hello, ladies and gentlemen. im angela zhang from class 4 grade 8. today, my topic is, the shanghai world expo.

first, ill say something about world expo history. as we know, the very first world expo, the great exhibition of 1851, took place in the crystal palace in london. uk. ever since then, the goals of world expos have been both high-minded as well as commercial. visitors are able to explore the world outside of their everyday experienceoutside cultures, new scientific advancements, and new inventions. world expos have excited and inspired more and more people in the world.

on december3, , the bureau of international expositions (or call it bie) announced that shanghai will host expo2010. the bie had received bids from five cities to host expo2010. among the 5 nice cities, the bie chose shanghai at last! its really an exciting news for not only shanghainese, but also all of chinese people. here are some details about it.

look at this profile carefully. the title is the 2010 world exposition ,shanghai, china . this is the logo.

and the theme is better city., better life.ok, lets guess who is the image representative? yeah, youre right, yao ming!

shanghai expo is the first comprehensive world expo held in a developing country. and it is also the first one that takes the city as its theme, hoping that it can push forward the city development and help bring about a better urban living environment, just like the theme: better city, better life.

i think, as a student in shanghai, we should learn to be a gentle person and keep good manners from now on. and try to practice english more in order to communicate with foreigners fluently in the near future. because, were a part of shanghai!