Cupertino is very famous for Apple Computer. And we are very honor to have Steve Jobs tocome here tonight to give us special presentation. Mr. Jobs?


  Welcome, Mr Jobs: you have a fan club here..


  Thank you. Apple's grown like a weed, and as you know, we've always been in Cupertino.Started in an office par, eventually, got the buildings, we are in now the corner of the ends of280.and those buildings hold maybe 2600 or 2800 people. But we've got almost 12,000 peoplein the area. So we're renting buildings - not very good buildings, either at an ever-greaterradius from our campus and we're putting people in those. It is clear that we need to build newcampus, so we just add space. That doesn't mean we don't need the one we got, we do need it,but we need another one to augment it. So we've got a plan that let's us stay in Cupertino.And we went out and we bought some land and this land is kind of special, to me. When I was13, I think, I called up... Hewlett and Packard were my idols. And I called up Bill Hewlett, causehe lived in Palo Alto, and there were no unlisted numbers in the phone book, which gives you aclue to my age. And he picked up the phone and I talked to him and I asked him if he'd giveme some spare parts for something I was building called a frequency counter. And he did,but in addition to that he gave me something way more important. He gave a job thatsummer. A summer job at Hewlett-Packard, right here (on) in Santa Clara, off 280, the divisionthat built frequency counters. And I was in heaven. Well, right around that exact moment intime, Hewlett and Packard themselves were walking on some property over here in Cupertino,in Pruneridge, and they ended up buying it. And they built their computer systems divisionthere. And as Hewlett - Packard has been shrinking lately, they decided to sell that propertyand we bought it. We bought that and we bought some adjacent property that all used to beapricot trees, apricot orchards and we've got about 150 acres. And we should like to put a newcampus on that so that we can stay in Cupertino. And we've come up - we've hired some greatarchitects to work with, some of the best in the world, I think. And we've come up with a designthat puts 12,000 people in one building. Think about that, that''s rather odd 12,000 people in abuilding, in one building. But, we've seen these office parks with lots of building and they getpretty boring pretty fast. So we'd like to do something better than that. And I'd like to takeyou through what we like to do. So this is supposed to work here. Here we go. Can you see this?So here is we are today, which is on Infinite Loop drive, against the intersection of D' Anza andthe 280.

  谢谢大 家。苹果如雨后春笋般快速发展着,而Cupertino一直是我们钟爱的土壤。从开始的工业园到现在的办公大楼280号公路尽头的拐弯处,这几栋楼能容纳 2600到2800名员工。可实际上我们的员工数量超过了12019。不得已只能用租些差劲的写字楼给员工办公。所以我想把大家转移到离现有园区不远的一 片区域。我们将用新的园区来扩充办公面积。现有园区也会继续保留,新园区还在Cupertino,因为这里对我巨有意义。大小我就是惠普创始人 Hewlett和Packard的粉丝。Hewlett住在Palo Alto,13岁那年我给他打了个电话,年头所有的电话号码都印在大部头里,不好意思,暴露了我的年龄。我问他是否能送我些零件做频率计数器。他不仅答应 了,还给了我一份工作。惠普的暑期实习,就在Snata Clara 280号公路旁边,我被分在计频器部门,简直像去了天堂。就在这个时候,惠普在Pruneridge买了块地,并在那里设立了计算机系统部。最近惠普并不 景气,有意出售这块不动产,我们就买了下来。顺带还卖笑来原来的一片杏园,总面积有150英亩了。我想在哪儿建个新园区,继续留在Cupertino。我 们请来最优秀的设计师,希望设计一栋能容纳12019人的大楼。一栋楼装12019人,是不是跟中国的学生宿舍一样不可思议?你们看过一些工业园区空间拥 挤、设计单调,我们希望改变这一切。给大家看看园区蓝图,看得见么?苹果总部就在这里280号公路和D' Anza十字路口的交汇处。

  Mr Jobs, yeah, you drawn as print, that's high-tech we've. Use your finger. Just point in theair...


