university courses

  many young people go to universities without a clear idea of what they are going to do. if one considers the various courses offered, it is not hard to see how difficult it is for a student to select the course most suited to him. if a student goes to a university to acquire a broader perspective of life, he will undoubtedly benefit. schools often have too restrictive an atmosphere. most students would, i believe, profit by the exploration of different academic studles, especially the "all rounders'with no particular interest.they should have a longer time to decide in what subject they

  want to take their degrees, so that in later life, they do not look back and regret.

  there is, of course, another side to the question of how to make the best use of one's time at university. some students,who are good at a particular branch of learning, may spend three or four years becoming a specialist, appearing with a first-class honors degree but very little knowledge of what the rest of the world is all about. therefore there will have to be much more detailed information in all fields. on the one hand, a band of specialists ignorant of anything outside their own subject, and on the other hand, an ever-increasing number of graduates qualified in subjects for which there is little or no demand in the working world.