MSOS to IBM 370-115 DOS/VS.

  In 1989, I was employed by China Automobile Corp. as a computer programmer, and was informed to work on the first of June.

  For the first six months of my service, I was in charge of the IBM 4331; DOS/ VSE System Operation, and later on dealt with personnel / payroll and financing system programming works. In the second year, I was promoted to be a system analyst for personnel/ payroll system. In an attempt to upgrade the efficiency of computer data process and to simplify users operating procedures, I redesigned the whole working system and I successfully transferred a Batch operation from oriented system to on-line system. In the third year, I spent five months in the developing of subsystem of financing-accounting. No sooner had I finished that system than I was reassigned as a Subsystem Programmer in charge of DOS / VSE, CICS, and VTAM. At that position I have full responsibility for affairs of technical transition, system development, recruit training, and network communications.

  With the elapse of time and the accumulation of experiences, I am now familiar with all of the popular computer languages: FORTRAN, COBOL, ASSEMBLY, and BASIC. Other than these languages, I have also learned and practiced in planning, designing, and analyzing of the following computer applications: DL/ 1, Data Base, On-line (CICS, BMS), Data Communication Network (ACF/ VTAM / NCP), VM, DOS / VSE Operating System: Personnel / Payroll, Accounting Application System and etc.. For these achievements I owe a great deal to China Information Association Since I have taken almost every training course they have offered.

  With the ever-increasing level of my work, I am feeling strongly that the theoretical study and actual practice are equally important and dependent on each other. Though I personally possess many years of experiences in actual practices, there is always need for me to extend my existing theoretical basis for future research. My love for computer sciences and my inquisitiveness had pushed me to apply for your graduate school admission, and I have decided . should I be accepted by you, I will concentrate on the field of net-work-data-communication, then make a breakthrough on my current ways of thinking in computer related research and development. Finally, I expect that I, myself, as one member of today's world of computer domain, I should strive to offer my best professional computer service to our society.