幼儿英语演讲稿 篇1

  Mother’s Day is coming。I want to give my mother a surprise。I’ll buy aspecial gift for her。 I know,she likes computers and she also likes takingphotos。 So,I want to buy a new one。Because our computer is too old to use。But Idon’t have enough money。So, I must buy another one。I’ll go to the shop to buy anew album and write my favorite words on it。Tomorrow I will give it to my mom。Ithink it’s the best gift for her。Becausethis falls my love。

  And if I study hard enough,in the future I will make much money。Then I willbuy anything my mother love。Although they are very expensive。Now, it’s importantto study hard and make progress。Probably I can have a good job and take goodcare of me are the best gift she wants to get。Mom ,let me tell you”I think youare the best mom in the word and in my heart。”



幼儿英语演讲稿 篇2

  Every child is the apple in their parents eyes. And every child is the hope of our country. Being the gethering place, campus’ security turns out to be very significant.


  However, recently years campus security is being threatened. Some extremly people, who have suffered something bad will take revenge on the society. Because they think it’s the society fault to lead their disaster. And school is important to the society and the students are vulnerable groups, who don’t have too much ability to fight back. So they can easily success. In addition, some teachers’ quality may not good so that the students in school can’t get good education or affect their virtuous soul. What’s worse, some schools may occur the phenomenon of child abuse. There are also some coincidences will threat the campus safty.


  It’s high time that we should take measures to keep a safe campus. First of all, the school should hire more responsible gate keeper and make specific rules to prevent the social people from coming into the campus. Secondly, when hiring new teachers, the school should not only consider the teachering skill but also the personal quality. The school also have to make some speech for students to increase their safe consciousness.


  In general, campus security is very important that need all of us to make effort to achieve it. The measures mentioned above are just parts of keeping campus security. I hope people from all walks of life can give their hands to help the student grow healthly.


幼儿英语演讲稿 篇3

  I love my mother.She is tall and thin.She has long and black hair.She isvery beautiful.She is about 30 years old.

  She is a good teacher.She is strict about her students's studies.Everydayshe left her students' hall, but she also pay attention to their learning.She isvery busy.Even on Saturday and Sunday, she will put own day as preparation.Evenif she is so busy, she still finds time to help me with my studies and playsball games with me.

  She is hard-working ,kind and patient.I remember one time I went to apicnic.She looks after me all the way.She has two children,one is me,another ismy elder brother.My mother like us very much.

  I like her very much!I hope my family will happily all the way.





幼儿英语演讲稿 篇4

  English speech

  Good afternoon everybody! It's my honor to speak here and I am very glad to share my topic with all of you. Today I'd like to talk about “my dream”. I do not just have one dream, in fact, I have three. They are: a healthy life, a happy family and to travel my great country.

  I have always admired the long healthy life my grandparents have. They are older than 80 years of age and they are still alive and kicking! How do they do that!? My grandparents plant vegetables and grow rice themselves; even in their old age they still make food for themselves! I guess that is why they can remain healthy. More importantly they remain humble and never ask for too much from life. Perhaps that makes them common, but they live a happy life. My grandmother once told me this:” I do not want to live long, only long enough for some grand children to be running around in my house”. I want to live a long, healthy and happy life just as they have.

  Since my graduation from primary school, until now, every time on my birthday I make the same wish. I wish my parents will not fight anymore. I am not complaining that they gave me a bad childhood, they just fight so much! I am unhappy but that does not mean they do not love me. They do! They love me with all their heart. I love my parents also; I want them to live a happy life as well.

  I want to travel this great country of ours. I want to see the beauty of our country. I want to see the miracles that made this country great! I want to go from the east to west, from the north all the way down to the south! I have a dream, that one day I can travel and see my country with my family and friends! If that is not possible, seeing my country on my own is good enough also.

  If I can fulfill all three of my dreams in life, then God can take me away. I would be happy, and l would have lived a full and prosperous life.

  Thank you everyone for listening to my dreams.

  I thank you!

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇5

  Necessity of lifelong learning

  Dear Mr. Li, dear my schoolmates, good morning!

  Entrusted by the first group of schoolmates, the topic of my speech is Necessity for lifelong learning.

  About lifelong learning, there is the famous proverb in Chinese: never too old to learn. Confucius, the famous educator in ancient China, also said: if I learn the Classical literature "Yi" from the age of 50, I would never make so many mistakes.

  To sum up, Necessity of lifelong learning is mainly based on the following reasons:

  First of all, the knowledge of modern society changes so quickly, if not to learn new knowledge in time you will soon fall behind the times. For example, using the mobile Internet technology, we can using a mobile phone to book a taxi, pay various fees, buy all kinds of goods etc. if a person may not grasp the knowledge, especially senior people ,they will not use the convenience brought by Internet.

