my hobby初中英语作文35字


  爱好是每个人都有的,有的人喜欢画画,有的喜欢听歌,把你的爱好写成英语作文和我们一起分享吧。下面是第一范文网小编给大家整理的my hobby初中英语作文35字,供你参考!

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  My hobby

  My hobby is reading.I was interested in reading when I was five rears old. At that time my mother always me to read some storybooks.Gradually I found reading very interesting.It cann’t only let me know a lot of knowledge,but also make me happy. I like reading all kinds of articles, such as stories , news reports ,magazines and so on.And I usually do some reading in the evening.Reading makes my life colourful and wonderful.

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  My hobby

  My hobby is playing basketball.I think it is the happiest thing to do in the world.It can bring me lots of enjoyment and make me strong. I began to play basketball 5 years ago.At first,I could’t play it very well.But now I am a member of the school basketball team.Every afternoon ,I play basketball with my classmates .Kobe is my favourite basketball player.I want to play basketball as well as him.

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  My hobby

  I have many hobbies, such as reading, skating, and watching TV. But reading is my favorite hobby.

  I like reading for three reasons. First of all, books introduce me to a new world, which is colorful and without time and space limit. Through reading, I can trace back to ancient Egypt, the cradle of human civilization. It can bring myself to the United states, a glamorous land I have been longing to visit.