  What we've done is we bought this land right here. We try to buy the apartments at the cornerbut they are not for sale, so we couldn't buy those. And we bought everything else. And thecampus we like to build there is one building holds 12,000 people. And it is pretty amazingbuilding. Let me show it to you. It's a little like a spaceship landed, there it is, and it's got thisgorgeous courtyard in the middle, but a lot more. So let's take a close look at it. It's a circle.It's curved all the way around. If you build things, this is not the cheapest way to buildsomething. There is not a straight piece of glass in this building. It's all curved. We've used ourexperience making retail buildings all over the world now, and we know how to make thebiggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use. We can make it curve all the wayaround the building. And you can see what it look like. It is pretty cool. Again, today, about20% of the space is landscaping, several big asphalt parking lots. So 20% of this is landscape,we want to completely change this. And we want to make 80% of landscape, and the waywe're gonna do this is we're gonna put most of the parking underground. So we can have 80%of landscape, and you can see what we've in mind. I mean there is nothing like this in theproperty now. It's pretty bad. Today there are 3700 trees on the property we'd like to justalmost double that. We've hired one of the senior arborists from Stanford actually who is verygood with indigenous trees around this area. So we'd like to plant a lot of trees including someapricot orchards. Again you can see what it might be like. This is some of the infrastructure.The main building, we have parking underneath the main building. That's not enoughunfortunately. We have a parking structure here as well. The building's four stories high as isthe parking structure. There's nothing high here at all. We want the whole place human scale.It's actually about the same as we have in Cupertino right now.. An energy center. We deal with- people using, sitting at computers all day writing software. And if the power goes out on thegrid we get to send everybody home. So we have to have backup power to power the place inthe event brownouts and stuff. And I think what we're gonna end up doing is making theenergy center our primary source of power. Because we can generate power with Natural Gasand other ways that can be cleaner and cheaper and use the grid as our backup. We've got anauditorium because we put on presentations. Much like we did yesterday but we have to go toSan Francisco to do them. Fitness center and some R&D facilities, these are just thingsthat where we do testing and we need some buildings to test in and there's hardly any peoplein them. So this is roughly the kind of thing we're thinking about. We think about 12,000people, I put 13,000 on the slides, just because we may make a little luckier than 12,000.We're up roughly 40% in people V.S. What the site has been used for already and we'reincreasing space to 3.1 million square feet. So 20% increase in space. The landscaping thoughincreases by 350%, which is nice, trees by 60%. The surface parking goes down by 90%. Andso I think the overall feeling of the place is gonna be zillion times better than it is now with allthe asphalt. And the building footprint actually goes down by 30%. So, we wanna take thespace and in many cases making it smaller. We're putting more of desirable things on thespace and that's what we like to do. So just wanna give you a look at it. This is a cafe. We havecafe as our facilities. And this cafe will, you know, feed the better part of the 3,000 peoplesitting. That's what you need when you 12,000 people in the campus. So that's what we'relooking at. I'd love to answer your questions if you have any.

  我们买下这 块地,本来还想买这初拐角,可对方不卖,我们又不能强拆,所以只得放弃。我们打算在园区里建一栋楼,容纳12019人。听起来很炫,看起来更炫。华丽吧! 像不像太空飞船?中间还有个大院子,还不止呢。让我们凑近了看,办公室的外观是个圆环。体形优美,造价不菲,所有的玻璃都是弧形的线条。我们建造苹果零售 店的经验派上用场了。硕大的弧形玻璃难不倒我们。让玻璃墙绕场一周。是不是很酷。目前整个园区只有20%的绿化,浪费了不少地方。我们向来一次乾坤大挪 移。把停车场统统发配到地下,让绿化面积从20%暴增到80%。目的不言而喻,我们课不想像别的园区那样被人诟病。目前园区里有3800棵树,未来会翻一 倍。我们聘请斯坦福的园林设计师来设计园区。除了杏树,还会种其他植物。这是建成后的样子。这是我们的主楼,设有地下停车场。可惜地下停车场不够用,所以 我们另设了一处停车点。新办公楼是一座四层圆形建筑,中间有一个大庭院。摩天大厦我不感冒,我喜欢矮建筑。保持和Cupertino现有建筑的高度一致。 我们的工作要对着电脑一刻不停的写程序,所以正常的工作离不开能源中心。要是没电,大家只能回家洗了睡。所以需要后备电源,能源中心将用天然气或其他绿色 能源发电。我们希望将其作为主要的电力来源,把国家电网用作后备电源。这里将修建一个大礼堂,我们就不用像昨天那样跑到旧金山去开会了。这里是健身中心和 研发大楼,这个地方专门用来做测试,里面木有员工。这就是我们的设想。苹果现有12019员工,但可能增加到13000人。将来这里可以多容纳40%的员 工,增加20%的使用面积,这样总面积大道了310万平方英尺。绿化面积增长350%,这个就厉害啦,植树量增长60%,地上停车面积减少90%。你会自 上这片土地的,这比一滴沥青给力多了。建筑占地面积将减少30%。减少建筑面积。这样有更多的空间留给想象力去发挥。这里是间咖啡厅,这个可以有,你懂 的。它能容纳3000人同时就餐。足足有12019名员工在此贡献智慧,所以我们需要那么大的容量。我的介绍到此为止,有什么问题吗?

  Thank you, Mr jobs. And we're really excited that you call Apple our home. If you go to yourshop at anything they have a T-shirt that says the mother ship has landed, and if you look atthis picture, definitely the mother ship has landed here in Cupertino. Is there any questions orcomments from council colleagues, council member Wang?


