my hobby英语作文六年级


  如果你有心情不好的时候,当你看到一件你很喜欢的东西的时候,你的心情就会变好了,你知道六年级的我的爱好的英语作文怎么写吗?下面是第一范文网小编给大家整理的my hobby英语作文六年级,供你参考!

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  My hobby

  Everybody has his hobby, such as singing, dancing, photo-taking, drawing, reading or guita playing. My hobby is collecting stamps. Why? Because my favourite hobby gives me a lot of pleasure, and I can learn a lot about geography and history from stamps.

  I have already collected about 800 stamps since I was in Grade Two. Yesterday my uncle sent me a beautiful Canadian stamp from Montreal. I was too excited to sleep last night.

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  My hobby is collect stamps

  Everyone has a hobby.I do, hobbu is collecting stamps,and I have been collecting them for over ten years.I have been collecting stamps since I was four years old.every year when my birthday comes,my uncle will give me some stamps as a i have more than 424 of them.and i have run out of room to store mother says i have to stop,but i do not want to give up because I really love stamps.what is your hobby?

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  My hobby

  My hobby is collecting stamps(集邮). There are many stamps in my room. I like stamps very much. There are many things on the stamps. They are colorful and beautiful. After school I usually go to the post office and there are many people there. I learn a lot from collecting stamps. I like collecting stamps very much.