  Secondly, diligent in thinking can effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. This conclusion has been verified in medicine.

  Finally, a person who maintains the habit of lifelong

  learning, can have a stronger advantage in occupation choice. This is not only good for the person, but also for the country and the society.

  Some people complain that, they have too much work and have no time to read a book usually. But In fact lifelong learning is not only reading or having a class, we can browse the web, read e-books, receiving distance courses through the Internet conveniently. We can learn not only knowledge, but also skills.

  Age cannot be a barrier to our lifelong learning. Chu

  Shijian, once the king of China's tobacco industry, had

  suffered a great setback before retirement. He was even put into prison. But at the age of 75, he began to study orange planting technology seriously, and finally have a huge success in this area ten years late. Harland Sandoz of America began learning the fast-food lethal at his age of 83. When he was 88 years old, his fast food chain often Kentucky had distributed each corner of the world.

  Therefore, lifelong learning is never too late to start, let's start our plan today.

  Thank you.

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇6

  Honorable Judges, fellow students:

  Good afternoon!

  Recently, ther is a heated debate in our society. The college students are the beneficiaries of a rare privilege, who receive exceptional education at extraordinary places. But will we be able to face the challenge and support ourselves against all odds? Will we be able to better the lives of others? Will we be able to accept the responsibility of building the future of our country?

  The cynics say the college students are the pampered lost generation, which would cringe at the slightest discomfort. But the cynics are wrong. The college students I see are eagerly learning about how to live independently. We help each other clean the dormitory, go shopping and bargain together, and take part time jobs to supplement our pocket money.

  The cynics say we care for nothing other than grades; and we neglect the need for character cultivation. But again, the cynics are wrong. We care deeply for each other, we cherish freedom, we treasure justice, and we seek truth. Last week, thousands of my fellow students had their blood type tested in order to make a contribution for the children who suffer from blood cancer.

  As college students, we are adolescents at the critical turning point in our lives. We all face a fundamental choice: cynicism or faith, each will profoundly impact our future, or even the future of our country. I believe in all my fellow classmates. Though we are still inexperienced and even a little bit childish. I believe that we have the courage and faith to meet any challenge and take on our responsibilities. We are preparing to assume new responsibilities and tasks, and to use the education we have received to make our world a better place. I believe in our future.

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇7

  Safety is very important. We often hear people say “safety first”. As a middle school student, we should learn to protect ourselves from every possible danger. Here are some things I do. I hope you can follow them.On your way to school and home. You should obey the traffic rules. You should walk on the right side of the road. Don't ride your bike too fast.During school, you can't fight with each other. Don't play with fire. Don't bring knife to school. Don't go out of school without your teacher's permission.In public places or campus, enough water plugs,extinguishing agents and emergency outlets should be set and prepared for unforeseen circumstances.Above all,a series of precautions must be taken to guarantee the students' safety. Let's make the campus safe through our long-term unremitting efforts. 安全是非常重要的。

  我们经常听到人们说“安全第一”。 作为一个中学生,我们应该学会保护自己免受一切可能的危险。

  这里有一些我做的事情。 我希望你能跟随他们。

  在你去学校和家的路上。 你应该遵守交通规则。

  你应该走在路的右边。 不要骑自行车太快。

  在学校期间,你不能与对方斗争。 不要玩火。

  不要把刀带到学校。 未经你的老师许可,不要出校。



幼儿英语演讲稿 篇8


  honorable judges,distinguished guests,ladies and gentlemen,good evening!I feel really honored to stand here and make a speech.today I"m going to look together with you into this question:……

  Good morning everybody!It's my honor to speak here,and I am very glad to share my topic with you. Then today I'd like to talk something about.....


  Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the English Speaking Competition for Grade 20xx. (掌声~~~) First of all, please allow me to introduce myself, your host for today. I’m Sammy from Cla6, Grade 20xx.


  There are all together 26 contestants to compete in today’s English Speaking Competition, all from Grade 20xx. And this competition will be mediated by a panel of five judges. Also on the panel are “question masters” who will be responsible for raising questions of today’s contestants. Now, I have the great privilege of presenting today’s judges.

  (译文:角逐今晚比赛的有26名选手,他们均来自外院05级的同学。此次比赛我们邀请到了五名评委,五名评委中有两名是“提问员”,这两名“提问员”将对每位选手进行提问。好的,我很荣幸地向大家介绍一下我们的五位评委。 微笑状~)

  Ladies and gentlemen, MiLiu, (掌声~~~) welcome; MiLuo, (掌声~~~)welcome…OK, after introducing our judges, now let’s go over the rules of the competition.

