《The Harmonious Society》英语演讲稿


  The Harmonious Society

  Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen:

  Today, we are here to talk about such a great topic—the Harmonious Society, but I only want to stress on one point, dedication. I think this is one of the most important factors of making our society harmonious.

  In a simple way, we can explain the harmonious society as a society that everyone is happy. It needs our dedication.

  So, think about what you can do for our society but not what the society can do for you .Only in this way can we do some things for the Harmonious Society. This is the first step of dedication. Maybe your power is not big, but believer it or not, the society does need you! So just do it. And then the society will repay you with happiness and anything else you ought to have.

  It is said that if everyone became selfish, then no one can be selfish. Our wisdom tells us dedication is necessary. If you were caring for everyone, then everyone is caring for you. On the contrary, few people will be satisfied, and fewer people will be happy. And our society will never be harmonious. Only dedication can help us avoid this.

  In my opinion, dedicating to the society is not only dedicating to the society or any strangers, but also dedicating to your parents, to your children, to your lover, to your friends and even to yourself. Think of them, then you will consider your dedication worthwhile. When you work, you will be full of power and passion. You will easily overcome any difficulties. You will be afraid of nothing. It’s all because you are dedicating to the ones you loved. Your efforts will make them happy and also, at the same time, make the society harmonious.

  That harmonious society is such a beautiful society I can’t even imagine. But now, we have to face the fact that there many things in our society aren’t harmonious. The orphan is crying alone quietly. The child too poor to go to school is looking at the school gate with great expectation. Do you want to help them? The corrupt official is drinking the people’s blood. The selfish businessman is making counterfeit products. Do you want to punish them? I believe everyone here has a heart filled with mercy and justice. No one wants to see these things happen. Therefore, it needs our dedication.

  We dedicate for love. We dedicate for mercy. We dedicate for hope. We dedicate for justice. We dedicate for reason. We dedicate for the Harmonious Society!

  Ladies and Gentlemen: believe in me, all unhappiness in our society holds great terror and faces obliteration with your dedication. And after all that , the Harmonious Society finally comes!