任何一种兴趣都包含着天性中有倾向性的呼声,也许还包含着一种处在原始状态中的天才的闪光。 你的爱好是什么呢,写成英语作文和我们一起分享吧。下面是第一范文网小编给大家精心挑选的myhobby英语作文五年级,希望大家喜欢!供你参考和阅读!


  My hobby

  Badmintom is a popular hobby in China. It is also my hobby. Since I was child,I have like badmintom. At my childhood ,I watch the badmintom copetition on TV,the competition was excing.

  I first try badmintom in primary school,I didn’t like it because i often missed . I did’t realise how important it was to catch badmintom and a ccurate play. I know I wasn’t playing attention while our teccher was demonstrating how to do it. That time my skill was very bad. I didn’t like it.

  Now,I am in Secondary school. When I was at F.2 last year. My classmates called me with them to join the badmintom club. they play with the unusual skills,I saw so many tricks there for I like badmintom again.

  I thought it was cool strick,I asked them if they knew how to play and catch the badmintom. They did.

  And now ,they teach me many new tricks,their skill is very good! I usually play it twice a week.

  I like badmintom very much. Playing badmintom is fun and good for our health . I hope other student to play.


  My Hobbies

  I have many hobbies, such as sports, singing, playing the violin and keeping a diary.

  In school, I often hear the P.E. teacher say, sports do good to one`s health, and will make one live longer. So, I like sports very much. I go running at five o`clock in the morning, and after classes in the afternoon. I play pingpong with my friends. These sports have kept me healthy.

  At home, I like to sing and play the violin. I hope I will be a singer and a violinist① when I grow up. In order to attain these goals②,I go to the teacher`s home for a lesson every Saturday, and practise singing and playing the violin every day. Busy as I am, I am quite happy.

  Of all my hobbies I like reading books best. In my bedroom there are nearly six hundred books. There are story books, textbooks, magazines, and others. When I grow up, I will serve the people with the knowledge I have learned from them


  My hobby

  Different people have different hobbies:for example some one likes reading.someone like swimming and someone like collecting stamp.

  I have many hoppies.first I like play basketball. sometimes friend invite me play basketball together in school basketball court.I felt interesting.second I like reading beacuse reading english book can improve my english level and improve my knowledge. sometimes I felt often reading book is very bad for you eyes,so I only morning and night reading.tertiary I like running, in china I often with my mother run on the morning 5am-6am.The running is a helpful is can rapid mark heat,than sweat of can immprove my body temperture. running aslo promote metaolism.