Life is full of beauty. Beauty lies not> Let beauty be our guide to understand ourselves. People alwayshave a strong desire for better appearance. Whatever their age,size, or shape, they hope to look more attractive. Beauty is> Let beauty be our way to communicate with nature. At the foot ofthe hill, we see beauty running in the clear river smoothly.> Let beauty be our bridge between man and nature. In the harmony,beauty is a garden for ever in bloom and a flock of angels for everin flight.

Beauty is something to see, to breathe, to feel and to complete.Beauty is life when life unveils her holy face.

Ӣݽ(ҽԺ)Howto improve our English

Hello everyone. Today, Id like to talk aboutHow to improve ourEnglish. To be honest, Im really happy to stand here and saysomething about learning English, even if Im> As everybody knows. English is an intern- ational language.Whats more China has ente- red the WTO. Therefore its necessaryfor us to learn it.Buthow can I improve my English you may ask.Well, I have some useful tips that Id like to share withyou.

Firstly, make sure that you pay enough atte- ntion to yourpronunciation and intonation. Otherwise, you might make yourself alaughing stock. For example,Can I use your bike?you say,Can Iuse your back?Pass me the case, please.you say,pass me thekiss, please Obviously, here you mispronounced the two wordsbikeand case.That will certainly cause misunderstanding.Besides, tones of different voice can also mean difference. Forinstance,London bridge is falling down, fall- ing down, my fairLady,London bridge is falling down!you are excited, againLondonbridge is falling down, falling down, my fair Lady,London bridgeis falling downyou are so sad, right?

Secondly, practice makes perfect. Dont be afraid to makemistakes when you practise speaking English.> Finally, in order to improve our English, we need to be patient ,Anyway, learning English takes time, so you must have a strong willand enough patience, RecemberRome was not built in a day!

Thats all .thank you for your time.