my home的小学英语作文


  家,是梦里那座燃着炊烟的木屋。以my home为题写一篇英语作文,介绍你温馨快乐的家吧。下面是第一范文网小编精心挑选的关于my home的小学英语作文,供大家阅读。

my home的小学英语作文一

  I live in a small country. There is only one road leading to my hometown. It’s not easy for us to go outside.

  My home is near a small river. In the summer, there are fishes in it. My home is a two-floor building with six rooms and two living halls. It’s very clean and neat, because my mom always cleans it up.

  My parents and I live in the second floor. The first floor is for kitchen and dining room. In the summer night, the roof is my favorite place.

  It’s cool and I can see the moon and stars. I hear that there is no such a good place in the city.

my home的小学英语作文二

  Welcome to my home! My home is not big. But it is very nice and clean. There is a living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and two bedrooms in it.

  The big bedroom is for my parents. You can see a TV, a window, a bed, a door, a dressing table in it. You can see a window, a door, a desk, a chair, a bed and a computer in my bedroom. You can see a TV, a sofa, a table, a desk and five chairs in the living room.

  I like my home and my family!

my home的小学英语作文三

  I have a beautiful home .It is big and tidy. In my home, there are two bedrooms, a living room, a study, a bathroom and a kitchen.

  My father often stays in the living room. He watches Tv there. My mother often stays in the kitchen.

  She cooks there and she cooks well. And I often study in the study. There are many books in my study. I like reading very much.

my home的小学英语作文四

  I live in a small but clean and beautiful house with my parents. My mother always cleans up the house. There is a living room, a dining hall, a kitchen and three bedrooms in my house. My home is well decorated.

  The living room is light blue and it makes me feel comfortable. My bedroom is light purple. I like this color very much. My father chose it for me specially.

  At night, I often do my home work in the study and my father often plays the computer in it. When I have problems, I usually ask for his help.

my home的小学英语作文五

  My name is Mao Jiayun. I’m in Class 1, Grade 4. Look! This is my home. It’s not big, but it’s very nice. There are six rooms in it, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room.

  There is a computer, a bed , two chairs , a desk and three windows in my father’s bedroom. There is a picture, a bed, a shelf, a desk and three chairs in my room.

  You can see a picture, a fan and a shelf in Grandma’s room. In the living room, you can see a picture, a fan, two lights, a TV, a table, three sofas and many books. Do you like my home?

my home的小学英语作文六

  My home is not big but is very beautiful.

  There are a living room, a dinning room and three bedrooms in my home. Each room has big windows so we can see the scene of Lotus Hill Park and Caitian Park.

  Look! Both two parks are covered with a big green coat because it is spring now. The decoration and furniture of my home are succinct and modern, its main color is white except my room, my room is colorful as I like.

  You can see many pictures on wall and some plants somewhere, they make my home more beautiful. But the most noticeable thing is the bookcase. There are over 3000 books in it, some are my own books, the others are belong to my parents. We love reading.

  I love my home very much because it is clean, bright and quiet. Each time I get home, I feel so warm. That is the home I have been longing for.

  Do you think so?