  (译文:女士们,先生们,她们是刘老师,欢迎!骆老师,欢迎!…好的,介绍完我们的评委之后,让我们来看看今天的比赛规则吧。 微笑状~)

  Each of the contestants has 3 minutes to present a prepared speech and 2 minutes to answer questions raised by the judges.


  During the prepared speech, a staff member will raise a yellow board as a signal that there is half a minute left. Then, at the end of 3minutes, a red board will be raised to let the speaker know that the time has run out. So, please raise the red board. Thank you!

  (译文:在命题演讲环节,在选手的演讲时间还剩下半分钟的时候,我们的工作人员将会举一块黄颜色的牌子示意。当3分钟时间一到,我们的工作人员会举一块红色的牌子示意时间已到。现在,工作人员示意一下下。谢谢! 微笑状~)

  Now the topic for today’s prepared speech is “Olympic Games, Beijing 20xx”.


  Ladies and gentlemen, the top four winners today will be able to attend the College Final to be held on November 3rd.


  Now let’s welcome contestant No.1

  (译文:现在,让我们有请1号选手。 微笑状~)

  Thank you for contestant No.1, now let’s welcome contestant No.2.

  (译文:谢谢1号选手的演讲。接下来,让我们有请我们的2号选手。 微笑状~)

  Thank you for contestant No.2. Here, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce the score of contestant No.1 is 86.6. Congratulations! Now, let’s welcome contestant No.3

  (译文:谢谢我们的2号选手。女士们,先生们,下面我宣布1号选手的最后得分是:86.6分。恭喜!接下来,让我们有请我们的3号选手。 微笑状~)

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇9

  Hello, everyone. Today you grateful?! There are many kinds of Thanksgiving, for example, as I was in the song sings, we must be grateful parents, parents gave us life, education of our talent, so that today we are happy to work, happy life -- and it is the happy life, help me, to today's topic --" Happy Thanksgiving".

  Lamb kneeling milk love, crow regurgitation-feeding affection, always haunt me, cry, I think. As a new generation, we still need to advocate Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving has given us life and moral cultivation, health attitude, ahead of the happy life. Inspired by this, I again see: winter night for my mother in the sewing, the 1000 hand-million lines woven I give, tears of excitement moment by condensation, I just want to love a sound: Mom, you worked hard!

  So grateful people would complain, he will live happily forever in love shining sunshine! In the face of the darkness, he will march forward courageously; in face of failure, he will Yuecuoyueyong -- because he firmly believe that: as long as the sun, the shadows behind him; because he knew: there is no sunlight, no direction, no parents, no our wonderful life; no company, we will not work happy; no gratitude, the world will become cold and no longer cute ......

  In fact, life is a mirror, you laugh it also laugh, you cry it is also crying. You are grateful to life, your life will be given to the sun; you blindly blame everyone and everything but not oneself, the result can only be all wasted! Often with a heart of gratitude, can purify our hearts, to enhance our mind, to shape our character, to do a" advance despite difficulties, optimistic and hard work" happy tumbler; in this way, you can do: the encounter of love setbacks, do not give up; meet the frustrations of life, don't worry; meet work hardship, not afraid ......

  In our heart a kind of Thanksgiving mind, let the world be full of love flowers! Thanksgiving so that we sincerely facing life, enthusiasm to others, frankly accept love. Thanksgiving is not a reality escape, is also a kind of singing way of life, because it comes from a deep love and hope for life. Grateful people must be beautiful, accept the gratitude of the people must be happy.

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇10

  Honorable judges, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

  It is a great honor and pleasure to be here on this beautiful Saturday morning to share with you my sentiments about life and passion for the English language.

  About a year and a half ago, I took part in my very first English Speech Contest. When I stood before the microphone with all eyes starring directly at me, I could hardly speak. I stood there, embarrassed and helpless, struggling in vain for the right thing to say. My fears had paralyzed me.

  While my passion for English has never changed, I lost my courage to speak in public. When my professor again encouraged me to take part in this Competition, I said “no.” I couldn’t endure yet another painful experience. He looked me straight in the eye and said something that pierced my heart. I will never forget his words. “Look,” he said, “We all have our fears, and you have yours. You could twist your ankle in a basketball game, but then be afraid to ever play again. Running away can never dispel your fears, but action will. A winner is not one who never fails,but one who never quits.”

  I spent a whole day with his words twisting and turning in my mind. Then I made the bravest and wisest decision of my life: I would face my fears – and take part in the competition!

  As it turned out, my dear old professor was right. Now, here I am, once again standing before a microphone. My heart is beating fast, and my mouth is dry, but most importantly, I have faced my fears -- and that makes all the difference!

  Thank you.

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇11

  Why do you spend your time in sadness? Know that you are the source of all happiness.

  Why do you spend your days in fear? Know that your mere sight can make difficulties disappear. Why do you cry and ask for help?

