my dream job 英语作文5年级


  每个人的梦想都是不一样的,有的人梦想成为一个百万富翁,有人想成为救死扶伤的医生,有人想为国家做出伟大的贡献,你的梦想是什么呢?你知道怎么写一篇我理想中的工作的英语作文吗?下面是第一范文网小编给大家整理的my dream job 英语作文5年级,供你参考!

my dream job 英语作文5年级篇1

  my dream jobEveryone has his own dream job.Somebody wants to be a scientor a famous peoplefor examplea musiciana artera businessman and so on.So do I.I also have my dream job.

  In my mindI am going to be a good English teacher in my future.Why do I have this dream?Because in my opinionas an English teacher I can teach my students to study English wellwhich includes speaking singinglistening and so on.The students can learn a forgein language with my help.I hope that the dream is comeing as soon as possible.

my dream job 英语作文5年级篇2

  my dream jobEverybody has his dream job. I also have my dream job.

  I want to be atour guide because Beijing will host the 20xx Olympic Games. There will be many people to come to China from all over the world. Most of them don’t know Chinese. They want to visit many interesting places in China. I can be one ofthe guides. I can make much money too. How happy I will be! So from now on Imust study hard. I am going to learn English every day. I will try my best tomake it come true.

my dream job 英语作文5年级篇3

  my dream jobWhen I grow up, I'm going to do what I want to do.

  I'm going to move somewhere interesting. Paris sounds like a city that I could that enjoy. There are lots of art exhibitions there. I want to be an artist .

  So how am I going to do it? First, I'mgoing to find a part-time job for a year or tow and save some money. Then I'm going to be a student at an art school in Paris.