changes in life英语作文(精选)


  The wide application of modern network technology brought us many convenient, rapid progress in the development of science and technology, has brought great changes to people's life.

  Mobile phone is like a mini elf, can get to the Internet, QQ chat, play games, etc., can also play a big role on the job! Nowadays cell phones have become an indispensable part of our life.

  In addition to mobile phones, and more complete functions of computer network technology. As long as one click it gently, you can never leave home to buy the right goods; Can learn about the latest news at home and abroad; Can watch all kinds of movies. If we encounter problems in our study, work can also search in the computer, the computer can provide us with a variety of different reference answer, help us to solve the problem easily. The wide application of electronic schoolbag to give the students brought a lot of convenience. The students don't have to carry a heavy bag, as long as through a computer can learn more knowledge. Because of the computer, the outside world no longer wonderful, small screen bring us true and profound which fills the world.

  To speak of science and technology. The development of science and technology also have. You must know, recently we ningbo launched high iron, originally need 2 hours from ningbo to hangzhou, today opened only 40 minutes after high-speed, greatly improve the working efficiency and efficiency of life. Urban subway construction is also busy, the opening of the metro can greatly ease the pressure of road traffic and road traffic jams, and environmental protection very much.

  Modern technology change faster and faster, electronic upgrading of products is more and more frequent, which requires our generation more study hard, enterprising, keep up with the pace of The Times development with scientific knowledge to create more magic.