  Know that you are the best man for your own help. Why do you feel so weak and helpless? Know that you are, in all sides, matchless. Why do you feel so depressed?

  Know that you are the blessed. Why do you feel so stressed? Know that you can have anything at your orders. Why don’t you act on opportunities? Know that you can go through all disasters. Why don’t you live life to the full? Know that there is no point in being dull. Why do you doubt your talent and skill? Know that you can achieve anything with your incredible will. Why do you spend life feeling so miserable4?Know that no matter what, your soul is indestructible.





幼儿英语演讲稿 篇12

  Never, Never Give Up

  We often hear people say, “Never give up.” These can be encouraging words and words of determination. A person who believes in them will keep trying to reach his goal no matter how many times he fails. In my opinion, the quality of determination to succeed is an important one to have. Therefore, I believe that we should never give up.

  One reason is that if we give up too easily, we will rarely achieve anything. It is not unusual for us to fail in our first attempt at something new, so we should not feel discouraged and should try again. Besides, if we always give up when we fail, we will not be able to develop new skills and grow as people. Another reason we should never give up is that we can learn from our mistakes only if we make a new effort. If we do not try again, the lesson we have learned is wasted. Finally, we should never give up because as we work to reach our goals, we develop confidence, and this confidence can help us succeed in other areas of our lives. If we never challenge ourselves, we will begin to doubt our abilities.

  In short, it is important that we do not give up when working for our goals. Whether we succeed in the end or not, we will learn something, and what we learn will help us to become better, more confident people. Furthermore, if we give up, we have non chance of attaining our goals, but if we keep trying, there is always a chance that we will succeed one day.

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇13

  Todays society is a highly developed technological society. However, theshortcomings in the development process are obvious, such as: carbon dioxide,and environmental pollution. But the most serious should be the carbon dioxideproblem. Now the problem of global warming because of excess emissions ofgreenhouse gases. Excessive amount of carbon dioxide emissions, creating adiversified economy and La Nina phenomena lag disorder. Two levels of glaciersmelting, polar animals lose their chance of survival at the same time, will leadto rising sea levels, many

  coastal cities into the water did not result in a few years later.Therefore, we must take the necessary measures to reduce the environmentalimpact of carbon dioxide.

  For example: tree-planting activities, reduce fossil fuel use, we can fromour own, to promote low-carbon living.

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇14

  Supporting Beijing's bid is a systematic project that can support China'sdevelopment efforts.

  I believe recycled paper,clean fuel,sorted rubbish,water-saving and enery-efficient facilities will become reality in the coming years for China.

  I believe the new century is an era of learning ans teaching,and lifelong education has become one of the main trends in the future developmet of Chinese society.

  I believe that,on July 13,our dream of Beijing's Olympic bid will become true.

  Because to millions of Chinese,for China to have the gloal respect and support that she deserves is not just a dream.

  It is a part of our very souls.For we are not only equal members of our motherland, China,but we are also equal contributors to the world as a whole. Let us stand together,all nations in Beijing,in brotherhood,friendship and peace, in 2019 and forever!

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇15

  A man, she will always occupy the most flexibility in your mind where you would like to use his life to love her; have a love, it allows you to request indiscriminately, to enjoy, but do not want you any return ... ... the man, called " mother ", a love, called" motherhood "!

  May 11 is mother's day, is our hearts forget the most difficult days. this festival is a mother's praise and praise, is to remind us always remember: thanksgiving our mother.

  Mothers give us life experience, we are grateful; mother so that we grow, our gratitude; mother's education and guidance given to us so that we gain knowledge and strength, and we appreciate; in our life, there are always difficulties and setbacks the mother to care and help us, we should be grateful.

  Thanksgiving is one of love, conscience, kindness, sense of responsibility and loyalty to the overall performance. difficult to imagine an endured sufferings did not support their parents grew up in filial piety, i wonder if in return, the teacher, students did not love and respect i do not know who his future with the company, what his country to assume responsibility? a non-patriotic, do not like home, people who do not love others, how can dedicated to building the motherland tomorrow?

  Ad wrote that little boy for his mother's feet moving pieces can be in real life, and whether every child can take it? "en when the water drop to yongquan of" we may sometimes point people will care a strange obsession, but then turna blind eye mother's love and hate her nagging, or because of some small on the big fat (from the document about ) thunder ... ... however, the mother has always supported us in the side of the quiet, patient education, enlighten us and give us support and encouragement.

  Mother as pure as jade, ivory carving as fine, by the water of life, maternal brewing pure and fragrant. we should cherish a grateful heart to hear her mother's nagging, sincere mother's stern face, understanding the inner world of the mother as the sun ... ...

