job interview

  in order to make a good impression during a job interview, you need to prepare yourself

  for the interview. you must arrive in plenty of time for the interview,so that you give yourself a little

  time to relax before the interview begins.

  the impression you make as you walk into the room is very important. try to find out if the

  company or organization has rules about dress. then try to dress according to their regulations.

  you also need to plan what you are going to say. in some interviews you will have to do a lot of talking, and in others you will only have to answer a few questions about your education and experience. you need to have answers ready about yourself, your schoolwork, your strong points, your reasons for applying for the job, and the salary you expect.

  you will also be allowed to ask some questions of your own. the questions you ask will show the interviewer that you have given careful thought to the position. you can ask questions like these. what duties will i have to do in the job? will i be allowed to join a health insurance program? does the company provide opportunities for further education?