my hobby英语作文小学五年级


  时间在不停的变动,我们的爱好也在不断的变化,你知道五年级的学生有什么爱好吗?下面是第一范文网小编给大家精心挑选的my hobby英语作文小学五年级,希望大家喜欢!供你参考和阅读!

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  My Hobby

  I have many hobbies. But I like swimming very much. It is an very interesting sport. I often go to swim in the swimming pool near my home by bus. There are many people in the pool. Swimming can make me healthy. I am good at swimming. I think I will be a good swimmer in the future.

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  My Hobby

  I like drawing.It does bring me happiness.

  As a kid,I was keen on those lines and curves drawn on paper made into animals and scenes.It really could show beauty to people and express my feelings.And then I took a course so that I could get close to it and see it well.But at that time,I just did it for fun.

  Years went by,I got into a long period of time filled with pressure in study.And I found it so good a way to relax.It did not any longer play an unimportant role in my living,but bacame my friend.

  Since that time,I have felt it like a nice person deep in my heart who can talk with me with true words and make me happy with life.This is my hobby,not just a hobby,but also a true friend.

my hobby英语作文小学五年级篇3

  My hobby

  My hobby is lisetening to music.

  I like listening to music best.Because listening to music makes me relaxed.When I am tired,I will listening some quiet music,that makes me fall asleep very quickly.My favorite music is the music that has good lyrics.Good lyrics can also make me learn Chinese or English well

  I love listening to music.I will keep this hobby forever.