  Let us from now on, the mother from the beginning of filial piety, society thanksgiving! let us remember that the world shared his mother's birthday, for his mother wash feet, pounding a hammer for her hard work in the back, his mother a warm hug, a warm blessing, a look of grateful smiles! life in china, original pham van park

  In this warm day, i wish all mothers in the whole world - happy mother's day! a bunch of carnations, a "mother, you worked hard," can make the mother's cheek re-blossoming bright smile! let us a little more attentive and caring mother, mother and filling our home with happineand harmony, then we welcome a real grown up!here i would like to quote a poem to the end: baby's growth is the mother of regeneration hope; orphan failure, sorrow and grief the mother's tears; orphan's succeis the mother happy smile.

  Students, to the mother's smile, in order for tomorrow's harvest, and not let your ambition made me worry now!

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇16

  Less than three months ago at platform hearings in Salt LakeCity, I asked the Republican Party to lift the shroud of silence which has been draped over the issue of HIV and AIDS. I have come tonight to bring our silence to an end. I bear a message of challenge, not self-congratulation. I want your attention, not your applause.


  I would never have asked to be HIV positive, but I believe that in all things there is a purpose; and I stand before you and before the nation gladly. The reality of AIDS is brutally clear. Two hundred thousand Americans are dead or dying. A million more are infected. Worldwide, fortymillion, sixty million, or a hundred million infections will be counted in the coming few years. But despite science and research, White House meetings, and congressional hearings, despite good intentions and bold initiatives, campaign slogans, and hopeful promises, it is -- despite it all -- the epidemic, which is winning tonight.


  In the context of an election year, I ask you, here in this great hall, or listening in the quiet of your home, to recognize that AIDS virus is not a political creature. It does not care whether you are Democrat or Republican; it does not ask whether you are black or white, male or female, gay or straight, young or old.


  Tonight, I represent an AIDS community whose members have been reluctantly drafted from every segment of American society. Though I am white and a mother, I am one with a black infant struggling with tubes in a Philadelphia hospital. Though I am female and contracted this disease in marriage and enjoy the warm support of my family, I am one with the lonely gay man sheltering a flickering candle from the cold wind of this family’s rejection.


  This is not a distant threat. It is a present danger. The rate of infection is increasing fasted among women and children. Largely unknown a decade ago, AIDS is the third leading killer of young adult Americanstoday. But it won’t be third for long. Because unlike other diseases, this one travels. Adolescents don’t give each other cancer or heart disease because they believe they are in love, but HIV is different; and we have helped it along. We have killed each other with our ignorance, our prejudice, and our silence.


  We may take refuge in our stereotypes, but we cannot hide there long, because HIV asks only one thing of those it attacks. Are you human?And this is the right question. Are you human? Because people with HIV have not entered some alien state of being. They are human. They have not earned cruelty, and they do not deserve meanness. They don’t benefit from being isolated or treated as outcasts. Each of them is exactly what God made: aperson; not evil, deserving of our judgment; not victims, longing for our pity; people, ready for support and worthy of compassion.


  My call to the nation is a plea for awareness. If you believe you are safe, you are in danger. Because I was not hemophiliac, I was not at risk. Because I was not gay, I was not at risk. Because I did not inject drugs, I was not at risk.


  My father has devoted much of his lifetime guarding against another holocaust. He is part of the generation who heard Pastor Nemoellor come out of the Nazi death camps to say:

  They came after the Jews, and I was not a Jew, so I did not protest. They came after the trade unionists, and I was not a trade unionist, so, I did not protest. Then they came after the Roman Catholics, and I was not a Roman Catholic, so, I did not protest. Then they came after me, and there was no one left to protest.”



  The lesson history teaches is this: If you believe you are safe, you are at risk. If you do not see this killer stalking your children,look again. There is no family or community, no race or religion, no place left in America that is safe. Until we genuinely embrace this message, we are a nation at risk.


  Someday our children will be grown. My son Max, now four, will take the measure of his mother. My son Zachary, now two, will sort through his memories. I may not be here to hear their judgments, but I know already what I hope they are. I want my children to know that their mother was not a victim. She was a messenger. I do not want them to think, as I once did, that courage is the absence of fear. I want them to know that courage is the strength to act wisely when most we are afraid.


  I ask no more of you than I ask of myself or of my children.To the millions of you who are grieving, who are frightened, who have suffered the ravages of AIDS firsthand: Have courage, and you will find support. To the millions who are strong, I issue the plea: Set aside prejudice and politics to make room for compassion and sound policy.


  To all within the sound of my voice, I appeal: Learn with me the lessons of history and of grace, so my children will not be afraid to say the word AIDS when I am gone. Then, their children and yours may not need to whisper it at all.


  God bless the children, and God bless us all.

  Good night.