  Hi, Steve.




  Quick question, I think people are curious to know what the city residence can benefit fromthis new campus.


  Well, as you know, we're the largest tax payer in Cupertino, so we'd like to continue to stay hereand pay taxes. That's number one. Because if we can't, then we go have to somewhere likeMountain View. And we take up people with us, we give up and over years sell the land here,and the largest tax base would go away. That wouldn't be good for Cupertino.

  我们是Cupertino的纳税大户,你懂得,我们很高兴能留下来继续缴税,这点最重要。如果新园区项目流产,我们不得不另栖他处,比如Mountain View.。我们只有带着员工离开,把地卖掉。我想Cupertino不会希望缴税大户离开。

  No of course not.


  And wouldn't be good for us either, so that's number one. And number two, we employ somereally talented great people and across the whole age spectrum. A lot of people right out ofcollage, hire a lot of Stanford grads, etc, and you know people in their 50s and even 60s, likeme I'm in my 50s. So I think there's a lot of them wanna live around where they work. We havea lot of people riding bikes to work now. We also run a bus service. We got 20 buses that run onbio-diesel fuel. They are the cleanest bus that you can buy. We've got 20 of them doing routesall the way from San Francisco to Santa Cruz bringing people in. So, those are the kinds ofthings could benefit Cupertino. And influx of tax base, and influx of very talented peoplewho are, you know, getting paid. We put them in a fairly affluent group of people, and many ofthem would choose to make Cupertino their personal home as well as professional home. Ithink there is a lot there plusia whole lot of trees.

  我们也不想,所以这是第一条。此 外,我们雇佣了很多优秀人才,各个年龄阶段的人都有。我雇了很多大学毕业生,比如斯坦福大学,还有50、60岁的员工,像我就是。在这里安家会是他们的首 选。现在就有很多员工选择骑自行车去上班,我们也有公共交通系统,20辆烧生物燃料的班车,是目前最环保的车。这20辆班车目前正在旧金山和圣克鲁兹之间 来回运行。这些都能让Cupertino受益。给Cupertino带来稳定的税收,优秀的人才,这些人收入颇丰,他们多半还会选择定居此地(拉动消 费),当然,还有大片的数目和景观咯。

  Sure. Those are great things. Thank you be more specific. Do we get free Wi-Fi or somethinglike that?


  Well, see I'm always i'm a simpleton. I've always had the view that we pay taxes and the cityshould do those things. Now, if we can get out of paying taxes, I'd be glad to put up Wi-Fi.


  Wish you use our sales tax, part of that to provide iPad of something to our residence and thenget a free Wi-Fi.


  Yeah, I think we bring a lot more than free Wi-Fi and so.


  Totally agree, well, thank you so much.




  Council member Mahoney?


  Yeah, so, first of all, it was interesting, you throwback to HP. As 35-year HP employee, mostof it on the Cupertino campus in those buildings there, obviously felt sorry when I heard thatthey were consolidating moving. But now that we've seen your plans, you know, the wordsspectacular would be an understatement, and I think that everybody is gonna appreciatewhat's clearly is gonna be the most elegant headquarters, you know, at least in the US thatI've seen. So we definitely appreciate that the work is gone into it and look forward to workingwith you moving through the process.

  你 回首了惠普的往事,让我深有感触。我在惠普工作过35年,一直呆在惠普位于Cupertino的园区里,所以惠普离开Cupertino,我很舍不得。现 在看到你的蓝图,我是心驰神往啊。大家都觉得这里就像是美丽的潘多拉星球,至少是美国的潘多拉。你们选择了Cupertino,我们非常荣幸,也会尽最大 的努力帮助你们。

  Thank you. I think we do have a shot of building the best office building in the world. And Ireally do think architecture students will come here to see this. I think it could be that good.




  Yeah, thank you. Council member Chang?


  Yeah, Mr. Jobs, thank you very much for coming. We met the city manager and I met Mr. Cook,and Mr. Miner, and also Terri on your campus, uh, and see the concept. It's very good one. Ido have question about at the time they mentioned about the current infinite loop will remainthe same. The employee will stay there, right?


  Yeah, we need both to hold everybody.


  So now host about 8000 to 9000 people.


  No no no, about 2600.


  2600 okay. And then this one will hold 13,000?


  12,000. That's our current.


  Alright. And then my concern is last time I forgot to ask Terri about the safety issue. Becauseyou know you have only one building and have so many people there. So all the safety will beput into consideration like fire and everything.


  Oh, of course. We spend a ton of time identifying and hiring who we think are best people inthe world and doing what we do. The last thing we want is for anybody to get hurt. Okay, yeah,of course, we're gonna. I mean the whole building has to be designed with pretty preciserequirements for safety. But we'll do beyond those.


