the duality of money has been puzzling people since its first appearante. on the one hand, clean money can sweeten your life, help you succeed and be your lifelong faithful companion. on the other hand, dirty money may posion your mind, ruin your happiness and discard you suddenly as a false friend.

the market economy tells us that everyone should earn a living by selling something. professors sell their knowledge, workers sell their labor, farmers sell their produce. money now appears more powerful than anything else and drives people crazy. the temptation of money often challenges one’s honor. we are not ashamed to make more money to have a better life by our sweat. however,there is a widespread concern that millionaires become the heroes no matter whether they make any contribution to our society. some people try desperately to make big money, which, more often than not, end up with degradation, corruption and crime.

though money is indispensable to our life, dirty money may drag us into hell. there are many things no money can buy. we will keep our honor intact at any cost because it is our soul. love of money is the root of all evil. for myself, i would rather die than dishonor myself for money.


good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!

today i’d like to share my personal experience of happiness and bitterness of being an english teacher.

i remember, five years ago, when i stood at the teacher’s desk for the first time, maybe because i was too young, maybe because i was too inexperienced, the students in my class paid no attention to me, didn’t behave themselves at all. i felt ashamed and helpless. in order to save my face, i just criticized the students seriously whenever they talked in class or even moved a little. i thought sooner or later, they would listen to me. yes, i could control the class now, but the students and the atmosphere became strange. no, they were not listening to me. it was too quiet. the breathless silence urged me to consider the way i was teaching.

then 1 august , i got the chance to study the new course of english. until then could i realized that it was my frozen eyes that make the students flinch, it was my stiff face that trod out the enthusiasm in the children’s hearts. how to stimulate my class and show my warmth, so that they can enjoy their study in english? i had a deep thought.

it’s smile. there is a kindness called smile. it is the most beautiful language in the world. it can make distance no distance. “just awake the students with a smiling face!”i said to myself.

the next day, when i stood on the stage with a smiling face, when i asked the questions with a smile, when i encouraged the children in a friendly way, the students were just shocked! but i could find there was more happiness and excitement in their eyes! gradually, they got used to it, and participated in my teaching. as i predicted, that class became a lovely one. i was moved, and said“thank you for listening, boys and girls!”

in the following days, i keep on working even harder. i prepare my lessons carefully. i use flash, pictures, riddles, and interesting stories to make great efforts to help the students to learn more. but i will never forget one thing: smile, give them a smile, to give them strength, to let them feel happy, to make them confident. the children do enjoy the english lesson now, when they tell me the answers in great excitement, i can feel their gladness, and my smile is more sincerely than ever!

there is kindness called smile. from the children’s yearning eyes, i understand, it is smile that makes my students and i get closer, it is smile that fills the kindness to my english class, it is smile that shapes me popular english teacher finally.

that’s all. thank you very much!


good evening , ladies and gentlemen . i am joy and glad to give you a speech about stress , yes , just the topic you see on the screen. psychologist tell us that stress is a state of worry caused by the problem of living , such as too much work or study , heavy responsibilities , and quickened pace of life . statistics show that stress comes from every detail in our life . financial problems , poor health , being laid off may be the stress that most adults now suffering . as students in the university , we are also under our special stress . while study , having to take various tests and submit a project against a 1 deadline may put a great pressure on us . and the things make us felt stressed may be our parents‘s greater expectations on us than we could reach . later , when we are likely to graduate , some other problems will also annoy us . i think we will worry a lot about our ability to compete in the job market and how we can best use what we‘ve learned at college in our future job .


we've all been taught that we should help people. it is the right thing to do and will make us popular with others. it may even win us favors in return. however, we must be realistic. we can't say yes to every request. if we did, we would fail or go crazy for sure. sometimes we simply don't have the time to help. in this case, we must know how to say no politely.

when we need to say no, here is one method we can try. first, we should tell the truth. if we really can't do something, we should just say so. second, we should remember to refuse requests politely. we must communicate clearly, but must also be sincere and sympathetic. a true friend will understand. finally, we must not feel guilty about saying no. sometimes refusing others is the right thing to do. it can save ourselves, and them, a lot of trouble. in short, we cannot please everyone all the time. refusing favors is a part of life.


hello! ladies and gentlemen, it is so nice to meet you !i am gladthat you can spend this precious time having this class in thisafternoon.

now please allow me to introduce myself to you .my name is wangjia and imajored in traffic engineering .baoji is my hometown it is verybeautiful. and the people are very friendly.

as we all knowen thingking is easy acting is difficult and to putone's thoughts into actions is the most difficult thing in the world.

so if we want to learn english well ,we must practice reading englisheveryday ,acturally practicing repeatly is the best way to succeed.whenyou speak ,don't care how poorly or how well you speak just care aboutcatching the chance to speak ,enjoy losing face or just forget your facebecause the more you speak the better your english will become,neverafraid ofmaking mistakes because the more mistakes you make the more progress you will make.as a man living in the world ,we must try our best to makeeach day our masterpiece and don't let our parents down ,don't ever letour country down ,most importantly don't let ourself down.

yesterday is a memory tommorrow is a dream so live for todayjust do it right now.i believe if you can dream it you can make it ,ifyou do you will win if you don't you won't.believe in youself trustyouself try your best. don't give up ,never give in, never lose hope ,never say impossible .the success is coming ! thank you !