幼儿英语演讲稿 篇17


  It's nice to be back at Princeton. I find it difficult to believe that it's been almost 11 years since I departed these halls for Washington. I wrote recently to inquire about the status of my leave from the university, and the letter I got back began, "Regrettably, Princeton receives many more qualified applicants for faculty positions than we can accommodate."重返普林斯顿感觉不错,很难相信,我离开校园赴华盛顿已经11年了。近期我向校方询问了我的教职问题,回信称:“很遗憾,普林斯顿收到很多更有才华的学者的求职信,而教职有限。”

  I'll extend my best wishes to the seniors later, but first I want to congratulate the parents and families here. As a parent myself, I know that putting your kid through college these days is no walk in the park. Some years ago I had a colleague who sent three kids through Princeton even though neither he nor his wife attended this university. He and his spouse were very proud of that accomplishment, as they should have been. But my colleague also used to say that, from a financial perspective, the experience was like buying a new Cadillac every year and then driving it off a cliff. I should say that he always added that he would do it all over again in a minute. So, well done, moms, dads, and families.我将在稍后献上对毕业生的最美好祝愿,首先我要恭喜在座的家长们。作为父母,我知道这年头供孩子读完大学不容易,数年前,我的一个同事有3个孩子毕业于普林斯顿,尽管他们夫妻都不毕业于此,但我的同事常说,从财政角度讲,这如同每年买辆卡迪拉克,然后让车坠崖。他总会补充说,他会毫不犹豫的选择重新来过。所以,感谢你们的工作,母亲们,父亲们,及家人们。

  This is indeed an impressive and appropriate setting for a commencement. I am sure that, from this lectern, any number of distinguished spiritual leaders have ruminated on the lessons of the Ten Commandments. I don't have that kind of confidence, and, anyway, coveting your neighbor's ox or donkey is not the problem it used to be, so I thought I would use my few minutes today to make Ten Suggestions, or maybe just Ten Observations, about the world and your lives after Princeton. Please note, these points have nothing whatsoever to do with interest rates. My qualification for making such suggestions, or observations, besides having kindly been invited to speak today by President Tilghman, is the same as the reason that your obnoxious brother or sister got to go to bed later--I am older than you. All of what follows has been road-tested in real-life situations, but past performance is no guarantee of future results.这确实是做毕业典礼演讲的合适场合,我认为,在这一讲台上,每个精神导师都受到过“十诫”的教诲,我没有那样的信心,而且无论无何,觊觎邻居的驴牛已不是目前的问题,所以今年前几分钟我将提出“十个建议”,或称为对这个世界和你们毕业后的生活的十个观察。请注意,这十点与利率毫无关系。我之所以有资格提出这些建议和或观察,除了普林斯顿的善意邀请外,理由和你们讨厌的哥哥姐姐可以晚睡是一个道理:我比你们更老。以下内容均经受过生活的考验,但以往表现并不能确保未来的结果。

  1. The poet Robert Burns once said something about the best-laid plans of mice and men ganging aft agley, whatever "agley" means. A more contemporary philosopher, Forrest Gump, said something similar about life and boxes of chocolates and not knowing what you are going to get. They were both right. Life is amazingly unpredictable; any 22-year-old who thinks he or she knows where they will be in 10 years, much less in 30, is simply lacking imagination. Look what happened to me: A dozen years ago I was minding my own business teaching Economics 101 in Alexander Hall and trying to think of good excuses for avoiding faculty meetings. Then I got a phone call... In case you are skeptical of Forrest Gump's insight, here's a concrete suggestion for each of the graduating seniors. Take a few minutes the first chance you get and talk to an alum participating in his or her 25th, or 30th, or 40th reunion--you know, somebody who was near the front of the P-rade. Ask them, back when they were graduating 25, 30, or 40 years ago, where they expected to be today. If you can get them to open up, they will tell you that today they are happy and satisfied in various measures, or not, and their personal stories will be filled with highs and lows and in-betweens. But, I am willing to bet, those life stories will in almost all cases be quite different, in large and small ways, from what they expected when they started out. This is a good thing, not a bad thing; who wants to know the end of a story that's only in its early chapters? Don't be afraid to let the drama play out.1、阿甘曾讲到人生和巧克力的相似性,你不知道下一块巧克力的味道。人生确实难以预料,任何一个认为知道其10年后情况的毕业生,更不同说三十年了,我只能说他或她缺乏想象力。看看我吧,12年前我一心教经济学入门课程,想着编造什么理由不参加教学会议,结果我接到了那个电话。有过你有机会与毕业25年、30年或40年的校友交谈,并使他们敞开心扉,他们将告诉你,他们对生活中哪些事满意或不满意,他们经历过的高潮和低谷。但我敢打赌,他们的人生故事将与预期相异。这是好事而不是坏事,谁想在故事的开篇就知道结局呢?

