My School Life 我的学校生活


  It's a pleasure to be here.

  My topic today is school life.

  My school is my life.

  My life is my school.

  My life revolves around school.

  I've been in school for many years.

  I've been studying a long time.

  Let me tell you about my school life.

  First,school life is a challenge.

  It's continous competition.

  It's full of pressure and lots tests.

  The competition is intense.

  The pressure is heavy.

  The testing never ends.

  It used to drive me crazy.

  Now,I handle it OK.

  Now,I just focus on doing my best.

  Second,school is a great learning experience.

  I welcome this chance to discover.

  I understand that knowledge is power.

  Some days are unforgettable.

  Some classes are incredible.

  Some teachers inspire me so much.

  Before,I thought school was boring.

  Before,I complained it was torture.

  Now,I know it's a privilege to be valued.

  Third,my school is like a family.

  We're like a close-knit community.

  We're like members of a special club.

  We stick together like a team.

  We share and care about each other.

  We all learn and grow together.

  I cherish classmates and teachers.

  They understand and encourage me.

  Their friendship and support mean a lot.

  Fourth,school life is about participation.

  It's about trying new things.

  It's about joining clubs and getting involved.

  I like to interact with others.

  I learn to open my mind.

  I discover who I am and what I like.

  I create fond memories.

  I make friends for life.

  I realize that school life is really great.

  Right now,school dominates my life.

  It's my first big challenge.

  It's my best opportunity to improve.

  I treasure the happy days.

  I tolerate the tough days.

  I never take one day for granted.

  I thank you for listening.

  I hope your school life is great.

  Remember to be grateful for school.