  Sure, and then the second question is because the increase of the employment, the resident isconcerned also about the traffic. So, do you have any plan to deviate the traffic?


  Well, we're not increasing the employment by much .


  You're not?






  It's by like 20%. So we're not increasing it by much.


  Also, I know you care about the air quality. I understand that you will not allow anyemployee smoking inside the building, right?


  Correct. Both my parents died of lung cancer from smoking. So I'm little sensitive on thattopic.


  Sure, so, just want to let you be aware. I don't know if you're aware that there's a cementplant nearby with air pollution to this area. Are you concerned about that? Are you aware ofthat?


  What is that?


  The cement plant is polluting the air in the entire area.


  The cement plant. That's the Kaise?


  Yeah, 24001 Stevens Creek.

  正式Stevens Creek路24001号。

  I grew up about 5 blocks away from that, or 6 blocks away. So, I'm pretty familiar with theKaiser plant. Okay, and yeah,I think it would be great of the Kaise plant wasn't there, but youknow, they bought the land fair and square. So, probably they are not going anywhere. But ifyou kick Kaiser out, I wouldn't cry.

  我从小在这长大, 所以他们的情况我很清楚。当然,没它更好。可毕竟是人家的地盘,又不能强拆,所以我忍。当然,如果你找城管把它拆了,我绝对拥护。

  Alright, thank you.


  Thank you, council member Chang. Council member Wang, you have a very quick questionright?


  Yeah, very quick question. Steve, can you give us estimate timeline on when you plan to submitthe plan and when you're gonna do the ground breaking and when we can see the raw building.


  Yeah, well, I ask that question a lot of our people too. We wanna submit plans fairly quickly.Wewanna break ground next year and we wanna move in 2019.


  2019?Okay, alright, very good. Thank you so so much and we're really honored to have you tobe here. I know it's not easy to get you here. And I think that your technology is really makingeverybody proud and you're putting Cupertino in together with Apple. Now, we're really proudof it. 2019?


  Well, thanks. We're proud to be in Cupertino too.


  Thank you, council member Wang. I think she stole my question to ask you when did you breakgrounds so she can start collecting those. Next year, sales tax dollars from you. Exactly, exactly,exactly, but you know, when Chris and I met Mr. Jobs, you know, I found a little bit more abouthim is that actually he's a hometown boy graduated from Cupertino Middle school where mydaughter is going, Homestead High School. So, Mr Jobs is very well familiar with the City ofCuperino. So, we're very fortunate that you founded here in Cuperino. You started to expandhere in Cupertino. There're many choices across the country and I'm sure that many governorsand many mayors said please come to us, but you decided to stay here and I think it's becauseCupertino is such and innovative place, a diverse place, and education-wise that we have suchwonderful schools here some other students on how they got awarded in our school that aredoing so well. One thing that I wanna ask you is to keep in mind is giving back to thecommunity and one thing that we would love to do. I'm sure that our staff will talk about isthat we don't like going to Valley or Los Gatos for an Apple store. We would love to have anApple store here Cupertino. And I can assure you, I even have, you know, my iPad 2 here,which I love, you know, so cooperate with me, but you know, it's a wonderful technology andmy 11-year-old girl just loves this iPad2.

  谢 谢王委员。我想她关心开工时间,是等着明年征你们的税呢。算起来,乔总是我老乡,和我女儿是校友。所以他对Cupertino非常熟悉,他把苹果种在这 里,让它生根发芽。你本来可以去别的地方种苹果,而且我肯定别的城市也企图诱拐苹果,但是你最终决定留下,因为你觉得应该与Cupertino的创新和多 元化不无关系。而且我们有很好的学校,咱们这儿的学生也个个出类拔萃,我只简单提点期望,希望你们回馈社会,为社区做点贡献,我们将感激不尽。 Cupertino居然没有苹果专卖店,我和我的同事们不得不去Valley或Los Gatos去买苹果,我们非常希望有苹果专卖店在Cupertino。你敢开,我就敢买,看看我手头的iPad2我的心头肉啊,iPad2是个好 iPad, 我11岁的闺女都爱不释手。

  Good. Yeah. The problem with putting an Apple store in Cupertino is just isn't the traffic. SoI'm afraid it might not be successful. If we thought it would be successful, we'd love to.


  We'll help you make it successful. Again, thank you very much for coming with me. I'm surethat you guys are very lucky to hear this very historical moment that, you know, you hear about5 years ago, was it Chris? That you made the announcement you bought the 55 acres thenyou bought another 100 acres from HP. And Apple is truly the technology of innovation andour city staff and city council looks very forward to working with you and helping you succeedhere in our community.


  Thank you very much.


  Let's give a big round of applause for Mr. Steve Jobs. Thank you.