  2. Does the fact that our lives are so influenced by chance and seemingly small decisions and actions mean that there is no point to planning, to striving? Not at all. Whatever life may have in store for you, each of you has a grand, lifelong project, and that is the development of yourself as a human being. Your family and friends and your time at Princeton have given you a good start. What will you do with it? Will you keep learning and thinking hard and critically about the most important questions? Will you become an emotionally stronger person, more generous, more loving, more ethical? Will you involve yourself actively and constructively in the world? Many things will happen in your lives, pleasant and not so pleasant, but, paraphrasing a Woodrow Wilson School adage from the time I was here, "Wherever you go, there you are." If you are not happy with yourself, even the loftiest achievements won't bring you much satisfaction.2、 是否人生偶然性之大的事实,意味着小的决定和行动无足轻重,不需要规划和奋斗呢?当然不是。无论未来人生如何,她将是一个宏大和漫长的项目,是你作为个人 的发展过程。你的家人、朋友和你在普林斯顿的时光已经为你造就了良好的开端,未来你会如何?你会不断学习、竭力思索、对至关重要的问题持批判态度吗?你会 成为情感上更强大、更大度、更有爱心、更道德的人吗?你会更积极的、更建设性的参与世事吗?你的人生会有很多故事,快乐的,及不太快乐的,如果你不为自己 感到快乐,就连最伟大的成就业也不会让你感到满足。

  3. The concept of success leads me to consider so-called meritocracies and their implications. We have been taught that meritocratic institutions and societies are fair. Putting aside the reality that no system, including our own, is really entirely meritocratic, meritocracies may be fairer and more efficient than some alternatives. But fair in an absolute sense? Think about it. A meritocracy is a system in which the people who are the luckiest in their health and genetic endowment; luckiest in terms of family support, encouragement, and, probably, income; luckiest in their educational and career opportunities; and luckiest in so many other ways difficult to enumerate--these are the folks who reap the largest rewards. The only way for even a putative meritocracy to hope to pass ethical muster, to be considered fair, is if those who are the luckiest in all of those respects also have the greatest responsibility to work hard, to contribute to the betterment of the world, and to share their luck with others. As the Gospel of Luke says (and I am sure my rabbi will forgive me for quoting the New Testament in a good cause): "From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded" (Luke 12:48, New Revised Standard Version Bible). Kind of grading on the curve, you might say.3、 成功的概念促使我考虑所谓的精英主义及其含义。精英是在健康和基因上最幸运的人,他们在家庭支持、鼓励上,或在收入上也是最幸运的,他们在教育和职业机遇 上最幸运,他们在很多方面都最幸运,一般人难以复制。一个精英体制是否公平,要看这些精英是否有义务努力工作、致力于建设更好的世界,并与他人分享幸运。

  4. Who is worthy of admiration? The admonition from Luke--which is shared by most ethical and philosophical traditions, by the way--helps with this question as well. Those most worthy of admiration are those who have made the best use of their advantages or, alternatively, coped most courageously with their adversities. I think most of us would agree that people who have, say, little formal schooling but labor honestly and diligently to help feed, clothe, and educate their families are deserving of greater respect--and help, if necessary--than many people who are superficially more successful. They're more fun to have a beer with, too. That's all that I know about sociology.4、谁值得尊重?是那些充分利用其优势,或勇敢面对逆境的人。我想我们会认同,那些虽然接受的正式教育不多,但诚实劳动、勤勉的为家人提供衣食和教育的人,相比更多表面上很成功的人,更值得尊重,和他们喝两杯是更有趣的事情。

  5. Since I have covered what I know about sociology, I might as well say something about political science as well. In regard to politics, I have always liked Lily Tomlin's line, in paraphrase: "I try to be cynical, but I just can't keep up." We all feel that way sometime. Actually, having been in Washington now for almost 11 years, as I mentioned, I feel that way quite a bit. Ultimately, though, cynicism is a poor substitute for critical thought and constructive action. Sure, interests and money and ideology all matter, as you learned in political science. But my experience is that most of our politicians and policymakers are trying to do the right thing, according to their own views and consciences, most of the time. If you think that the bad or indifferent results that too often come out of Washington are due to base motives and bad intentions, you are giving politicians and policymakers way too much credit for being effective. Honest error in the face of complex and possibly intractable problems is a far more important source of bad results than are bad motives. For these reasons, the greatest forces in Washington are ideas, and people prepared to act on those ideas. Public service isn't easy. But, in the end, if you are inclined in that direction, it is a worthy and challenging pursuit.5、 提到政治,愤世嫉俗是批判性思考和建设性行动的更糟糕的替代品。当然,利益、金钱和意识形态都有影响力,如你在政治课上所学。但我的感受是大部分政界人士 都在寻求做正确的事情,大部分时候,这由他们的观点和意识决定。在复杂及难于处理的问题上所犯的诚实错误,更是糟糕结果的主要原因,而非不良动机。因此, 华盛顿最有影响的力量是观念和想法,人们基于这些观念去行动。公共服务并不轻松,如果你选择了这一道路,那是值得的,并颇具挑战性。

