Ӣݽ塪predestination Ե


Many things in this world find neither an answer nor a proper explanation. For example, why should two become a couple among the billions of people on earth? Why don't they love each other even though they live together everyday, and yet one of them falls in love with someone else at the first sight?

People remain puzzled in spite of their great effort to understand the endless questions, so they invented the all-embracing word predestination. Have you heard about the sayings like: Predestination will definitely bring you together despite the great distance while without predestination, youll never know each other even though you are standing face to face.

In fact, the so-called predestination is often a kind of coincidence, even a kind of accident. Does anyone know anything about his previous life or his after life? What could he do even if he knew them? Giving up today is the same as giving up tomorrow.

Predestination needs us to strive for; friendship needs us to maintain; good will needs us to treasure and future needs us to create. (There is no Savior, nor Goddess of Mercy who once saved people in the past but cannot do anything to help the people at the present.)

(Predestination is a lovely word which we should treasure and respect.) In the present world, we should always follow the win-win or multi-win policy, instead of being single-handed. We might as well call the communication, the cooperation, the common concerns and the common aspirations of human beings predestination.

Judge's question: Do you believe predestination in your future?

Answers: Thank you for your questions. To be honest, although I deeply know that there is no Goddess of Mercy who once saved people in the past but cannot do anything to help people at the present, sometimes I still believe predestination is truly exist, and I always add some colurs of emotions. It does not mean that Im not respect science. Talking about predestination, it's just a kind of explanation about what has happened. So the most important thing we should do is to strive for and treasure predestination, then spare our no efford to work together.