How to Change a Bad Mood 如何改变坏心情

  Welcome ladies and gentlemen.

  I'm so glad you could join me.

  I hope you're in a good mood today.

  Get ready for some wisdom.

  I have some great advice.

  Let's all learn how to change a bad mood.

  Learn to beat the blues.

  Learn to adjust your attitude.

  Listen closely,and I'll tell you how.

  Self-awareness is the first step.

  Realize you are upset.

  Realize that something is bugging you.

  Don't ignore a bad mood!

  Don't tolerate it,either!

  Don't sulk,mope or brood.

  Refuse to feel angry.

  Reject that nasty emotion.

  Decide not to be a sourpuss.

  Second,exercise and take action.

  You must do something healthy.

  You must get off your butt and move.

  A walk or jog can lift your spirits.

  A good workout can cure your gloom.

  Exercise can eliminate a bad mood.

  Physical exercise is stimulating.

  Physical exercise will clear your mind.

  Exercise is the best therapy there is.

  Third,seek fun things to do.

  Seek outlets for your frustration.

  Try healthy,outdoor activities.

  Hit a bookstore or a library.

  Hit the mall or see a movie.

  Buy yourself or someone else a special treat.

  Listen to inspiring misic.

  Listen to the sounds of nature in a park.

  The positive results will amaze you.

  Fourth,seek out a loyal friend.

  Seek a buddy who can listen.

  Companionship relieves low spirits.

  Talk about your troubles.

  Talk about anything at all.

  Share your feelings and your bad mood will fade.

  A bad mood is like an anchor.

  A bad mood will sink you in the mud.

  Use friends to break the chains of a bad mood.

  Finally,let me leave you with these words.

  They are from Abraham Lincoln.

  They are priceless words of advice.

  You control how you feel.

  You determine your thoughts.

  You must create your own happiness.

  Bad moods are inevitable.

  Take action to fight then.

  Take the initiative and shake them off.