  6. Having taken a stab at sociology and political science, let me wrap up economics while I'm at it. Economics is a highly sophisticated field of thought that is superb at explaining to policymakers precisely why the choices they made in the past were wrong. About the future, not so much. However, careful economic analysis does have one important benefit, which is that it can help kill ideas that are completely logically inconsistent or wildly at variance with the data. This insight covers at least 90 percent of proposed economic policies.6、经济学是颇具诡辩性的思维领域,她在解释决策者以往所犯错误方面显得很崇高,但在预测未来时,则不仅如此。然而,谨慎的经济分析确有重要益处,她能去除那些不合逻辑或与数据不符的想法,这对90%的经济政策建议有影响。

  7. I'm not going to tell you that money doesn't matter, because you wouldn't believe me anyway. In fact, for too many people around the world, money is literally a life-or-death proposition. But if you are part of the lucky minority with the ability to choose, remember that money is a means, not an end. A career decision based only on money and not on love of the work or a desire to make a difference is a recipe for unhappiness.7、我不会告诉你们金钱无用,反正你们也不会听的。事实上,对全球很多人来说,金钱能够决定生存还是死亡。但如果你属于那些幸运得有能力进行抉择的少数人,请记住,金钱只是途径,而非最终目标。职业选择基于收入、而非热爱,或做出贡献的热情,是日后苦恼的根源。

  8. Nobody likes to fail but failure is an essential part of life and of learning. If your uniform isn't dirty, you haven't been in the game.8、没有人希望失败,但失败是生活和学习的一部分。如果你衣衫整齐,你并没有进入比赛。

  9. I spoke earlier about definitions of personal success in an unpredictable world. I hope that as you develop your own definition of success, you will be able to do so, if you wish, with a close companion on your journey. In making that choice, remember that physical beauty is evolution's way of assuring us that the other person doesn't have too many intestinal parasites. Don't get me wrong, I am all for beauty, romance, and sexual attraction--where would Hollywood and Madison Avenue be without them? But while important, those are not the only things to look for in a partner. The two of you will have a long trip together, I hope, and you will need each other's support and sympathy more times than you can count. Speaking as somebody who has been happily married for 35 years, I can't imagine any choice more consequential for a lifelong journey than the choice of a traveling companion.9、 我希望你们能够发展自身对成功的定义,在这一过程中,你们能够选择一位亲密的伴侣。在做出选择时,要记住外表美只是人类演变的一种方式,它使我们确信对方 没有肠道寄生虫。不要误解我,我也为美丽、浪漫和性所吸引,不然美国影视业和广告业怎么生存下去呢?但尽管重要,这些不是寻找人生伴侣时需要考虑的事 情。你们将共同走过人生旅程,需要对方的支持和关爱。作为已婚35年的人士,我想象不到比选择人生伴侣更重要的事情。

  10. Call your mom and dad once in a while. A time will come when you will want your own grown-up, busy, hyper-successful children to call you. Also, remember who paid your tuition to Princeton.10、时不时的给父母去个电话。早晚有一天,你希望自己长大成人的、工作繁忙的、超级成功的孩子给你来个电话,再者,请记着谁供养你上的大学。

  Those are my suggestions. They're probably worth exactly what you paid for them. But they come from someone who shares your affection for this great institution and who wishes you the best for the future.

  Congratulations, graduates. Give 'em hell.最后,毕业生们,给他们点颜色看看。

幼儿英语演讲稿 篇18

  Good morning everyone!

  My name is Jie Lidi. Today, my topic is: “Confidence”. As we all know,failure is the mother of success. But What I want to say is that success is thechild of confidence. Without confidence, things can become negative anduncomfortable. I remember, during an English class, I wanted to make a sentenceusing the word "listen". I should have said: "I listen to the Voice of America"but I was too nervous and said "I listen to the Noise of America". Everybody inthe class laughed. Since then I wanted to train myself to be confident. Now,confidence makes me brave and courageous. Take this speech for example. I wantedto enter this competition, but I would feel very embarrassed if I made mistakes.Just then, I thought about my dream. My dream is to become a scientist when Igrow up. If I am not confident, how can I overcome difficulties I face? If I amnot confident, how can I succeed in developing myself in the future? I will doit! Today, I am making a speech in public and I feel proud and confident!

  I am sure, in the future, with confidence, I will go forward-alwaysforward. Confidence will make my dreams come true!

  Thank you!

  ! I will succeed!