How to Motivate People 如何激励别人

  Ladies and gentlemen.

  Hey everybody!

  Welcome here today.

  I'm going to talk about motivation.

  I'll be discussing ways to motivate people.

  Get ready to learn some fundamentals.

  Motivation means providing incentive.

  Motivation is the key to improvement.

  Let me share some strategies with you!

  First,motivating people starts with motivating yourself.

  Make sure you're motivated.

  Make sure your enthusiasm is contagious.

  The best motivators are excellent role models.

  Their actions speak louder than words.

  They inspire people to emulate them by settinggood examples.

  Great motivators use psychology.

  Motivation requires understanding human nature.

  Motivation is using influence and persuasion to encourage people.

  Second,to motivate people you must know what they want.

  You must understand what inspires them.

  You need to know their hopes,dreams and desires.

  Then,put that knowledge into action.

  Challenge people to excel.

  Challenge them to d omore,be more and achieve more.

  Next,align your goals and their goals together.

  Create a winning combination.

  Create an "everyone benefits" situation.

  Third,you must set worthwhile goals.

  Set up strategies to succeed.

  Set up guidelines and objectives to follow.

  Let people know why they're workinghard.

  Let them know what they want is attainable.

  Explain to them that with hard work they will get it.

  Show them how to do it.

  Show them a clear-cut plan to succeed.

  They will "move heaven and earth" to achieve.

  The fourth step is to praise and reward.

  Praise and rewards are powerful motivators.

  Praise progress and reward every achievement.

  Celebrate every steo forward.

  Give encouragement and support.

  Give constructive feedback all the time.

  Praise is a powerful incentive.

  People need tangible rewards and benefits.

  People need promotions,raises,prestige and respect.

  In conclusion,be honest and true.

  True motivators tell it like it is.

  True motivators have a no B.S. phylosophy.

  Great motivators have changed the world.

  You can be an expert motivator,too.

  You only have to practice,practice,practice.

  You can have a wonderful life.

  You can accomplish great things.

  Now,get motivated and go motivate others to achieve!